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6 Effective Tips for Speech Therapy at Home




Well, you can say there is no such thing as perfect parenting and it’s more of a roller coaster ride. Parenting is way more than dealing with messy rooms and picky eaters. The roles and responsibilities of parents changes as their children age. It can go from understanding your child’s whining behavior to make them learn new skills.

Early years play a crucial role in the development of a child. You observe them learning a number of skills and going through new experiences. As you are helping them through the process, it enables you to spot any potential behavioral or communication problem with your child.

Understanding speech and language disorder

Observing them throughout the day, you can get the gut feeling that your child is having speech or language delay. Immediately responding to the situation you can take your child to a good speech therapist. Particularly if you are living in a metropolitan city i.e., Karachi, you never fell short of option and can choose any good speech therapist in Karachi.

Types of speech and language disorder

Speech disorders

Some of the common speech disorders are;

  • Articulation disorders- the problem in making sounds, related to the pronunciation of individual sounds, listeners are unable to understand
  • Resonance disorder- speech problems with the volume, quality and pitch of the sound that is due to the abnormality in the flow of air while speaking
  • Fluency disorder- disorder with the repetition of sounds or words, blocking and prolonged sounds while speaking

Language disorders

Common language disorders include;

  • Receptive disorders- problem with the understanding of language
  • Expressive disorders- the inability to put words together, not using language appropriately
  • Communication disorders- problems with communication skills involving memory, perception, problem-solving.

Tips for speech therapy at home

Undoubtedly, a good speech therapist can help your child with language and speech problems. However, a few tips can surely help you to practice speech therapy at your home. You can start your speech therapy with the following tips;

1- Use the right approach

  • First of all, you should use the right approach for speech therapy including
  • If your child has trouble focusing a particular sound, encourage him to do it all by itself
  • Before starting the actual words using the alphabet, you can incorporate it into syllables
  • Set reward for completing a particular set of exercises
  • Repeat the words again and again

2- Setting up the schedule

The most effective tip for at-home speech therapy is fixing a therapy schedule by

  • Choosing a designate time window
  • You can initially start with short sessions and prolong the duration later
  • Talk to your child about what speech therapy is
  • Choose a particular location for the speech session
  • Consistency is the key! Even if you are running low on time just take a few minutes and make your child sit at the designated place

3- Minimize the distraction

A good practice to make your therapy sessions effective is to minimize the distractions in the surrounding. You can do this by setting the schedule at the time when your other children are not at home. Moreover, you can limit the screen time of children because it can affect their development.

4- Setting up the session

A few tips that can help you in setting your therapy session are

  • Focusing on one particular skill at a time
  • Search online and find the activity for fun
  • Collect all the resources you need
  • Reinforce your activity with the reward

5- How to begin the session?

You can begin at a home speech therapy session with

  • Explaining to your child why you are sitting here and what they are going to do
  • Make them learn about the things they are working on
  • Set the criteria and explain the child about it
  • Monitor the time and start the sessions
  • You can consult a speech therapist for effective therapy sessions. If you are based in Karachi, Pakistan and looking for a good speech therapist, you can visit some of the popular health care facilities including Jamal Noor Hospital, Agha Khan Hospital, and Jinnah Hospital etc.

6- Motivate the child

You have to make sure that your child wants to do it again and again. Some of the ways to motivate your child are

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  • Track their progress and show them time to time
  • If you don’t feel like doing it, end session early rather than making it boring
  • Appreciate them frequently i.e. reward them for completing the activity or verbally praise them
  • Mix the easy and difficult activities and end your session with something easy


You are the first person who can help your child with language and speech problems, make sure you are putting your efforts in the right way. No matter how precisely you follow the tips, you still need to be prepared to face the troubleshooting. However, consistency and patience can help you to get the required outcomes.

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