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20 Fun Face Masks For Adults That Will Grab Everyone’s Attention




Quarantine has been a difficult time for everyone. The people of the US are not used to such a stagnating lifestyle. They like to travel, meet new people, eat fresh food, and party. But the isolation has hindered all that great fun, causing people to stay indoors and get agonised by cabin fever. However, one of the few better things to come out of our current situation is people’s display of creativity in face masks. What started as a precaution has become an entirely new category in fashion and style. Companies and small businesses have started making a lot of money out of manufacturing customised face masks that are stylised to look unique and fun. Thankfully, due to slight ease in lock-down restrictions, we can finally show-off our intriguing face mask choices. People are using face masks not only to stay safe but also as an expression of their identity. At The News Engine US blog, we have made a list of 20 fun face masks for adults that will grab everyone’s attention in the supermarket, or park, or gym, or wherever you need to be.

Please note that these masks are readily available at Amazon and other popular online stores if you want to grab one.

List of 20 Fun Face Masks

20) Wedding star Washable Cloth:


This jolly yet straightforward design has five layers of protection against particles, allergens, and pollutants. Add a disposable filter to it, and you are good to go. The mask has a very stylish look, but it doesn’t feel like overkill. You can wear it on any occasion, whether it is a trip to the grocery store or a game night with family & friends. The mask is also reusable through a quick wash and prevents eyeglasses’ fogging, which is excellent news for people who wear eyeglasses.

19) Ear Hangers:


These safe and comfortable bandanas are breathable, lightweight, insect-proof, highly elastic, and quickly dry. These stylish long masks can be used in various ways, including head wrap, headband, balaclava, bandana, neck gaiter, beanie, and even as a wrist band. But we would strongly suggest you keep it to your face. These masks are a must choice if you enjoy lengthy designs and multifunction capacity of your purchase.

18) Unique Mouth Cloth with Carbon Filter:


This 100% polyester made face mask has a soft texture with a carbon filter. The mask is also water repellent and easily washable. Its careful design not only protects you from pollution, dust, and allergens but also prevent leaving marks on the face. Aesthetically, it is one of the superior looking masks out there.

17) The Wild Republic Wild Smiles:

These are funky looking colorful designs made with a blend of polyester and cotton. Made for adults as well as kids, these face masks are fun in the best way possible. The company Wild Republic is a leading toy brand that is based on fostering curiosity about wildlife and the wonders of nature. Their face masks carry the same theme, and we are loving it.

16) HHSOCKS 3D Seemless Half-face Bandana Balaclava:


It is another sleek design for people who like bandana style and need funny masks for Halloween. These polyester-made half-face designs are made to stand out with their curious drawings and artistic choices. The texture is soft and breathable, making it very comfortable beyond the looks.

15) Halloween Kunoichi Masquerade Mask for Women:


These are glamorous designs by CC bodily. Whether you are getting ready for the Halloween Party, nightclub, or a party ball, these face masks’ elegant look will give you a distinct attractive look. Women can benefit from the shiny looks of the protective layers by complimenting it with a beautiful wardrobe.  Pieces such as these are perfect for making this quarantine stylish and fun for ladies.

14) “Censored” Mask:


Love cursing or have a friend who is really fond of being hyper expressive? “Censored” masks are just the what you might want to check out. This cotton made comfy mask is equally protective and punky. If you want to get one of these or check out other funny masks for sale, visit Boots Tees now.

13) Darth Vader Mask:

mask 8

Star Wars fans, rise up as you have a new way to beat your nostalgia dedicated to the classic franchise. Darth Vader masks are now available online for fans of the Star Wars series. The masks are without filter pocket. Darth Vader wore a mask even before social distancing, and now it is time for you to embrace the dark force.

12) Spread Love Not Germs:


It is a microfiber, reusable mask that is simple to wear and sweet to look at. The mask’s message is simple, spread love by wearing face masks, thus, protecting the people around you instead of spreading germs. Statements like these are most effective because of their subtle nature. When you love someone, you aim to protect them from any harm. This message acts as a reminder that it is healthy and safe for you to wear a face mask and the people around you. So, you are not doing it just for your sake but for your loved ones as well. This idea is what makes this particular mask very special.

11) Dunder Mifflin Face Mask

dunder miflin

The Office fans should also be delighted by the trend of creativity that has taken over the face mask industry. There are customized Dunder Mifflin masks available on the internet. It is composed of a mixture of polyester, cotton, and spandex with adjustable straps. It is a nice easter egg for your friends who like to enjoy the charming comedy show just as much as you do. So, get one now and show it off to the Jim or Dwight in your life.

10) Marvel Face Masks – 20 Fun Face Masks


Talking about new face masks with pop-culture references, these new Marvel-themed protective masks are a great way to show your dedication as a Marvel fan. You will also stay safe in the meantime. Right now, there is a good variety available online, but our favorite ones are the set of four cotton masks. Especially check out the Hulk mask. ShopDisney is donating the profit from this merchandise to MedShare, so you will be purchasing for a good cause.

09) Sailor Moon Inspired Mask:


it is a simple fun design made of polyester and elastic ear loops. This mask is rather cute to look at. Going out for a walk? Wear the calm purple color of this sailor moon mask and give people a sweet impression.

08) Smoke Face mask:


it is another fun design to wear outdoors. Are you a fan of potatoes? Yes? Us too! This mask is cotton made and reusable after a good wash. The potato design is not over the top; a matching outfit will go great with this mask. Protect yourself, but with a lively style.

07) Clear Window Face Mask:


A mask with a transparent window around the mouth is the new product from Randl by Design. It is made to benefit clear communication, especially for deaf and hard-hearing people. The mask is available in solid colors and makes the right combination of style and functionality.

06)  Embroidered face mask


Introduced by the Malaysian Etsy Shop Najah Vintage, these beautifully crafted masks are selling out like hotcakes over the internet. Unlike other masks made of cotton or polyester, these ones are made of linen. A gift like this to a friend or family will not only protect them but also make them love you even more for bringing such unique gifts.

05) Led Flashing Light Up Rave Dust Mask USB Rechargeable:


This is a rather flashy one. Led flashing masks were going to show up at some point when we consider all the pop-culture references. This beast of a mask is layered with luminous fiber, and you can charge it as well! 1-clientic has assured the safe usage of these glowing masks. So go on, rock that cyberpunk look with this innovative take on face masks.

04) Anime Face Carbon Activated Masks:


Pokemon fans! You are not excluded from nostalgia driven masks trend. Go to Amazon and look for COOLINKO’s anime face masks. These have a carbon filter attached and cute Pokemon faces that will surely amuse your friends. Just look at that sweet Pikachu face!

03) Justice League Kids Reusable Mask:


DC has also made to the race of funny face masks for kids by introducing a pack of DC heroes face mask for kids. Most favourite of ours is the set of batman symbols and patterns. If you have a child who loves batman, we recommend you order this lovely surprise.

2) Elegant Honeycomb Mask:


As the name suggests, this design is very graceful, with gold detailing in the honeycomb pattern. The polyester made mask is very comfortable for breathing and can be washed so you can reuse it as well. Get them now from Zazzle!

1)  Lace mask and scrunchie set:


This one is the best mask available online because of how gorgeous it looks. Gift the set to your wife on your anniversary, and she will surely love it! It is the right choice for its romantic appeal, but it is also equally fit for those who enjoy blending vintage with modern. 1 – 20 fun face masks list ends here



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