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Best 15 Footballers in the World with Unmatched Style




We are living in a time where presentation and aesthetics have become a part of the whole package in almost every walk of life. It likely happened because of the evolving influence of digital age and social media. Best 15 Footballers in the world have been the face of many marketing campaigns before the era of internet. But back then, their fame mostly came from their superior skills rather than the way they looked or dressed. Today, world-class athletes are on the front covers of beauty magazines and cherished on Instagram for their idolising fashion sense.

15 Footballers Will Inspire You

Footballers’ haircuts are one of the most influential fashions following in the world. So, in our days, the right formula to join the ranks of the most successful fantasy footballers draft ranking is to find a good balance between skill and style. If you want to confirm this theory, log in to Instagram now and check the well-crafted footballers’ profiles. Fans enjoy looking at their favourite players outside the pitch, partying in sleek dresses. These styles are then followed as a trend among the people. In a populated era of influence like this one, The News Engine has made a list of 15 footballers with unmatched style to make it simple for you.

Please note that this is not a footballer’s style ranking, all these players have their own unique fashion sense that is worth being on this list.

  • Antoine Griezmann

With his beautiful dapper guy attires, Griezmann is sure to be among the starting 11 even if the players were chosen on their trendiness instead of skill. His Instagram profile is sight to behold.

  • Presnel Kimpembe

Presnel is such a fashionable defender from PSG. His wardrobes are diverse and catchy. He is always igniting new trends through his stylish pictures over the internet. With this player, you have more to behold than just his defending skills.

  • Kevin Trapp

Is he a best footballers of all time or a model? We can hardly tell the difference as Trapp knocks it out of the park with his stylish outfits. His very iconic picture with David Beckham & Neymar at the Paris Fashion Week is just the perfect illustration of our point.

  • Sergio Ramos

The center half from Real Madrid who is praised worldwide for his performance, Ramos is a very pretty boy and he knows very well about it. It is said that he cared so much about his reflection in the early days of his career that he wouldn’t block the strikes from opponent teams. His style and charming looks sure makes it reasonable to follow that logic.

  • Memphis Depay

Yeah we know his rapping is not very…. Let us say ‘tasteful’. But the young footballer is among the most well-toned and stylish best young footballers in the world. He has a very jolly vibe that compliments his fashion sense and boosts his confidence.

  • David Ginola

This man was not only among the most skillful footballers of his time but made a great career in modeling too. He quickly became the face of many multinationals and fashion industry due to his sizzling hot looks. His outfits outside the pitch are the perfect representation of the vintage era.

  • Hector Bellerin

Premier league fashion is not complete without Hector Bellerin’s unique wardrobes. This full back from Arsenal is easily one of the most classy players off-pitch. With his swaggy attitude and creative clothing choices, Bellerin deserves to be called a real fashion icon.

  • Gerard Pique

Pique was not always the fashion-aware defender from Real Madrid. His early years have been more focused on the pitch successes. However, getting married to pop-culture diva Shakira must have influenced the famous footballer’s passion to look stylish. His appearance in recent glamour events when compared to the time he started playing will show you a clear difference.

  • Michy Batshuayi

The young footballer from Chelsea is a great social media influencer as well due to his great taste in clothing and wearable. Michy has such a good following that he has started launching his own merchandise including customized footwear and clothing. The star’s posts on social media show he is having a blast with his life. Well deserved Michy!

  • Kylian Mbappe

Not only is he a record holder of best performance in FIFA as the youngest player,  Mbappe is also loved by fans for his uplifting personality. Whenever he is spotted outside the pitch, he is spotted in style. Mbappe has also been working with big-name brands thus making his mark not only in football but also in fashion.

  • Gareth Bale

Bale’s talent on the grounds is not unknown to anybody at this point. His fashion sense is also where he shines out a lot. Bale looks like he is always ready to make a walk on the ramp. From his casual jeans to the classy two-piece, he is rocking all the outfits.

  • Paul Pogba

Pogba is the most expensive transfer player in the entire British history, but is that enough for him? Clearly not it seems. The Manchester United player has a very transparent sense of expertise when it comes to fashion. You can spot Pogba in a crowd because of his unique wardrobes. Having good clothes is one thing; the player sure has the personality to bring his clothes to life.

  • Rurik Gislason

Having a footballers’fashion discussion and not mentioning Rurik? That is unfathomable. The mid-fielder from Iceland not only looks hot on his own but has a sharp sense in clothing that compliments his style. He is always sensationalizing the social media with his attire.

  • Pablo Osvaldo

Pablo is the definition of style and chic. Every time you see this player outside the pitch, he is slaying the stage with his looks and wardrobe.  Pablo sure does represent Italy’s fashion advancement.

  • David Beckham

From his ravishing career in LA Galaxy, PSG and Manchester United, to his glamorous red carpet walks, David Beckham never goes out of the limelight. David is charmingly attractive with his classy outfits and delightful attitude. People still idolise the veteran like he is in his early ears.

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