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7 Best Computer Monitoring Software 2020




Computer Monitoring Software is used to observe and watch the activities of the user of some specific targeted computer system. This software is also known as Computer Surveillance Software. It generally records the incoming and outgoing traffic from a system, interaction, and application activities. This type of software is mostly used to spy on the activities of employees of cooperation. Moreover, it is installed by many parents to keep a critical eye on their children. So, they all can get alert when any such action is performed that shouldn’t be done. However, all the computer or mobile phone monitoring software has its credentials and licenses. Thus, to ensure no one is misusing the intelligent features.

Here in this article, you will get to read about the 7 best computer monitoring software. Before getting to read the names and details of that software. It is necessary to know what things to consider before installing a spy. The features and access the software provides. This information will help you understand the working of software and how to choose the most appropriate one.

How to choose the right computer monitoring software:


Before, opting for and purchasing the computer monitoring software, please read these consideration factors. And end up purchasing the best right program.

Installation and Data Storing process:

When you are going to install a computer monitoring software for your children’s PC. You will not wish to get tech teams to work on. Or if you have small cooperation, then also you will not prefer to pay labor to the tech team. So, the first factor to consider while selecting the computer monitoring software is its installation procedure. Whereas, as a parent or head of an organization. You will not have so large data to store on-premise. The best solution for storing data is cloud-based. Thus, some computer monitoring software is so simple that you can just send an invite to employees. And on a click of a button, they get set-up in the system.

Features and functionality:

It is very important to first be clear about the required features and functionality. Then only you will be able to select the right software you need for installation. This would make your monitoring easy and efficient. As all the unwanted functionalities are filtered. Thus, nothing is going to hurdle your productivity and basic aim to spy the targeted computer system. In the article below you will get to read more about the advanced features that the latest monitoring software is providing in the era.

Price Factor:

This factor of monitoring software completely depends on the features that the software is providing. Such software with advanced functionalities cost more than basic ones. However, there are many software that provides their free access versions too. But these free versions have certain limitations and restrictions as well. Mostly, the software that allows monitoring the least number of systems is cheaper than that are used in larger organizations.

Five Feature that Computer Monitoring Software should have:

To ensure the security of your family or business. You should check for certain features of spy software. Those are essential to give the desired outcome. Here are five basic and vital feature that most of the monitoring software offers:

Keylogger – Recording Every Key Pressed:

It is really an extraordinary feature that the latest monitoring software provides. It allows you to keep a record of every single key pressed on the PC. So, whether that is a document, internet searches, or composing emails. Get all those texts to read. Moreover, it not only provides you the records of saved files but also lets you view the erased or deleted text as well. This helps you ensure that your children are searching for the age-permitted material. Whereas, in cooperation, you get to ensure the security of your data and policies.


Email Monitoring:

It is another important and essential feature. It helps you to keep a check and balance of every incoming and outgoing material. Mostly every spy software allows this access. Moreover, you can access all the famous email service providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook office 365, yahoo mail, and Microsoft Outlook 365 webmail. The parents can acknowledge easily check the chatting activities of children. And protect them from risky communication with potential sexual predators.

Chat and IM Monitoring:

Unlike professional chatting platforms. Applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. have gained enormous popularity. These applications allow group chatting, sharing media files, audio/video calls, and lots more. Monitoring software never lets you miss a single point too. You can view all the chatting, profiles, media sharing. Also, the date and timing of messages with access to view deleted messages as well. Thus, saves from unwanted chats and cyberbullying.

Monitor Recent Activities:

All the monitoring software allows you to watch the internet activity log, history, accessed URLs, bookmarks, etc. You will also get to view the recent activity such as files opened, edited, sent, receive, etc. Thus, you can implement your security plans and develop secured networks.

Customize the Visibility of the Device:

Parents can view where is the child seated and which network, they have this access to. Same as the case of employees you can view their check-in activity. Moreover, you can also customize that your targeted system should be hidden or visible. This ensures the security of tracking the person of the targeted system. Furthermore, the software also alerts you to save your child from any danger or harm.

