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50 Most Famous TikTokers in 2020-2021 in the World




As we all know that TikTok is such a social media platform where anyone can express their thoughts and talents. Most Famous TikTokers have gained enormous popularity in no time as none other social media could gain at this time. Whereas, it has been observed that many famous brands getting great benefit from this application. These brands are providing hashtag challenges as a result these kinda videos are watched over 4 billion times. TikTok was ranked as the fastest growing social media platform in 2017 having nearly 50 million followers. Fast-forward to 2020, this application has over 250 million users worldwide. However, you might have seen content creators also becoming popular through the platform. To become a famous social media personality on TikTok, you should have the potential to create uniqueness in your content. Besides, it attracts the audience and forces them to get engaged in the content. There are also a lot of people talking about the most famous TikTokers as the champion of the media. Then comes the question that how much followers do they have that they are so much famous. Then the question pops that are they able to make money from the platform. So, let us have a look at who is killing it on the app and what are they are earning from the platform.

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2021 Updated List of Most Famous Tiktokers:

Are you looking for the current king of TikTok? Or scoring to know the TikTok queen? Either it’s about TikTok king or TikTok queen, the only fact factor matters is the reason behind how did they earn this fame. If you know only the most famous TikTokers in your country, then that sure certain TikToker would be one of the most famous TikTokers in the world list or not. However, day by day the line graph of followers, likes, earnings are rising to peak only. So, are looking to know your favorite TikTok star is at which position and how many followers do he/she lacks behind to be the number one most famous TikTokers in the world 2021. Ohh, that more than the point to spot at the end of the year how many followers most famous TikTokers have? And with how many followers they will enter TikTok 2021.

25. Flighthouse – 27.6M Followers

@flighthouseWho’s ready for a few days of @jack.wright & @siennamae 🥰 love these two 💙 ##dancecharades ##jackwright ##siennamae♬ Freak (feat. REI AMI) – Sub Urban

The Flighthouse entertainment channel spreading throughout the world continuously leading the digital way. By providing all the entertainment at a single platform Flighthouse TikTok account has gained 27.6 TikTok followers. Surprisingly as all the famous TikTokers are found in their music videos, have entertained and gathered 2.3B TikTok likes. You can consider Flighthouse to lead the way of having most TikTok likes on their account. So, want to find Addison Rae or Charli D’Amelio, or Just Maiko, all are here at Flighthouse digital entertainment board. However, Flighthouse is not coming slow on YouTube channel with about 429k subscribers. Whereas, having to look at their other social media platforms, Flighthouse Instagram followers are around the figure of 1.7M with more than 6k posts. 

Flighthouse Tiktok Account

Flighthouse Instagram Account

Flighthouse You Tube

24. Nisha Guragain – 28M Followers.


😒##nishaguragainfam ##fantastic3 ##tiktokindia ##foryou

♬ original sound – Manan Zaveri

Nisha Guragain is a beautiful social media personality along with wonderful singing skills. Nisha Guragain’s age is 23 years old as she was born on October 2, 1997. You’ll not find Nisha officially on Facebook and YouTube. However, Nisha has her fame all over through as famous TikTok with her creative and entertaining content uploading on TikTok and Instagram. Nisha Guragain has most of her followers on TikTok about 28M TikTok followers and 756.2M TikTok Likes. Besides, Nisha is found on Instagram with 4M followers and featured as a highly paid influencer in India. You have an idea of Nisha Guragin Net worth as it’s estimated $1-$3 Million.

