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60 Ideal Places to visit in the USA during Your Vacation




60 Ideal Places to Visit in the USA

Travelling is a great activity to incorporate in your life if you have the resources. The world is vast, and most of us have seen so little of it. A human is born explorer, there nothing adventurous or exciting about being held in a place and spend a lifetime in it.Therefore, never leave a chance to explore new fun places in US and embrace the beauty this world has to offer. Even if you cannot go outside the US, there is plenty to see inside this massive king of the west. The News Engine has made a list of 60 ideal places to visit in the USA during your vacation, for both US and non-US residents.

As the global pandemic is still very much around, keep in mind to pack your bags only when travel restrictions will be eased out. Even then, make sure to follow all the safety protocols. Much like many of you, we cannot wait to get rid of the cabin fever.
1) White Mountains, New Hampshire
One the best fall destination in the US, White Mountains is a scenery of beautiful fields surrounded by lush mountains of the East Coast. The White Mountain National Forest is also situated in this area. It has one of USA’s best hiking drives.
2) Washington, DC
If you are travelling to the US, consider a visit to the capital state a must! This place has some of the best monuments and national museums in the whole country. There are also some gorgeous neighbourhoods like Dupont Circle, Logan Circle and Eastern Market.
3) Waikiki, Hawaii
This central beach in the state of Hawaii faces the clear water of the sea and luxurious hotels that are sky-high. It is the very beach you might have seen on many postcards. Waikiki has a perfect year-around set of conditions to enjoy a beach vacation.
4) US Gulf Coast
This beautiful coast stretches from Key West Florida to South Padre Texas. It is worth mentioning alone for tasty seafood and adventurous places.
5) Tampa, Florida
Tampa is a water-front destination in Florida. What awaits for you here is a fantastic wildlife viewing, thrill rides and Glazer Children’s museum. Florida aquarium is also a magnificent attraction.
6) St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis is also called as ‘Gateway to the West’. It is where the Gateway Arch is located, the tallest structure that is humanmade in the entire West Hemisphere.
7) St Augustine
St Augustine is a pleasant city that can be easily explored on foot. There are some colonial-style houses, bars, restaurants and shops. It is a joyful place both during the day and night. At night, lights flood the city with luminescent beauty.
8) Sedona, Arizona
You don’t want to miss out this amazingly unique yet overlooked town in the heart of Red Rock Country. Incredible natural viewpoints surround Sedona. Even Starbucks has a balcony there so that people can enjoy the view.
9) Seattle
Seattle has family & friends attractions, art museums and music festivals. It is a modern city with outdoor activities for all the seasons and around 200 galleries.
10) Sawtooth, Idaho
If you are looking for a great place to go camping, look no further. The one day hike with a loop-trail named ‘Gulch to Pioneer Cabin Trail’ has terrific sceneries.
11) Savannah, Georgia
Do you fancy spooky places? We have just the sorts for you. This city has the most admirable antebellum structures, delicious food and a haunted history waiting for you.
12) Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz is in Central Carolina near the Monterey Bay. It is among the busiest US towns during summertime. Don’t miss out Boardwalk Amusement Park when you visit this place.
13) Santa Barbara
It is a small town that offers rich history, fantastic beach, wine and food. You can have the most peaceful joy in Santa Barbara that is only hard to forget soon.
14) San Francisco
It is a city that has something to offer for every kind of traveller. Whether you like art, history, food or bars, you will find your fun in San Francisco.
15) San Diego, California
Located on the coastline of California, this is another must-visit for travellers. The Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo and beaches are worth all the hype.
16) San Antonio
Having one of the significant populations in the US, San Antonia is a traditional destination to travel. Have some time on the River Walk and visit the local bars and restaurants. Take some beautiful pictures along the way.
17) Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA
It is a massive place with Martian landscapes, weird shapes and a lot of sparse vegetation. It is also wide enough to easily get lost, so make sure you keep track of your pathway.
18) Raleigh, NC
Raleigh is said to be among the best places to live in the US. It has everything in walkable distance. There are some of the best start-up communities there; people are passionate about arts and museums are worth checking out.