7 Best Computer Monitoring Software:


It is live monitoring software. And can install on any remote targeted system. This software allows real-time watching also with giving you screenshots of activities. With the help of this software, you can view the performance of the target computer on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. It provides you an analysis report. That concludes the most accessed websites and productivity.

  • Features: It gives clean and clear interference easy to handle. Allows blocking of certain websites. Free versions allow access to up to 3 users. Effective reports in the form of graphs and pie-charts.
  • Limitations: Proves costly for smaller organizations. Does not allows keyloggers. Cannot research with keywords in screenshots.



The famous and one of the best spy apps for mobiles as well as for computer systems also. The same you can set it to monitor the computer system of your children or employees.

  • Features: Produces call reports. Can capture pictures remotely. Collect the data from the targeted system and sends it to the admin. Records the audio and video transmitting data.
  • Limitations: Cannot block any site. Does not allow access to editing or erasing data. More flexibility at smartphones than a computer.



This software helps you record and capture the live screen of the targeted system. You can also access the activity log of the targeted system. It also provides you a record of the productivity of the user and the time when the user took the break.

  • Features: user-friendly interference as well as appealing. Ensures no loss of data. Access the computer remotely. Sets filters on videos from certain sites.
  • Limitation: No access to email monitoring. Does not allow monitoring printing operations.


Employee Desktop Live Viewer:

It is specifically designed to monitor all the activities of your user. Verily it can be said as a surveillance camera fitted on the screen your employee’s monitor screen. Moreover, it is very beneficial in the sense that it can remotely monitor the desktop as well. So, all your employees working remotely can also be checked. And this keeps the best security of cooperation.

  • Features: Both online and offline recording of the screen. Recording remotely using a global IP address. Monitors system in a workstation, same domain, and different domains too. 24/7 monitoring services. Live screen monitoring access. Send instant alerts to the manager. Can shut down or restart the employee’s system when the manager desires.
  • Limitations: No availability of storing recorded video on Cloud. 15 days of free trial only with full functionality and features access.



SoftActivity provides a free trial service. It allows you to monitor the communication activities of the targeted system. It captures the screenshots constantly and then presented them in a form of video. The manager can directly install the software in the employee’s system. It also records website browsing history and keyloggers. You can also customize the notification alerts tasks.

  • Features: Set a password to access certain tools. Keeps the record of visited websites and used applications. Send a direct alert message to the manager if any unwanted activity is performed. Real-time screen recording.
  • Limitations: Crashes occurs very rarely. In the case of manual intervention, the PC gets disconnected automatically. The database requires careful handling.



It is the best computer monitoring software. It allows you to track, observe, and watch the real time working of the user. The software actually runs in the background of the system. So, the employee or user does not get any kind of suspect or interruptions.

  • Features: Small and effective programs. Tracks the working hours of an individual. Calculates and monitors productivity. Support with both operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac.
  • Limitations:  Some of the monitoring is complicated and difficult to handle.



It is a very intelligent software. Teramind itself collects the data from the targeted system and decides whether it is any kind of suspicious activity or not. The basic of the software is to target security threats.

  • Features: Access to both incoming and outgoing mails using the keyword. On clock performance facility also available. Automatic alert generation system. Can take screenshots and video recordings as well.
  • Limitation: Remote access is not powered with many efficient features.


Is it Legal to Use a Monitoring System?

It is quite a hot and unending topic of discussion. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, these software tracks the personal data of the user with or without their permission. Some of the states have noticed criminals misusing personal data. This action gave rise to several cybercrimes.

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To conclude, the license and credentials are for this purpose. So that only authorized and recognized organizations only. However, it is against the rights to misuse or to share someone’s personal information with their knowledge. Thus, keep the security on the top priority and make the right use of those programs.


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