Nisha Guragain Tiktok Account

Nisha Guragain Instagram Account

23. BTS – 28. 2 Followers:

@bts_official_bighit##BTS ##방탄소년단 🕺Dance ‘Dynamite’ with me ##Dance_Dynamite ##BTS_Dynamite♬ Dynamite – BTS

Some may also know BTS as Bangtan Boys – the seven South Korean Boys who composed big hits RM, Jin, Suga, J- Hope, and Jungkook. Originally BTS YouTube Channel with the name ‘BANGTANTV’ is a hip hop group; yet combining several musical styles have gained over 44.6M YouTube subscribers. BTS’s Instagram account also successfully reflects their great popularity and fame. Bts. bighitofficial has a fan following of 37.2M Instagram followers. However, this great fame and popularity demand to them to get on the board of TikTok musical application. So, the BTS TikTok account has scored about 28.2 TikTok followers and collectively about 518.7M TikTok likes on their creative music videos. BTS came into formation in 2010 whereas, debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. 

BTS Tiktok Account

BTS Instagram Account

BTS You Tube


22. Jannat Zubari Rahmani – 28.2M followers

@jannat_zubair29@ayaanzubair12♬ original sound – Yati Tyagi

Jannat Zubari Rahmani is an Indian actress and social media personality born on August 29, 2001. Jannat Zubari is well known to be seen with another famous TikToker from India – Mr. Faisu. Jannat is seen as a brand ambassador of many national and internal famous brands. Thus, successfully earning through different sources one of is Jannat Zubari YouTube channel with 2.81M subscribers. Moreover, she’s also seen as an influencer on Instagram account. Jannat is just a bit behind to match her Instagram followers with TikTok followers. Till today’s date Jannat Zubari owns 28.2M TikTok Followers and 745.6M TikTok likes on her stunning videos. On the other hand, Jannat’s Instagram account owns 23.6M followers. According to famous net worth recorders, Jannat Zubari’s net worth is $1 Million.

Jannat Zubari Rahmani Tiktok Account

Jannat Zubari Rahmani Instagram Account

Jannat Zubari Rahmani You Tube

21. Joe Albanese – 28.3M Followers:

@joealbaneseThat was a bad bad bad idea… 🤦🏼‍♂️ wait for the end 🤣

♬ Bad boy – Marwa Loud

Joe Albanese is one of the most famous TikToker in the world from the United States. Joe’s age is 19 and celebrates his day on December 22, 2001. Joe – top TikTok star is well known for this break dancing skills to showcased in creative TikTok musical videos. Joe took a start over YouTube with his first video of spinning his head and has gained so far 477k YouTube subscribers. Whereas, Joe Albanese Instagram account also good enough competition with 1M Instagram followers. Moreover, Joe Albanese has made most of his fame through his TikTok account with 28.3M TikTok followers and about 1.1B TikTok likes. Joe Albanese’s sister is also seen widely on musical application. Besides, according to some reports, Joe Albanese’s net worth is recorded at $700,000. 

Joe Albanese Tiktok Account

Joe Albanese Instagram Account

Joe Albanese You Tube

20. Arishfa Khan – 28.6.m followers

@_arishfakhan_Nazar tak bardaash nahi hai mujhe😏🔥 @arshkhan138 ##arishfakhan ##arshkhan ##trending ##slowmo ❤️♬ original sound – @_rosekhan_

Arishfa Khan TikTok id is @_arishfakhan_, she is the highest-paid Indian Child Actress and one the most active social media personality. Hearing her as the child actress excites me to know Arishfa Khan’s age, well is just 17 years old, her birthday is April 3, 2003. If we talk about the Arishfa Khan net worth as the highest-paid child actress it is estimated to US$ 0.8 million as of that of 2020. However, as the on 20th number in the list of top 20 most followed TikTokers in the world, with till today’s date for about 28.6 M Tiktok Followers and about 1.1B TikTok likes on her official TikTok account @_arishfakhan_. Whereas, mentioned before she is an active social media personality, with 12. 7 M followers on Instagram and on personal YouTube channel with 2.1 M subscribers because she unveils all her beauty secrets on her YouTube Channel. Besides you also get to listen to Arishfa Khan’s new songs and know more about Arishfa Khan Family on YouTube Channel.

