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15 Computer Skills That help you to get Jobs easily




Being fresher and inexperienced makes it insanely tough to find a job. This is really frustrating and heartbreaking, but there is a way to prove your worth. Being skillful covers your inexperience and helps you to cope with the tough market needs. Getting a handful of 15 Computer Skills to increase your odds to get hired and give you a chance to withstand fierce job competition.

Wherever you go, every company or organization works digitally.  They all require computing skills.  We are providing you a list of 15 computer skills you must have to cope with the job market needs. All of the following computer skills are easy to be mastered and you can master them without any prior knowledge and experience. You just need to be patient and you can learn them easily online.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the modern world’s topmost need. Each and every organization needs to keep track of its services. Write about their products, keep a track of their financial statements, and conduct presentations. Among the 15-computer skills list, Microsoft Office is the topmost priority to be mastered. Following are the Microsoft office products that every organization needs daily.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used software. It is the most common and excessively used product that allows you to write, customize, and edit your documents in the most convenient and simplest way possible. Moreover, it offers many templates to ease your work.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software that helps you to convey your ideas, business plan, monitoring reports, or research in the most pleasing way in a meeting. It is also equipped with innovative and creative templates that help you to chose how to present your data. Having a good grip on PowerPoint is a powerful plus point.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is the most important tool needed to Create and manage financial statements, to keep track of expenses, salary, and records, etc. Excel is a must have computer skill in order to keep up with the shifting trends and increasing competition in the job market.

2.  Google Workplace

Google Workplace is a set of professional collaboration and communication tools that you must have a grip on. It is a collection of web applications specifically designed for business communication. Having a good knowledge of it gives you a definitive edge. This computer skill increases your chances o getting hired.

3.  Email Management

In order to cope with the job market needs, Email Management is also a must-have skill. You must know about it. Many companies require this computer skill as a must-have these days.

4. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are in great abundance. It means to be able to input information into computer databases. For this computer skill, you need to have a good typing speed and a sound knowledge of keyboard characters. It is also one of the basic and most important skills you must have in order to cope with the job market needs.

5. Google Map

Google map is a beautiful tool to locate GPS coordinates, mark a location, or a path. To cope with the needs of current market needs, this is also a highly recommended computer skill to have.

6. Digital Calendars

Planning and scheduling events, meetings, milestones, deadlines, etc. Digital calendar making and operating skills are a must-have. Having a good knowledge of managing events and collaborating with colleagues is a good computer skill to have.

7.  Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is also one of the most important skills to have. Having a sound knowledge of keywords, searches, and top trending news gives you a definite edge in advertising companies.

8.  File Sharing Programs

Whenever you join a workplace, you must be able to collaborate with your colleagues efficiently and innovatively. For that, you must be skilful in file-sharing software and programs like dropbox, etc.

9.  LaTeX

A bit complex but highly demanded skill indeed. LaTeX takes the documenting experience to a new level. With a good grip on LaTeX, you will be able to create flawless documents. As the world is changing so are the requirements. Many employers now require LaTeX rather than Microsoft Word.

10.  Workplace Chat

Every workplace needs effective communication and effective collaboration. Having sound information and good skills in Workplace Chat software like Slack, etc. is a powerful edge. With this computer skill in your skillset, your employer will be pleased to know that you are well aware of how to communicate within the organization.

11.  Video Conferencing

Many times, you need to work remotely. To do so, you need to have a good command of video conferencing software like Zoom, etc.

12.  Operating Systems

How to operate windows, Mac, OS is one of the most basic computer skills. You must know how operating systems work. How to deal with basic problems, how to install the software. It is also one of the most basic and at the same time most important computer skills.

13.   Cloud Backup Software

In order to keep your documentation, presentation, logs, and other important files safe, you must have a strong command and knowledge about cloud backup software like google drive.

14.  Social Media Management

A successful marketing company requires effective and highly efficient social media management. Knowing how to advertise your products, catch consumer’s attention, and how to spread the word about your organization. Good social media management skills are a must.

15.  Field Related Skills

Other than all the above-mentioned skills, you must have at least one field related skill. For instance, if you are applying for a research analyst, you must have a sound knowledge of statistical tools used to manage and analyze research data, similarly, if you are applying for a graphic designing position then you must have a good command of Adobe software products.

Having most of these above-mentioned computer skills in your resume is going to pose a positive impact on your job application to the employer.

15 Computer Skills That help you to get Jobs easily
15 Computer Skills That help you to get Jobs easily
Getting a handful of skills to increase your odds to get hired and give you a chance to withstand fierce job competition.
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