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25 Online Jobs for the US Students to Turn into Professional Career




Online part-time jobs are highly encouraged as the most advantageous point is that it does not require you to be there physically in the offices. Besides there are many benefits of online jobs, you can make many along with your studies, great flexibility, exposure to professional life. It helps students recognize their skills and interest. There they can opt for the right professional career to follow ahead. Online Jobs for the US Students don’t require any degree, all just you need to have is good skills. These skills can be acquired very easily by enrolling in several free courses available online.

Are you ready to grow with technology? You should miss any chance to make your career as there are plenty of opportunities by technology. So, keep reading to know about how can you make money just by severing a few hours on your laptop.

 List of top Online Jobs for the US Students:

The following list of the most popular online jobs that most of the students are employed. And able to be independent and professional as well.

These are those online jobs that are most famous among the students. And will mostly find every student next to your door doing any of the above-mentioned tasks. Students’ online jobs help them efficiently utilize their leisure time. And themselves from bad and offensive habits. The text below gives you the details on how can you find online jobs and which platform how much average money you can earn.

Online Tutor:

If you are doing good in your university courses. And you believe that you the potential to deliver it to someone else too. It is a very good idea to help those you cannot make it for passing the courses. Don’t just draw a line at teaching your college or university fellows.

You can also teach kids from elementary schools. There are a lot of school students who want proper assistance. Be grateful to the Internet, it allows you not to be only restricted to your local area. So, you also have the opportunity to teach international students too.

  • The average salary that you can make is $13-20 per hour.
  • To find out visit the websites of and Wyzant.

Search Engine Evaluator:

Search Engine Evaluator is the process o make money by helping google find out its mistakes. Google is not able to make it all when it is a matter of search. It requires your aid to get it done. In this, all you would do is rate different social media ads and search engine results for relevancy. You could be one of the audiences and fills feedback forms in order to know what require improvements. However, this position has a specific schedule i.e. a maximum of 20 hours per week. That is quite easy for students to manage.

  • SEE helps you make the average earning of $12-15 per hour.
  • Platforms to score work Leapforce and Lionbridge.

Social Media Manager:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are those platforms that we visit daily. And if you have the potential to gain a lot of likes and comments. Or you can draw people’s attention to your post. This very useful job skills that are going to make to professional.

Social media is the biggest platform that helps build awareness about their brand. Many small brands look for young active social media users.

  • According to the biggest brand of jobs Indeed it states from this work you can make $62,000 per year. Or if you are a freelancer the earning depends on marketing and skills.
  • This field has many opportunities for pitching directly with the company.

Freelance Writer:

You will get to see content as well on social media platforms. This is actually to promote sales of the company. As every day more and more companies are entering the market. So, there is a great need for writers in marketing. Therefore, companies will be able to provide their existing audience with high-quality content.

Freelance writers demand content according to a specific skill. There are numerous projects available at various freelancing sites for the writers to do a gig and do one. It verily depends on you how much word count you can accomplish in a day.

  • According to Indeed, the part-time writers are making about $61,000 per year.
  • The best place to find work is Freelance Writers’ Den that offers a $25/ month membership.

Resume Writer:

Some people find it hard to talk to themselves, so they are not able to accomplish the task to write a resume. If you had been working for a professional company, now offer these services to others and earn as well. Moreover, to grow your business you should make them admit that a good resume adds up more to their skills. Likewise, you can also offer services for writing LinkedIn profiles.

  • By writing you can earn about $15-25 per hour.
  • ResumeEdgeis the best place to find work.

Audio Transcriptionist:

Transcription is the job to listen to audio files and convert them into textual form. It requires great attention and concentration skills to do the work. Additional skills that favor your job is fast typing. It is directionally proportional to your earning. The faster you writer the more you earn.

  • However, average earning is about $15-25 per hour.
  • The two famous platforms for audio transcription is TranscribeMe and Rev.

Freelance web designer

If you have interest or professional skills in building a website. Then now start charged for the services by offering to clients. It is not rocket science behind developing a website. All it needs is just the basic knowledge about WordPress is good enough for many projects.