Arishfa Khan Tiktok Account


Arishfa Khan Instagram Account


Arishfa Khan You Tube


19. The Rock – 29.9m followers

@therock@imkevinhart is getting nothing but coal this year. ##badsanta♬ All I Want for Christmas is YOU – plottwist

The Rock is one of the most famous Hollywood actors popular for action stunts in Hollywood The Rock movies. He is from the USA with Forbes telling The Rock net worth 2020 of $320 million. The Rock is the title awarded to him, his original name is Dwayne Johnson. However, his long career and fame impact him as if he is quite old. The Rock age is just 48 years and the birthday is May 2, 1972. The rock TikTok followers are figuring about 29.9M till today’s date. People really love his gymnastic skilled videos featuring this stunning athlete body is able to gain 161.2 M TikTok likes. Whereas, on other social media platforms The Rock Instagram hits the line of 204 M Instagram Followers. Therefore, The Rock is the Third Most followed Actor on Instagram 2020. And the 19th most famous TikTokers in the world 2021. We can aspect The Rock hitting the higher bounders in the list of most famous TikTokers 2021.

The Rock Tiktok Account

The Rock Instagram Account


The Rock Youtube Account


18. JoJo Siwa – 30.7m followers

@itsjojosiwaMy dream and my nightmare. Lol. We did it @jamescharles♬ original sound – Makayla

We gain have another talent and most followed TikTokers from the USA, JoJo Siwa the famous singer and social media personality. The popular American dancer and singer JoJo Siwa age is 17 years and date of birth May 19, 2003. Jojo Siwa songs make her net worth about $14 million. With her talent for dance and singing, she has gained 30.7 M TikTok Followers and about 1B TikTok likes on the video. Jojo’s creativity assures to ‘itsjojosiwa’, one of the most followed TikTokers in 2021 too. However, Jojo’s YouTube channel is flourishing with 12M subscribers dancing on her “It’s Christmas Now” JoJo Siwa New Song! Moreover, another prominent feature you’ll get to see in JoJo TikTok Video is her famous JoJo Siwa Bows.

JoJo Siwa Tiktok Accountjojo-siwa-tiktok-account

JoJo Siwa Instagram Account


JoJo Siwa Youtube Account


17. Gilmher Croes – 31.2m followers

@gilmhercroesDouble Trouble 🤣😂 @jaydencroes♬ Ah ah ah – skadi 💛

Gilmher Croes TikTok is featuring the video like none is creating these days. He is known as the most followed TikToker with 31.2 M TikTok Followers and having 766.9 M TikTok likes expressing how much people like his videos. Glimber Croes Brother is also seen along with him in his TikTok videos. Don’t confuse him by his dashing looks to the country he belongs to, Aruba. He one of the elder teenage flourishing social media platforms with character makeup and dance of age 27 and you can wish him July 7, 1993. Not much less than a model, with very few pictures Gilmher Croes Instagram, has 1.1M followers. Gilmher Croes a purely social media personality net worth was once estimated at about $500k-$600k in 2017.

Gilmher Croes Tiktok Account


Gilmher Croes Instagram Account


Gilmher Croes Youtube Account


16. Kimberly Loaiza – 31.5m followers

@kimberly.loaizaAl fin te conocí 😍 @jamescharles♬ Золото ( Rakurs & Ramirez Remix) – Kartashow/Мари Краймбрери

The famous singer from the country Mexico has taken 16th place in the most famous TikTokers in the world 2021. How many TikTok Followers does Kimberly?Loaiza official TikTok account has? The answer is till today she has successfully gained 31.5 M TikTok Followers. And this Mexican Singer with the help of beauty has many funny videos having 1.6B TikTok likes overall. Kimberly Loaiza’s net worth of 2020 is recorded at about $4.9 million dollars. As she is a hot social media personality Kimberly Loaiza Instagram has too gained a big amount of audience 32k followers. However, Kimberly Loaiza’s age is 22 years and her birthday is December 12, 1997. As you would get to see at many sites call her a YouTuber because she unveils all her new songs on a YouTube account with 26.7 M subscribers.

