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2 More Penalties To Go: Hamilton Will Be Disqualified




  • The world champion loses the hope of winning the Russian Grand Prix and stands on 3rd position.
  • He has received 10 penalties so far; he will be disqualified from the game if receives two more penalties.
  • Claims that f1 is being unfair to him for unreasonably giving him penalties.
  • 1o seconds penalty caused Hamilton a major loss.
  • Lewis Hamilton losing the top position and comes on third due to the penalties

Lewis Hamilton a champion for more than three times and a winner at Italy Grand Prix is now facing hurdles. The hurdles a rue to the penalties that are causing to extend the time limit of his race and dragging him to the third position. While his other Mercedes teammate V.Bottas won the race and the second position was held by the Max Verstappen Red Bull team.

There is a little more to the story as per the rules of F1 a player faces 12 penalties in a year he will be out of the game. Recording the penalties for Hamilton he is away from two penalties to get ban from the races he has got 10 penalties.
Now the burden in on Hamilton’s shoulder will he be able to faultlessly complete the upcoming four races? If he loses to adjust in anyone, he might lose his position of competing in grand races?

Although Hamilton has been stating that it wasn’t his fault but the F1 racing championship authorities have been deliberately dragging him to the point to face penalties. We don’t know how much of reality this statement has it but you never know although this is how games are.

Hamilton has received penalties before but he has taken it as his fault once when he collided with Alex Albans Red Bull in the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix and accepted it. after that many other penalties were counted where recently during Italy Grand Prix while he entered the pitlane while it was still closed and got the penalty.

Did He Deserve the Penalties?

Not only Hamilton is saying that he hasn’t done anything to deserve the penalty but other members are saying the same. among them is the Red Bul player max Verstappen who stood ahead of Hamilton in the Russian Grand Prix championship has also declared Hamilton innocent and that he didn’t deserve the penalty. He furthermore emphasis on that this wasn’t a huge mistake that could have cost him 10 seconds penalty.

So, is Hamilton facing the penalties for nothing?

During Italy Grand Prix Hamilton has been at odds with FIA. This might be the reason behind the heated-up penalties’ decision.

But Hamilton cleared it that it has been done previously and no one objected on it but now they are opting for penalties, why now?

It is pretty much clear that due to the odds the decision was put forward and instead of giving a little harsh penalty, they got Hamilton straight away 10 seconds penalty which also shows that they were well aware of his tremendous start in the Russian Grand Prix, this was although a strategy to rupture his position.

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Toto Wolff also supported Hamilton and stood with him as he strongly condemns the decision. he said that they mentioned Hamilton was not at the right place, there is no right place mentioned nor by the director what is the right place where does it has to be?

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