However, customers demand quality more than the work is done. So a professional and expert in web designing is one who is able to get what the customers exactly demand. Also, there is a great demand for a creative and responsive website.

  • The average earning of a developer is about $61,000 per year according to Indeed. Whereas, if you are doing freelancing the total income depends upon the marketing and projects.
  • You can get assistance with Google marketing agencies if need. As you don’t need to score the market because the companies and networks approach directly to those who are working.

Micro-Freelancer at Fiverr:

Fiverr is considered one of the biggest platforms in the marketplace. Where you can find all the offers of any kind of skills, from graphic designing, SMM, writing, translation, video animations, programming, etc. It is really a long list to mention them all. It is absolutely the right place where you can put forward your skills and creativity to earn maximum.

  • This earning starts from $5/gig. Maximum from this depends upon you how much work you and the time you are giving.
  • Obviously, it is to work on the official site of

Virtual Recruiter:

Recruiter is a job in which you are employed to perform the various task of a single institute only. This hiring is done after passing through a process that begins from an interview call and ends at the screening test. Mostly virtual recruiter jobs you would find on the platform of LinkedIn. Resumes of many people are available on their profiles. After observing and comparing the suitable candidate is contacted to proceed.

  • It is a well-paid job that lets you make $20-30 per hour.
  • You can also find these projects if you have skills on SimplyHired and CareerBuilder.

Online influencer:

If you have an interest and passion for leading an active social media life. Then get worth from this hobby or passion. At the time it takes years to have enough audience and engagement. But if you already have that online person, then make it your business now. You can either earn by providing your people with the services of coaching or consulting. Or you can also make by recommending your audience and getting sponsorship or commission in return.

  • The earning from this job vary from person to person. For example, you can charge $5-10 to post for every 1,000 followers on Instagram. Making it more simple, if you have 30,000 followers, you would charge $150-300 for every sponsored post.
  • Basically, to get this project you have to first build the large figure of the audience. Once you get success building the audience you can join platforms such as Whalar and Viral Nation. Those platforms perform the role of connecting influencers with the brands.

Graphic designer:

It is a time-honored field for freelancing. You can make by designing simple things as logos and go to the extreme expertise of designing a brochure. You can also earn by digital data entry jobs a fun blog post.

  • The average hourly rate of a graphic designer is about $30 according to the platform PayScale.
  • Search for the relevant gigs in your local area, social media platforms, or get one from platforms such as Upwork.

Video Captioning:

Likewise to the audio transcription which is the task to convert audio calls into written form Video captioning is the job to turn audio from video into written form. However, this task requires more effort than that to audio transcription. And so, it is paid higher.

  • The rate of captioning is $0.45 per minute of a video. If you are able to caption 10 hours of video per week, you would make $270 in a week. And the monthly earning about $1080. 
  • You would get this kind of job by signing up with Rev.

Voiceover Work:

You can do the work of voiceover if you have good audio equipment and excellent speaking skills. However, the computer is able to imitate the human voice. But still, instructional videos or some other media prefer human voiceover.

  • Taking into account a part-time online job you can make $25 per video voiceover.
  • If you have good all the required equipment, place your voiceover services on marketplaces such as Fiverr.

Video Editing:

As well all know that most of the people get attracted to visual things. So, there is a huge demand for videos on the internet. That in turn to post on any of the platform demand highly skilled video editors. You can learn basic skills from the internet itself. Moreover, these projects don’t require any degree. Despite creative and high-quality editing skills.

  • According to the marketplace, it is stated beginners of video editing are earning about $20-$45 per hour. Whereas those who are experienced more in their skills are making $50 to $75 per hour. 
  • You can get work from any of the marketplaces. All you have to set a portfolio with the samples of short films made by you. Then pitch the clients to offer the services.


No matter how hot is video editing in the market. It can never take down the value of skilled Photography. There is still a due place for skilled photographers who can capture and provide editing photos with a complete finishing look.

Moreover, the quality of today’s mobile phone camera is quite good. That gives you to start with the equipment.