Kimberly Loaiza Tiktok Account


Kimberly Loaiza Instagram Account


Kimberly Loaiza Youtube Account



15. Mr. Faisu – 32.1m followers

@mr_faisu_07💔 ##Team07 ##faisusquad♬ original sound – Aniket Kadam

It is quite fair to call Mr_Faisu_07 one of the most famous TikTokers in India as he belongs to India. His real name is Faisal Shaikh official on TikTok known as Mr. Faisu. He stands at 15th place with 32.1 M TikTok Followers and “2B TikTok likes”. Mr. Faisu age is less than Gilmher’s, he’s 26 years old with a birthday on October 5, 1994. Mr. Faisu and Jannat Zubair are known as famous TikTok Couples all over India. Mr. Faisu photos and everything has made his net worth of about $264k. It is said that Mr. Faisu each video earns 50k. Being an active social media personality Mr. Faisu Instagram has 15.2 M Instagram Followers. And Featuring the most expensive cars in the world on this YouTube Channel he has 1.16M subscribers on it.




14. Baby Ariel – 35m followers

@babyarieluh♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

Baby Ariel age is 20 years and known as the top YouTube and TikTok Influencer. Baby Ariel’s original name is Ariel Rebecca Martin movies and TV shows too quite famous and like by people too. Baby Ariel TikTok ID with 35 M Followers and 1.9 B TikTok likes stands at 14th position in the list of top 20 most famous TikTokers in the world. Baby Ariel net worth through her YouTube Subscribers 3.05 M and other sources is $6 Million. She another hot social media personality from the USA, has 9.7 M Instagram Followers as well.




13. Brent Rivera – 35.1m followers

@brentriveraThat hot car feeling☀️🔥 @joshpeck♬ hahahahahaha – kalyan sunuwar

Brent Rivera is the son of the former Vine Star, with 35.1 M TikTok Followers makes him one of the most followed TikTok stars and the hot dashing star has gained 1.1 B TikTok likes. Brent Rivera Instagram is too another sensation for girls and has a 20.6 M follower fan following. American Influencer doing vlogs and skits is of age 22 and celebrating his birthday on January 9, 1998. Brent Rivera YouTube is liked by 14.6 YouTube Subscribers for this funny prank dating vlogs. If you are looking for Brent Rivera net worth, then he is able to earn $6.5 million by the year 2020. Moreover, Brent Rivera girlfriend has been exposed by him in 2020, named Eva Gutowski.




12. Jason Derulo – 40.9m followers

@jasonderuloSo this is what u meant when you said you’d doggy-sit ##icederulo 🤔@kaylabrenda_ @kingofheartsofficial_♬ original sound – Brent Rivera

Singer of popular songs Swalla, Trumpets, Colors, etc. Jason Derulo songs are those the most listened to ones. Jason Derulo is an active social media star as well. The amazing American singer has 40.9 Million TikTok Followers hitting hearts of 909.2 M TikTok likes. Whereas, Instagram keeps you updated with all his latest songs and more having 7.4 M Instagram followers on the account itself. When we talk about platform Jason Derulos songs are released on his YouTube channel with 14.4 M subscribers. Furthermore, from an earning point of view, Jason Derulo net worth is $16 million.



11. Michael Le – 42.5m followers

@justmaiko@crocs are the vibe😌✨ @afterpayusa ##strapback ##sponsored♬ #StrapBack AfterpayXCrocs – Hovey Benjamin

Following Jason Derulo, Micheal Le is an American Dancer and social media influencer. Michael Le TikTok videos are mostly entertaining due to his dance and fun actions. He is well known by the title “Justmaiko”,

as his TikTok id is too with this name and with 42.5 M TikTok Followers till today’s date and video are hit with 1.2B TikTok likes. However, in comparison to TikTok followers, Micheal Le Instagram has only 2.3M Instagram Followers. The same with his YouTube Channel with only 2.24M subscribers. Michael Le is also a young emerging and talented social star with age 20 years (March 19, 2000). Thus, all this content is composed of vlogs documenting his various daily life activities. Michael Le net worth estimate to date is $600,000.