19) Portland, Oregan
It is a young city with hipster culture. The primary mode of transport is two wheels as you see people going about daily life on their bikes. There are also 12 bridges in this city. There are tasty foods and community activities that are very fun; people of the town are the real standouts.
20) Phoenix, Arizona
One of the hottest places in the country, Phoenix has some lovely places. These include Desert Botanical Garden, White Tank Mountains Hike and the Mystery Castle, among others.
21) Philadelphia
Philadelphia is a very vibrant city in Pennsylvania. It is a perfect place for you to travel if you want to experience American history, culture and food.
22) Panama City Beach, FL
This place is often overlooked, but it is a great destination to spend your dream vacation. You can either make your trip calming or adventurous here. In fact, you can combine both as well.
23) Palm Springs
Palm Springs is situated in Southern California. It is best to visit in the wintertime. There are some pleasant looking date farms and wind farms in the area. Other than that you can go for hikes, hop on air balloons and play golf too.
24) Outer Banks, NC
These are some famous sites in the summertime. They have an excellent mild climate and many fun things to do. You can see historic lighthouses, and if you are lucky enough, you will get a sight of wild horses in the bare fields of Corolla.
25) Oregon Coast
This one is filled with jaw-dropping views, beautiful coastal hikes, best camping locations and surfing spots. You will not be disappointed by the amount of adventure you will experience there.
26) Oklahoma City
A brick town district where kids and adults can all play and have fun alike, such as the Oklahoma City. Among the best places in this city is Martin Nature Park, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
27) Oahu, Hawaii
Hawaii is just so pretty that it has made it twice to this list. This time, it is Oahu. It is a relatively laidback northern shore when compared to the chirping Waikiki on the south. It is an amazingly beautiful natural landmark that every visitor should see.
28) North Pole, Alaska
This place has become a best-kept secret of tourism in the US. There is a place called Santa Claus in the North Pole that is breathtakingly gorgeous. Visit it in the thick of winter, and you will understand what we mean.
29) New Orleans
New Orleans is a unique city in the US, famous for the French Quarters. It has a rich history, and you will never get bored on your visit here.
30) Nashville, TN
The country music capital of the US is a hub of live music venues and concerts. If you are a music lover, this might be your paradise.
31) Nantucket Island
Nantucket is an island with an intriguing history. Throughout the vast lands, you can see cottages that are endearing to eyes. This place also has beautiful beaches to sunbath. As a tourist, you will have plenty of options from shopping to hiking.
32) Monterey
Monterey is easily one of the best spots for a vacation. Situated along the Pacific Coast Highway 1, California, this place has vibrant beaches, elegant houses and a lovely aquarium.
33) Mobile, Alabama
Often overlooked because of New Orleans, a more popular state, this place is just as interesting, to say the least. Mobile is the hub of unique attractions and southern hospitality. Founded a few years before New Orleans, this city proudly claims their Mardi Gras festival to be the oldest in the entire United States of America. Mardi Gras and Azalea Trail Festival are the main attraction of this place. To experience these unique cultural events, visit the city in winter and early spring.
34) Milwaukee
It is an underrated city in Wisconsin, which is definitely one of the coolest towns in the US. Travellers should put this one under their radar to explore the fabulous attractions and restaurants this town.
35) Memphis
This place has a history associated with civil rights and the birth of the Rock n Roll. Also, you will never forget the taste of barbeque in this place.
36) Maui, Hawaii
You see that classic portrait of a bent palm tree at a vibrant beach, that’s from Maui. Here you can watch the sun rising in all its glory on top of a hill, visit the Haleakala beach and dive in a waterfall all in one day.
37) Maine
Land of delicious lobsters, many lighthouses and serrated coastline, Maine is fantastic. It is very peaceful and has amicable people.
38) Madison, Wisconsin
Although this city is known for its dairy expertise like that in cheese, brats, ice cream and beer, that is not all it has to offer. You can experience other things like international street food, restaurants of fine dining and not just farms.
39) Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
If you are in New Jersey or New York, you are close to Lehigh Valley. The best attractions in this place are Musikfest, Celtic Fest and the history-rich Bethlehem Steel.
