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Fetch Rewards Best Grocery Delivery Apps in USA




Not feeling like going out? Here is a list of 15 Fetch Rewards best grocery apps in the US that you can use to save that trip. The era of the internet would be useless if we can’t even have this much luxury to make our lives easier. It is not even luxury all the time; many people don’t have that much time on them to go to the store and buy their list. Modern lives have become busier, and while it is sad to have more complications, we are also coming up with convenient methods. This kind of accessibility was not available before; it has only flourished in the busy modern life or as a result of it. Hence, I should stop being critical about the present-day complexities and give you what you are here for. Shop from these 15 best grocery apps in the US if you can’t make it to the store.

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Is the Fetch Rewards Grocery app available in the USA?

Fetch Rewards App

The Fetch Rewards App is available in the US. It went live back in 2019 and has grown ever since. What is Fetch Rewards App, really? It is a grocery saving and gift card app that rewards you with points on each receipt that you take pictures of and upload to the app. After a certain number of points, you are rewarded with real-money or gift cards for your favourite retail companies. For example, if you collect 100 points, you will be rewarded with a dollar. The receipts need to be added to the Fetch Rewards app within 14 days of grocery purchase.

If you upload a receipt picture after 14 days’ time, you will not be credited with any points. You can also attach your digital receipts with the app as it allows sync with your online shopping apps like Amazon. The types of receipts accepted are rich as the app accepts pretty much every purchase slip. It even accepted the receipt from my local butcher. It is quite refreshing to have a decent app that doesn’t force you to record savings data in less than an hour to claim rewards or pushes third-party promotions on you.

Fetch Rewards Reviews

It has been a year, and Fetch Rewards reviews are largely positive throughout the various platforms. The users are satisfied with the reward system, it is not a money-maker, but they consider this to be a good way to get back some cash on their purchases. Add rewards like gift cards and coupons, and you can further ease down your holiday shopping.

Fetch Rewards Referral Code

Fetch Rewards referral code system is a highly satisfying win-win mechanism. If I refer a friend, I will get 7,000 points, and my friend will get 2000 points, so we both benefit from it. To enter a referral code, go to the Me tab and select the Refer to a Friend option. Don’t panic if you don’t see the points with your first receipt because they will be added to the total account balance.

Fetch Rewards Stores

There are hundreds of Fetch Rewards Stores that you can shop in and post the receipt in your app. The major ones include Walmart, Dollar General, Amazon, Target, Costco, Food lion, Shell, and many more. These are partner stores whose receipts are accepted at the app. They claim to reward you on store receipts that are not even listed on the company website so try your local stores as well. You can also click on the Blue Button on Discover Page, and it automatically searches for Fetch Rewards Walmart Grocery Pickup online receipts to add rewards for them.

Fetch Rewards Customer Service

If you are having any difficulty unlocking the rewards, you can simply contact the Fetch Rewards customer service by emailing them your concerns at

Fetch Rewards FAQ

If you are still having trouble understanding the application, here are some of the Fetch Rewards FAQs:

How does the points system work?

$1 is redeemed at 1000 points.

What types of receipts are accepted?

Any and all kinds of shopping receipts work on the Fetch Rewards app.

What is the deadline for uploading receipts?

You must upload the receipts within 14 days of purchase.

How often can gift cards be redeemed?

Every six hours with increments of $3, $10, $25 and $50.

Are e-receipts accepted?

Yes, you can sync your e-receipts as well.

  1. FreshDirect

The first on the list of grocery delivery apps is FreshDirect. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat on this app, as the name suggests. The app has a quality rating that tells you about the freshness of the product. It also has an information box for every item that lets you know all the details as to how your purchased goods will reach your doorstep.

  1. InstaCart

No, this is not linked to Instagram. But it is an instant solution to your grocery issues. It is much like the modern delivery services. A community of local shoppers procures your requested items from the stores you have chosen on the app and deliver to your doorstep. Major grocery chains like Whole Foods and Mariano’s are also available on InstaCart. It also has advanced features like allowing you to shop by recipe and order on-demand where you can schedule your deliveries.

  1. Kroger

Kroger is one of the best grocery apps in the US if you want to save more on your grocery shopping. They have personalized discount offers, and exclusive promotions benefit the users. You can make your shopping list for both online orders and in-shop purchases. Additional useful features include fuel center locations and the Smart Suggest feature that informs you of potential saves on items.

  1. Postmates

Postmates is an extensive network of fast food and grocery delivery system. It doesn’t have its own in-shop but lists many stores in the local area. Users can place the order and get real-time information on delivery progress and live tracking. It even has Walgreens as one of its store partners.

  1. Shipt

Using Shipt is easy, get the membership, install the app on your phone. Open the app and simply add items to your cart for order placement. Once the order is placed, your items will be with you in an hour or less. Shipt is available for service for as long as the stores are open, which means 24-hours in some cases. It is also quick to deliver you fresh items as it uses local shoppers to aid in your delivery.

  1. Peapod

Peapod is an organized, online grocery store. Unlike most of the other applications on this list, Peapod has its own inventory. It is much like the traditional grocery stores, and it also allows you to pick up the items yourself directly from company warehouses. By doing so, you can save on the delivery costs.

  1. com

Among the best grocery apps, is best optimized. It is simple and easy to navigate and offers menus from hundreds of cities in categories like grocery stores, restaurants, and dry cleaning. No matter what you want, you will see ratings, delivery times, expenses, and distances.

  1. Google Shopping

Google has executed the online grocery shopping feature as best as expected from the tech giant. It is very convenient and user-friendly. It has thousands of stores, and payment is linked to your Google account, so you don’t have to make another registration. The grocery products are delivered to your doorstep with the security of Google checkout.

  1. Walmart Grocery

The best online grocery shopping apps list for the USA would be incomplete without the award winning grocery shopping app. In addition to grocery products, you can also find baked goods, organic items, and farmer markets specialty products. Use Walmart pay app to safely checkout and get your goods delivered.

  1. CheckOut 51

The special thing about CheckOut 51, besides being an online grocery app, is the loyalty points and rewards it offers to users. You can shop your grocery from local grocery stores and get a chance to avail exceptional offers on a weekly basis. You just have to become a frequent user to receive full benefits.

  1. 7 Now

7 Now is definitely among the best grocery apps in the USA to deliver fresh foods, drinks, and grocery products to your house. Its wide selection comprises of 3000+ items, and it is available in more than 200 cities and more than 40 metro regions.

  1. Amazon Prime Now

The additional benefits of having a $200 yearly subscription to Amazon Prime has benefits like the Amazon Prime Now app that lets you shop groceries and make big batch grocery deliveries if you have a big family.

  1. Target

Target grocery store app is a solid business chain from Target. You can select from quality grocery partners and pay via Target Credit Card as well in the store.

  1. H-E-B

Named after Howards Edward Butt, son of the founder, H-E-B has a network of 350 stores in the USA. It has also entered the online grocery store app market to offer its brand name for loyal customers. Not only that, but it is also aiding the 113 years old company stay relevant with the modern generation.

  1. Grocery Pal

Last but not least, best of grocery apps in the US is the Grocery Pal. It is a company based in Silicon Valley and displays the best prices for items and delivery based on its weekly information gathering.

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