10. Riyaz Aly – 43.6m followers

@riyaz.14Bts 😂🙌🏻 @rizaafreen_17 ##behindthescene ##riyaz ##duetwithriyaz♬ original sound – AiSh

Indian Actor and Influencer Riyaz Aly birthday just celebrated behind on September 14, 2003. Riyaz Aly age is 16 years and he does lip-syncing, skits, and acting scenes in musical videos. Riyaz Aly’s net worth 2020 recorded is $2 million. The most followed TikTokers of India has 43.6 M TikTok followers and 2.1B TikTok likes. And the Riyaz Aly Instagram is also widely followed by his fan – 10.9M Instagram Followers. Talking about Riyaz Aly YouTube Channel is just showcase the most famous TikTok videos.



9. Will Smith – 44m followers

@willsmithI don’t remember making this…? @chrisashley♬ #WIPEITDOWN – BMW KENNY

The American Actor, producer, and rapper in list of top 10 most followed TikTokers in the world 2021. Will Smith movie list is quite long to mention over her. According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Will Smith net worth 2020 is recorded as $400 million. Smith TikTok account is followed by 44M TikTok followers and his surprising illusion videos hit 244.1 M TikTok Likes. However, in comparison to other Instagram celebrities, Will Smith Instagram followers as 50.8M, and his personal YouTube channel has 8.9 M subscribers. Will Smith age is 51, which means that he is elder than The Rock and celebrates his birthday on September 25, 1968.




8. Bella Poarch – 45.3m followers

@bellapoarchTo the 🐝 🐝 🐝 ##fyp♬ M to the B – Millie B

Bella Poarch TikTok was the source through which people came to know about her. She also belongs to the USA and her age is 23 years old. You all will be quite familiar with Bella Poarch Tattoo that is stunning in her videos and also all her tattoos have some meaning. Bella Poarch TikTok has gained till today’s date 45.3 M TikTok followers and 821.7 M likes on her amazing videos. There is always some uniqueness in her videos which made her the most followed TikTokers in the world 2021. As she is social media gossip Bella Poarch Instagram has about 8.4 M followers. Besides, her Instagram Bio mentions that she is in the US Navy yet. Bella Poarch net worth 2020 is recorded in the range of $200,000 – $300,000. However, she lacks YouTube subscribers as other most followed TikTokers have a huge figure, Bella Poarch YouTube subscribers are 197k as she has not to update even a single video on YouTube Channel.



7. Dixie D’Amelio – 45.6m followers

@dixiedamelio@charlidamelio DC: @laneyysgrig♬ this is our dance give credit lol – kara

The sister of the most followed TikTokers Charli D’Amelio- Dixie D’ Amelio also includes her name 7th position in the list of top 10 most followed TikTokers in the world 2020. Dixie D’ Amelio and Charli D’ Amelio is most seen together dancing in music videos. American YouTuber and TikToker have 45.6 M TikTok Followers and 1.6B TikTok likes on creative dance videos. Whereas, Dixie D’ Amelio’s YouTube channel is updated with her vlogs and entertain 6.78 M subscribers. She is elder than her sister, Dixie D’Amelio age is 19 years (August 12, 2001). As per reports, Dixie D’Amelio net worth is reported as $1 million, with her earning source brand endorsing and YouTube channel. Dixie D’Amelio Instagram has more followers than her YouTube Channel- 21. 6M Instagram Followers.




