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10 Women Shoe Trends In the US You Can’t Regret in 2021




Women shoe Trends in US

Shoes are a simple part of our wearing but they can express way more about a person than you would think. As the new wave of Shoe Trends In the US keep appearing in the market now and then, we have plenty of choices. Plenty of choices that can testify and our taste and reflect our personalities.

It is an important decision to pick the right style because style is the embodiment of our identity. In 2020, a new series of shoe trends have surfaced after a long cycle of 90’s shoe trends theme and low-heel shoes. We are finally set to make space for the newer styles in our closets.

This time, we are looking at the modernized Mary Janes, a reimagining of classic loafers and square-toed shoes among some other exquisite designs. Find out the 10 Shoe Trends in USA You Can’t Regret in 2021, here on The News Engine.

  • Sky-High Platforms:

First on the list are Sky-High Platforms, a pair of towering platforms that are a subsequent departure from kitten heels. These are perfect for high-heel lovers who also won’t be disappointed by the comfort of these heels. The broad surface area of the heel is definitely a better design for routine wear. Most trending of these hot new shoes is Bianca knotted leather platform sandals, Leather platform ankle boots, and Croc-effect leather platform slingback sandals.

  • Mary Janes Comeback:

This classic design took a back seat during the last decade. With time, its wide usage started growing a reputation of the boring office shoe and people started moving to more latest designs. But the Mary Janes uniqueness doesn’t seem to fathom to a mere lack of interest as the pair is making a bold and playful comeback. The new designs are exciting and charming enough to restore the legendary status of the Mary Janes. Among our favorites are Jumel leather sandals, Hermione calf hair point-toe flats, and Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps by Prada.

  • Chain Accents:

These appeared in the spring 2020 collection in forms of delicacy and statement-making. Chain Accents are a classy choice that will bring a nice sparkle to your closet and a bold look to your style. The good thing about this style is that it goes with many moods, whether it is an important meeting or a party night. You are sure to make a great impression with a pair of these in 2021. We recommend you Pocena Chain Bootie, Chain-embellished leather slingback sandals, and 2 Chains Pumps.

  • Colorful Boots:

Colorful boots are the latest take on the knee-high black boots. The black color sure looks great but the style was getting very repetitive as of late. Therefore, a new rainbow of colors has been introduced to the knee-high boots giving them a fresher look. The added variety of colors is going to make this design more wearable as the various colors go with different wears unlike ‘black’ that only looks good with certain wardrobes. These boots are now available in colors like blue, sunny yellow, and orange. The coolest ones in our opinion are Sky-Blue Highland Booties, Orange Suede Knee-High Boots, and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini denim knee-high boots.

  • Minimal Designs:

These are simple yet sleek looking designs that are becoming a new favorite and expected to grow more in popularity in 2021. The minimalist design in footwear is very appealing to many because it doesn’t diverge too much attention but is far from basic. The design is coming in various styles from sandals to thongs. The best ones are Stella Toe Ring Sandals, JANEL, and Stretch Leather Slide Sandals by Bottega Veneta.

  • All Tied-Up:

This unique design is a sexy rendition of traditional sandals and it got a lot of attention in 2020. These are lace-up current shoes level with a touch of creativity required from the wearer. You can pick any style with the laces but the most gorgeous ones are lace-up over the pants and nude legs. The best designs we have seen so far are Roma Leather Lace-Up Sandals by LoQand Carina 30 Canvas & Jute Espadrille Wedges.

  • The New Loafer:

No, this is not like your grandpa’s old, rusty pair of loafers. The new variation of loafers is taking the world by surprise. It is because of the exciting variety that we simply can not wait to see people enjoying in the year 2021. These new loafers have various styles ranging from slingbacks, chunky heels, and the classic design is having a reincarnation. Among our favorites are leopard appliqué loafers, Nono Loafer in Croc-Effect Calfskin, and Leather Chain Loafers by Prada.

  • White Kitten Heels

These are cute heel booties with a hot color that would rock most of your outfits. Have a trench coat? Jeana? Or a midi skirt? White Kitten Heels will go well with any. These will look the great in your collection.

  • Black and White Cowboy boots:

The rising trend of these superior looking boots will now allow you to live out the western fantasy in your actual life.The pair is sureattracts people around you for all the good reasonswith their rugged look and ankle-length.

  • Chelsea Boots with Thick Sole:

Chelsea boots have got a blend with thick soles that create a punky feel to your overall aesthetic. This design has stayed for us for a long time now and is still not half stale. There are many variations from plain design to stitches. They are the embodiment of bold and classy.

These were the top 10 trends that are expected to be in great demand in the year 2021 based on the show trends 2020. As said earlier, our latest shoes trainer test make a significant statement about who you are. With such great designs coming out, make sure you be the best versions of yourself as you head out there to achieve your dreams!

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