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A Comprehensive Guideline to Make Logo with DesignEvo




Do you want to make your own brand? Then you have to have a representative logo.  This article will guide you to Make Logo with DesignEvo, a web-based logo maker, to help you design a logo for free. If you are looking for logo making tools to design your logo, you can follow this article to learn whether it suits you.

Why choose DesignEvo to create a logo?

Whether you are starting a business, setting up a station, making a product, or a personal brand, usually you need a most representative logo. The first thing that pop in you mind will be looking for a local designer, consider their fee along with their approaches. DesignEvo will help you do it conveniently and efficiently at the same time enjoying the whole process

Four Key Features of Logo with DesignEvo

Professional logo design templates

Each built-in templateonDesignEvo is made by a professional designer, so you willYou will find each and every trademark precisely designed in a very professional manner.Even if there are places or colors you don’t like, you can choose them and fine-tune them.

Fast and time-saving

From the beginning of design to downloading your logo very fast, if you don’t make any changes, It may only take about 5 minutes.

Free to edit after saving

Generally, a local designer will make request a reasonable price according to the difficulty of your request. If you need to change the picture, you will be asked for extra charges.But designing the logo via DesignEvo, you can edit your designed logo for free, only a small fee will be charged for extended features.

Clear classification and more than 10,000 designs

There will be differences in the production of the logo according to your company’s nature and product.

So it really takes a little time to find the logo that suits you, and it needs to be very representative. DesignEvo is very clearly classified. Think about what nature you are doing. Take a moment. Then lookfor that category, there will be more than a variety of trademarks for you to choose from.

How does DesignEvo to create the logo?

Helping everyone make your own logo more quickly; the following will show how to make a logo using DesignEvo. You can also learn how to use simple color matching and give you some useful tools for making a logo. Let’s start.

Step 1: Access the platform

First, you should go to DesignEvo’s homepage and click the central slogan, “Make a Free Logo.”

Step 2: Find some keywords related to your business.

It would be best if you consider about what your brand is related to. You can search by category. There are over 10,000 templates available, so basically, you should have all the patterns you want. You can also search directly. So that you can pick a template that most fits your business.

Step 3:  Customize the logo according to your business feature

After you have selected the template, here, you can start editing your logo. It is recommended that no matter how lazy, you must modify it slightly to make it unique. There are many small icons and fonts that can be added, as well. Everyone will have the same color matching problem. Here are some easy steps for you to follow.

You can search for the logoNBA team’s logo, and their color schemes have professional designers to the color palette and find a favorite color scheme. Then use Colors From Image to upload your favorite color matching picture, and the color code table will appear. Finally, the color matching is based on the color code table. Then you can consider to apply or not.

If you think all element in your logo is prepared ready, you can preview and download it.

Step 4: Download the logo.

Select the plan you want and press select. So if you want to download it for free, you can click Download a low-resolution free logo.

What if there is no logo you want?

You haven’t found the pattern you want for a long time, so design it yourself! Of course, you don’t want you to draw entirely by yourself. As long as the graphic tools inside are appropriately used, there is no problem. Click on the new blank canvas in the upper right corner.

There will be many icons and fonts, shapes, and backgrounds for you to use, although you can’t change them yourself.

But the degree of freedom is already very high, and it is also quite convenient. You can also go here to find a suitable logo.


So how do you think about DesignEvo? Sounds easy to use. Yes, it is specially designed for non-designer to make logos effortlessly. The pictures we make may not look good. Even if they are made, it will take a lot of time. When you build a brand, you must mark your product with a logo.

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