40) Las Vegas
It is one of the most iconic places in the US, even for non-gamblers. This city is always awake with its gorgeous lights. You can enjoy the resort interiors, visit the famous Strip and entertain yourself with shopping and shows.
41) Lanai, Hawaii
Lanai is an off-grid, getaway sort of destination. It is a small island in Hawaii with a population of 3000 people. A paved road of 30 miles, and no stoplights. It is your ultimate stop for a brief disconnect from the world.
42) Lake Tahoe, California
Among the mountains of Sierra Nevada, a stunningly beautiful lake called Lake Tahoe is located. It is a perfect scenic stop if you are looking for natural landscapes with glittering ice and water.
43) La Jolla
If you love going to beaches, La Jolla is one of the best places to visit. It is located in San Diego County. The beach has a diverse range of waves from gentle to massive ones. It is ideal for surfing and looks exceptionally beautiful during summertime.
44) Kona, Hawaii
Among the top places to visit in the US, Kona has incredible beaches and delicious coffee. It also has a rich history to explore.
45) Key West, Florida
As an incredible place to exist in the US, Key West was a must on this list. A sparkling ocean surrounds the small island, the people are very friendly, and late-night activities never give you a moment to feel bored.
46) Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai is the smallest of all Hawaiian Islands. It has a great food truck scene, lovely boutiques and unique outdoor adventure.
47) Idaho
Idaho is another go-to place for natural landscape lovers. The site has beautiful mountain towns, hidden hot springs and diverse outdoors.
48) Hot Springs, Arkansas
This place has a lot of history that is worth checking out. Some bathhouses are as old as the 1700s to 1800s. The bathhouses are located over actual hot springs that are present in the area.
49) Havasupai, AZ
Havasupai is a breathtaking place in Arizona. The hike is a bit challenging, but when you finally get there, the scene of the gorgeous waterfall from a deep red rock is a sight to behold.
50) Guam
Guam is an unincorporated island that is closer to the Philippines than the US. Guam has dolphin watching towers, beaches and cultural activities that will offer you a great adventure.
51) Disney World
This place is renowned all over the world. Disney World is the ultimate tourist destination, especially for families. Situated near Orlando, Florida, this is the very first adventure theme park founded by Walt Disney.
52) Cleveland, Ohio
Although not having the same recognition as other destinations in the US, this place is simply amazing. There are excellent museums, a growing beer and food scene and some of the best outdoor places.
53) Charleston, AC
It is a southern city filled with colonial history and tasty food. The homes in Charleston are centuries old. There are city tours that won’t let you miss the history of the city. You can also tour original pubs and don’t forget to take an excursion to the City Jail.
54) Burlington, Vermont
Burlington is a small-town city with beautiful outdoors. The dining scene and shopping in Burlington are just plain fun.
55) Boulder, Colorado
A quirky mountainside in Colorado, this place is excellent for hiking, brewery and entertainment. The location is surrounded by rocky mountains giving it a majestic scenic look.
56) Boston, Massachusetts
Boston is a charming big city in the US. Like other big metropolitan cities in America, this place has many things to offer for a fun journey. You can explore the history, eat lobster to your fill or enjoy the beautiful parks. Meanwhile, you will find a lot of new people to party and make friends.
57) Austin
Austin is the first city in Texas to have a more liberal outlook. You can hunt murals, learn about the country music and swim in the natural pools in this vibrant city.
58) Atlanta:
As one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, Atlanta has plenty to offer for tourists. The best spots include the Georgia Aquarium, the College Football Hall of Fame, the Center of Civil and Human Rights and the World of Coca-Cola.
59) Ashville, NC
This place is also called a ‘paradise’ for nature lovers. Ashville is calm, serene and stunning vistas to explore. Go for hiking and picnic with your loved ones here, and you will make long-lasting memories.
60) Anchorage, Alaska
This place is not what you would imagine of a typical major city. The city is a hub for outdoor adventures, and the diversity of landscapes is astounding. It has impressive coastal access, immense glaciers and jagged peaks.

So hop on a plane and set your itinerary to make sure you don’t miss out any of these ideal places to visit in the US. Make lifetime memories as you are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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