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10 Things to Skip Doing in Disney World




Wherever and whenever coming across the word “Disney world” can get anyone to feel like butterflies in the tummy. Excitement is no less in the adults as it has been in children. Parents, grandparents, or siblings start saving for this day months before just to enjoy every perk of Disneyworld. Apart from excitement that change your lifestyle, there are few precautions to take that will save you from Walt Disney things to avoid. We have listed the top 10 things to avoid let’s get started.

  1. Avoid going in the summer

Apart from things, there are particular situations to avoid like the season. Specifically, what to avoid at Disneyland Orlando? Not going in summer is a must option. The heating temperature of Orlando can make you feel more exhausted than usual.

  1. Forgetting to Book reservations

Tired of all-day walking and need food ASAP! The only solution is to reserve your table before visiting Disneyland. Never expect to arrive and have a table ready for a meal. Always book before if you know the special spots to dine in even better

  1. Didn’t Buy tickets days before

Being lazy and not buying your tickets before the event can get you into a lot of trouble. Disneyworld is something millions of people are planning to visit so why be among lazy people and waiting for an hour to get the ticket. The best option is to book the tickets before 180 days that’s the ideal time.

  1. Not staying hydrated

Under the shining sun, walking for hours in Disneyland would you choose to buy your water bottle when you are at the peak of thirst? No way! I wouldn’t do this mistake. Always carry your water bottle with you and stay hydrated.

  1. Forgot the sunscreen?

Sunburns are common but they can be a nightmare. There is no restriction in getting a sunbath but would you dare to forget your sunscreen?

  1. Late visiting – Disney World

If you are not a crowed loving person then you should avoid getting late at Disneyland. There are peak times where you will see a rush of crowded people filling every spot.

  1. Be comfy – Disney World

Avoid wearing heels or slippers that can cause you bruises or blisters. Get the comfiest shoes possible. Go with the soft pumps if you want to carry it with style but the best option is to wear comfortable shoes to walk around for hours.

  1. Research about parks

Disneyland is not a place to have a quick look and wind up everything is a day. People spend hours and still don’t get enough of the exciting places they have here. There are amazing parks with a variety of stuff you wouldn’t want to miss. You cannot cover this in a single day. Search for your favorite themes before coming and know the direction precisely. This will save you time for other activities.

  1. Don’t wear your prom outfit

Wearing your prom outfit and expecting to flaunt the event in this dress is bizarre. Just like prom outfits do better in prom night, Disneyland outfits will do your best in the crowded environment.

Never book hotels outside

Avoid staying at the hotels that are outside Disneyworld. Isn’t it hectic finding hotel offsite the property driving all the way and then guess what? Stuck in the traffic for hours! There are many attractions in Disney hotels. You can enjoy unlimited offers and enjoy the remarkable features.

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