  • This task also verily depends upon your skills. Besides the platform such as PayScale concludes that a typical photographer can make $25 per hour.
  • Set up the portfolio on marketplace sites, and gig clients to own projects. Different platforms have a varying number of projects. But, surely, you get to find at least a minimum from every side.

Data entry:

You can earn a decent amount by entering some data from different sources into digital data entry jobs. The computer is the most efficient, accurate, and quick in processing data. Therefore, every organization is trying its best to end up paperwork and convert all into digital form.

It is quite easy to accomplish, you get all the details and information. Just be attentive and manage entering at the desired place.

  • The average hourly earning from data entry is $12.92.
  • There numerous projects of Data entry on Fiverr and Upwork.

PPC Marketing:

PPC is pay per click marketing. You have often come across several ads on Instagram or while searching on Google. Surely, there is some behind who is managing and working behind these ads.

This seems a complicated task, but PPC management services is not that hard to manage. You just need to have basic computer knowledge and the ability to learn the software.

  • PPC marketers are earning an amount of $25 per hour.
  • It is much similar to web development, companies and networks contact directly to the skilled people for work.


Proofreading is a task to check for structural errors and grammatical mistakes. You could only do this task if you have good literature skills in a specific language. The piece of text is anything either website content, blog, or writings of book editions. You have to carefully read every single word and edit the mistakes if any found.

  • The average earning made by proofreading is about $20 per hour.
  • Box in a Box is a company that offers this job for proofreading books. You will get to find projects on the marketplace as well.

Start a YouTube channel:

YouTube plays a great role in increasing the demand for video content. If you have the potential to create interesting and entertaining content. Then you can really make out a massive amount with it. However, you will not be able to make the most at the start. But continuing the would get you sponsorships.

  • Average earnings depend on the quality of your YouTube videos. Just by spending a few dollars, you can get full-time income.
  • You have to learn several editing tools that are going to help you with high-quality content. And your main platform to manage is YouTube.

Online Surveys: 

If you are good at utilizing the internet in the best way. Then you can make bucks of money in your extra time. Online surveys are the method to do this task. It usually takes a few minutes to complete a survey. However, you can do it to make extra money not for replacing income.

  • The average earning per survey is about $1 to $3.
  • You just have to sign up for some marketplace sites such as Survey Junkie.

Email Marketing:

It is very much SMM. You have to search for clients’ emails and send them approaches to the business. You should have a few good skills in internet surfing and composing skilled emails.

  • Different companies are offering various rates for marketing.
  • You should get in direct contact with the companies to get work.

Customer Service Representative:

Do you think that you have good communication skills? And have a stable internet and landline connection. Then you can easily make money by answering some official calls.

  • You can make about $8 to $15 per hour as CSR.
  • Gig on the different marketplace to get the project’s enrolment.


Freelancing translation requires you to have good knowledge of any foreign language. Along with an understanding of the basics of translation. You get a document in a different language and you are required to convert into the desired language by the customer.

  • ZipRecruiter reports the average earning of a translator is about $29 per hour.
  • The best-known platform of the marketplace for the translation project is ZipRecruiter.

Gigs writer:

There are some small organizations that get their projects from the marketplace. So they require a person to the gig on different platforms on their behalf and get the desired commission.

  • The earning depends upon the limit of the gig to post in a day. That determines the money you would make. However, you make from a minimum of $10 to $100 per hour.
  • Companies and organizations contact directly to work for them.

Testing and Analysis:

Business organizations want their website to work properly according to the requirement. So, the hiring person can timely test the website and create an analysis report. It nearly takes 15 to 20 minutes to take a test.

  • The average money paid per test is $10-$15.
  • Upwork and Fiverr are the best marketplace to provide most of the project.

However, the advancing technology is increasing the online job for students on daily basis. Furthermore, the situation of COVID-19 has made every work online from their home. Consequently, marketplaces have become more dominant. So, recognize your skills now and get started to earn from your home. Thus, making you more independent and able to manage your daily living expenses.

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