6. TikTok – 48.9m followers

The official account of TikTok itself has 48.9 TikTok Followers and 242.4 M TikTok likes on its video. You’ll get to find all TikTok updates in this profile. TikTok videos guides to use new filters and effects is there in this account. TikTok app download is available for free which encouraged people to get it installed on their mobiles. Do you know TikTok has an Instagram profile as well? TikTok Instagram has about 26.5 M followers on it.




5. Spencer Polanco Knight – 49.5m followers

@spencerxFast beatbox prank!! 🗣🔥 Got him good 😂 @joeyklaasen @jonklaasen♬ original sound – Spencer X

Spencer Polanco Knight TikTok videos involve him beatboxing with his friends. Mouth Music Man with TikTok user name Spencerx having 49.5 M TikTok Followers and 1.2 B TikTok likes mostly on his beatboxing videos. In the past year, Spencer Polanco Knight’s net worth recorded by Forbes was $1.2 million. This fame and popularity gained are in the time of Spencer Polanco Knight age of 28 ( April 20, 1992). Whereas, he is too behind on other platforms as Spencer Polanco Knight Instagram has 969k followers.


  4. Loren Gray – 49.8m followers

@lorengrayhahah♬ HAHA – lil darkie

Stylish beautiful American Singer- Loren Gray is on the 4th position of most famous TikTokers in the world 2021. Loren Gray’s age is 18 years ( April 19, 2002), and one of the most successful celebrities in the entertainment world in 2021. Total Loren Gray TikTok Followers on the account has reached up to 49. 8 M. And videos including her makeup tutorials hit 2.7Billion TikTok likes. Whereas, the cutest and hot American influencer has 20.7 M Instagram followers.

Moreover, she has also launched songs on her YouTube channels, that are viewed by 3.86 M subscribers. With nearly 50 M TikTok followers, Loren Gray’s net worth is quite impressive $3 Million.




3. Zach King – 53.1m followers

@zachkingThe Magical Fruit Stand 🍉 ##farmlife ##magic ##loop♬ original sound – Zach King

Zach King’s original name is Zachary Michael King – American Internet Personality. Zach King TikTok videos are always unique as they are composed of a lot of digital effects. Zach King is considered in the top 3 most followed TikTokers in the world 2021. He has 53.1 M TikTok followers and 633.2 M likes on his creative videos. Zach King Instagram has been quite active and popular as well with 24.1M followers. Are you now suspicious about Zach King’s age? Zach King- The King of TikTok is 30 years old (February 4, 1990). Moreover, Zach King’s videos illusion are liked and loved on his YouTube Channel as well. Thus, Zach King YouTube Channel has 9.14 M subscribers. The American filmmaker and internet personality- Zach King’s net worth 2020 is $3 Million.




2: Addison Rae – 70.7m followers

@addisonre@quenblackwell♬ THICK – DJ Chose & Beatking

A popular social media personality and dancer ranking behind the Charli D’Amelio as the second most famous TikTokers. There are 61 million followers on her TikTok account so far. Whereas, in August 2020, Addison’s name is included on the top of the highest-earning TikTok star. She was enrolled as a sports broadcaster, however, she decided to leave it and become extremely active on her YouTube channel and Instagram page. Eventually, she got a lot of fame and success, which in turn lead her to sign with the talent agency of WWE in January 2020. Another source of earning is her makeup line Item Beauty that is co-founded with the beauty startup of Madeby Collective. However, her annual earnings from the last year through June is $5 million. Thus, being the highest-earning TikToker led her to work with some of the international famous companies as Reebok, L’Oréal, Hollister, and American Eagle.

Moreover, a mascara product of a brand has gained fame due to Addison Rae. In one of her videos on her YouTube channel, she tells the secret behind her long-curled lashes. She uses the IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara. She also tells that she uses this mascara in her daily makeup look.

The above is the first video on her YouTube channel to give he potential and success. It made everyone notice her.

