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5 Inspire Stories of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell




Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have made it to the tradition lace years of their wedding that is completing thirteen years of togetherness. But what have they given to each other in so many years? We will discuss their success and life stories that have inspired their fans.

Opposite attracts

The couple that shares the hilarious bond, always being themselves are the two famous actors in the Hollywood industry. Usually, the couple shares similarities which lead them to their future but here are a twist, Dax and Kristen were total opposites of their nature. Kristen being a goodie loved helping others. Dax wasn’t sure at first that would he be able to keep up with this caring girl but he did not give up and carried the relationship adopting the same kid nature like her. Which helped him grow more in his life.

Lesson about relationship

Surely, the two have inspired many people as they have been giving many lessons for a strong relationship. They have never been shy sharing their issue with the world just to tell them that they are normal in everyone’s life, you just need to keep working on it.

They have been very open about couple counseling, in an interview they revealed that it wasn’t embarrassing at all, there is the time when you don’t agree and need therapy.

The couple never fails to support each other. They share a beautiful family with their two children. Dax has always encouraged his family and titled them the strong women for international women’s day, sharing the spoiled nature of how strong women transferred him completely.


A lesson that almost most of the Hollywood celebrity teaches us is about giving charity. If you are wealthy take a little potion out for someone who is a penny less won’t harm you at any cost. This power couple is known for their charity work and they have been doing it with an interesting twist. Back in 2016, they deiced to spread joy by annual holiday cheer. Which has eventually led to giving Tuesday title? They have encouraged others to take part in this generous motto of theirs.

They have become partners with Amazon which donates on giving Tuesday. Shepard revealed it was his wife’s idea that inspires him to take the step forward. All you have to do is tell Alexa “Alexa donate to toys and tots” which is also in partnership for giving Tuesday.  The list of toys will appear and select the toys amazon will ship it to toys for tots and will be delivered to the needy children ASAP!

What a creative initiative to help children in need.

Not only they have become the power of helping the couple, but they have also passed the asset to their children. They have taught them the importance of giving away and have asked their children to donate their things to the charity as well.

Protective parents

We have seen celebrities’ children being captured or they have uploaded their toddler’s pictures which is their choice of course. But Dax Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell have been clear about keeping their children safe from Hollywood fame. Surprisingly their two daughters have no idea how famous are their parents. This idea is due to keeping them getting into social media fame. They avoid sharing their photos just to make sure that they are humble enough when they reach their stage.

Bell being a protective mother when she first gives birth to her daughter Lincoln, was very concerned about her privacy. In one of her interviews, she said that she wouldn’t let anyone take her daughter’s pictures. Which is fair enough!

Apart from being protective, they have not neglected the idea of teaching their children to be generous. They have acknowledged their daughters that there are kids that are not as wealthy as they are so we need to help them by saving our things and donating them to the children in need. It has helped their daughters to learn about the reality of life and how to make the world a better place and contribute on their behalves.

Shepard says that he wants their daughter to help him alongside by donating their part of charity to toys and tots.

After years of Sobriety

We cannot Denny the fact that Shepard had a dark childhood which affected him later and got into substance addiction. In one of the incidents, his mother was also involved when he used substance in high school leading to the police. Having been involved at such an early age could have been a threat to his whole life but luckily he got rid of it and got sober in 2005.  Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell both inspires people fighting with their relationship issue.


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