Thus, the article above clears the confusion about the most famous TikTokers about their followers and popularity. You will also find many emerging talents behind these popular TikTok stars. No wonder, they can also be on their rank in the future. You have also come to acknowledge the sources of earning by most famous TikTokers. However, these are just some basic and major ones, there are more sponsors and merchandise also who had a collab with them. And also there is an amazing fact that the most famous TikToker doesn’t make the most. The runner of the list of most-viewed is making the highest amount in the TikTok stars.

Addison Rae Tiktok Account


Addison Rae Instagram Account


Addison Rae Youtube Account


1: Charli D’Amelio – 101.9m followers

@charlidameliodc @kamronagee and @wh0.nia♬ VMESHBEATS ADDERALL X BOO X IG FREESTYLE – Varoon Ramesh

Charli is considered the one of highest-earning TikTok stars in 2020 and Most Famous TikTokers so far. As per the report of October 2020, she is flourishing around with more than 100 million followers on TikTok. Being the most followed TikTokers in the world 2021, Charli TikTok has the most TikTok likes around the figure 8B TikTok likes. She is a trained competitive dancer since back 10 years. D’ Amelio is so young staring celebrating of the age 16 years in 2020. She began posting her first video of lip-syncing with their friend on March 30, 2019. Then, the next video that stood out in the audience was a “duet” with the user “Move with Joy”. She kept on posting her dance video on treading music and songs since then. However, another breakout was in October 2019, she posted her video dancing on the K Camp song “Lottery”. Consequently, her “Renegade” video, become quite trending and famous on the platform.

Furthermore, as every picture has its downside, D’Amelio also faced downside because of not giving the crediting, the original creator of dance Jalaiah Harmon. Then she started crediting her dance creator regularly in her videos. You can also see D’Amelio and her sister- Dixie, collaborating with TikTok content house The Hype House. Another fact to remark from her career is that when she was invited to Super Bowl LIV, where she met Jennifer Lopez and gave a dance challenge to halftime show performance. She also very actively to keep her followers entertained play a role in spreading awareness in the pandemic of COVID-19. #DistanceDance was the video casting Procter & Gamble also got praises from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. She started her first feature film in June 2020, United States releases of children animated film StarDog and TurboCat. She stared as the Tinker in this animated movie. In July 2020, she was rewarded as a brand ambassador of a braces brand Invisalign. Moreover, siding along with her sister, D’Amelio also launched a makeup line of Morphe 2 named Morphe Cosmetics. She is referred to as the “Reigning Queen” of TikTok.

From the things to come, D’Amelio is all set for launching her first book. It would be launched in December 2020, as the title Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping it Real. 

Charli D’Amelio Tiktok Account


Charli D’Amelio Instagram Account


Charli D’Amelio Youtube Account


Charli- the most followed Tiktoker but the second highest-earning TikToker:

It is quite surprising that being the Most Famous TikTokers, she is not the first highest-earning TikTok star. According to Forbes, the net worth of Charli D’Amelio is $4 million from the earning of the previous year by several sponsorship deals and merchandise. Her name is included in the annual list of 40 Under 40, as the most influential youngest person in this list.

If D’Amelio is not the first highest-earning TikTok star, then who is making the most money from the famous social media application. Now, let us turn the side of the picture and move to the next side of the aspect.

Top 50 most famous TikTokers in the world 2020: 

The following is providing information about the ranking of most famous TikTokers in the world and how many followers and likes they have on their TikTok account. However, it is their followers and likes giving them the stand to be a breakout of the social media platforms.

1@charlidamelioCharli D’Amelio96.46646.4Dancer and social media personalityUnited States
2@addisonreAddison Rae67.23711.6Dancer and social media personalityUnited States
3@zachkingZach King52.1592.4Filmmaker and social media personalityUnited States
4@lorengrayLoren Gray48.82571.9Singer and social media personalityUnited States
5@tiktokTikTok48.4241.0Social media platformUnited States
6@spencerxSpencer Polanco Knight47.51075.6Beatboxer and social media personalityUnited States
7@riyaz.14Riyaz Aly43.52047.8Social media personalityIndia
8@dixiedamelioDixie D’Amelio42.31188.9Singer, actress and social media personalityUnited States
9@justmaikoMichael Le41.61046.1Dancer and social media personalityUnited States
10@willsmithWill Smith40.3198.5ActorUnited States
11@bellapoarchBella Poarch40.1650.9Social media personalityUnited States
12@jasonderuloJason Derulo38.8851.8Singer, songwriter, and dancerUnited States
13@babyarielBaby Ariel34.81857.0Singer, actress, and social media personalityUnited States
14@brentriveraBrent Rivera34.71039.4Actor and social media personalityUnited States
15@mr_faisu_07Faisal Shaikh32.11968.4Social media personalityIndia
16@gilmhercroesGilmher Croes30.4746.9Social media personalityUnited States
17@kimberly.loaizaKimberly Loaiza30.21260.5Singer and social media personalityMexico
18@itsjojosiwaJoJo Siwa29.71000.1Singer, actress, dancer, and social media personalityUnited States
19@therockThe Rock29.4159.1Actor and former wrestler


20@_arishfakhan_Arishfa Khan28.51141.7Actress and social media personalityIndia
21@jannat_zubair29Jannat Zubair Rahmani28.1744.1Actress and social media personalityIndia
22@nishaguragainNisha Guragain28.0756.0Social media personalityIndia
23@avaniAvani Gregg27.91903.1Social media personalityUnited States
24@jamescharlesJames Charles27.8605.3Social media personalityUnited States
25@flighthouseFlighthouse27.42256.8Digital entertainment brandUnited States
26@stokestwinsStokes Twins27.4698.8Social media personalitiesUnited States
27@cznburakBurak Özdemir27.2481.9Social media personalityTurkey
28@joealbaneseJoe Albanese26.91002.3Social media personalityUnited States
29@lilhuddyChase Hudson26.41370.5Social media personalityUnited States
30@dobretwinsLucas and Marcus26.3747.2Social media personalitiesUnited States
31@awezdarbarAwez Darbar25.91059.7Choreographer and social media personalityIndia
32@selenagomezSelena Gomez25.466.4Singer, actress, and social media personalityUnited States
33@kristenhancherKristen Hancher24.61739.1Actress and social media personalityCanada
34@lizzzaLiza Koshy24.6266.7Actress and social media personalityUnited States
35@sameeksha_sudSameeksha Sud24.51185.8Actress and social media personalityIndia
36@tiktok_indiaTikTok India24.440.0Social media platformIndia
37@jacobsartoriusJacob Sartorius23.71551.5Singer and social media personalityUnited States
38@daviddobrikDavid Dobrik23.7896.8Social media personalityUnited States
39@bts_official_bighitBTS23.7432.1Boy BandSouth Korea
40@jaydencroesJayden Croes23.21012.1Social media personalityUnited States
41@livetvmusical.ly23.03.0Social media platformChina
42@savv.labrantSavannah LaBrant23.01338.4Social media personalityUnited States
43@tonylopezTony Lopez22.8959.3Social media personalityUnited States
44@piyanka_mongiaPiyanka Mongia22.7458.4Social media personalityIndia
45@kirakosarinKira Kosarin22.7365.1Actress and social media personalityUnited States
46@joshrichardsJosh Richards22.71337.7Social media personalityUnited States
47@avneetkaur_13Avneet Kaur22.5553.0Social media personalityIndia
48@cutybeautykhanBeauty Khan21.4640.8Social media personalityIndia
49@gima_ashiGarima Chaurasia21.3633.6Social media personalityIndia
50@jiffpomJiff Pom21.2516.7Social media personalityUnited States

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Top Most Famous Tik Tokers
Top Most Famous Tik Tokers
50 Most Famous TikTokers: There are also a lot of people talking about the most famous TikTokers as the champion of the media.
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