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A Guide on Lipsey Water Service in Atlanta




Every cell in your body needs water for its proper functioning. That is why you must keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Keeping yourself from dehydration necessitates the consumption of the purest form of drinking water possible. Bottled water ensures that you always have access to clean, healthy, and tasty drinking water. If you go through your packaged water supply rapidly, a bottled water delivery service could be a good option for you. Services for bottled water delivery do precisely as the name implies.

Since many individuals often find it hard to pick the ideal water source for drinking, in this article, you will find the complete guideline giving support to Lipsey Water service in Atlanta.

Atlanta is one of the major cities of the United States, having a population of more than ten million. Atlanta’s water supply comes from Lake Lainer, a reservoir that was recently heavily affected by droughts. Because of the lack of groundwater, the Atlanta Metro area relies on locally formed rivers and streams for water. Although, the city’s water supply program intends to convert a disused quarry into one of the country’s largest freshwater storage systems. Moreover, following natural catastrophes, for example, hurricanes, floods, fires, and tornadoes, water from public systems can become polluted. Bottled water is both essential as well as preferred in certain situations. It is a dependable solution for delivering clean, safe drinking water.

In the United States today, bottled water is the second most popular commercialized beverage, particularly in Atlanta. It should come as a relief that Lipsey Water has your bottled water requirements handled with affordability and convenience. The company has been Atlanta’s top trusted distributor of quality bottled water for over 25 years and the only service that supplies water in glass bottles. The brand’s position ranks as a premium product due to their extensive choice of service options and their bottling facility, which uses fresh spring water gushing from the mountains. Filtration and packaging are done in-house at the mountain spring facilities in Northern Georgia. Thousands of households and firms in Atlanta’s most upscale neighborhoods and commercial districts have been loyal to them during the years. They provide services for both households and businesses with a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective procedure. Lipsey, on top of that, also offers water cooler and dispenser delivery and setup facilities. You may be able to purchase the cooler altogether or rent it at a monthly price. These water coolers tend to save money in the long term since you can have water delivered to you in big jugs rather than individual bottles. Lipsey Water’s extremely reliable and consistent services are available across the city, so you don’t have to worry much about your locality.

Benefits of water bottle delivery provided by Lipsey Water

Here are four reasons why this solution can be a good fit for you:

  1. Quality drinking water

A better-tasting alternative to tap water, single-serve bottles or plain filtered pitchers is the convenience of home water delivery. Although bottled water suppliers’ filtering techniques and sources differ, most utilize methods like reverse osmosis, a process that can help remove several pollutants present in tap water. The spring water goes through self-filtration processes as it passes through the mountain rocks towards the surface found as naturally occurring springs on the steep hills and in mountain valleys. Many people believe that spring water’s natural filtrating process gives the water a good taste and allows it to be healthier to drink.

Spring water vs purified water -which is healthier to drink?

Purified water, often known as distilled water, goes through suitable procedures such as distillation or reverse osmosis to attain the desired purification level.

Water generated from underground aquifers gets obtained as spring water. Although, all water sources undergo processes for purification. In contrast to distilled water, spring water undergoes very minimal distillation as the objective is to preserve the minerals that occur in it naturally. It still includes minerals that benefit your health and contribute to a pleasant flavor, yet may also contain impurities such as metals, nitrates, and other contaminants. On the contrary, to purify tap water receives methods comprising of not more than ten parts per million of dissolved solids. It implies that the water is free from undesirable impurities, including germs, sediments, and other toxins, along with all of the necessary minerals. The purified tap water may also have a bland taste since it lacks the minerals that give water its very own essence.

The choice between the two depends on accessibility and personal preference. The flavor of natural minerals in spring water appeals to those who enjoy it. Others prefer pure water refined by high-grade water filtration systems.

  1. Convenience

What could be more convenient than getting water bottles delivered right to your doorstep? It is simple to guarantee that your family has a sufficient supply of high-quality drinking water at all times. Given that the daily fluid consumption is around 2 liters per day or simply following the 8×8 rule. So spare yourself from the hustle of buying water bottles from stores now and then, having the option to recurrent earlier delivery or for one-time restocking. This service may adjust perfectly to your liking because of its friendly co-operation. However, if you want your previous glass jugs recycled, that is something they can do equally well. You may pick from various bottle sizes and quantities, suitable for both home and commercial use.

  1. Safer environment

Switching to filtered drinking water delivered to your house can help you cut down on the number of plastic wastes. Instead of single-sized bottle packages getting gallons of jugs reduces the negative impact on the environment while still being highly benefited.

Why use glass bottles?

The negligent usage of plastic water bottles is likely exacerbating obesity as it contains endocrine-disrupting pollutants. The company preferably uses glass bottles as obesogen compounds found in plastic bottles threaten the entire ecosystem. The pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles ensure that the harmful pollutants stay out of your way.

  1. Customer service and care

The type of customer care provided will also influence the ultimate decision you make. Luckily the accomodating staff of the brand supplies an efficient service and return any emails and inquiries promptly. They also care to notify you about a delay in delivery and why.


Lipsey Water provides subscription-based water delivery. They allow you a two-week free trial to ensure your contentment and maintain track of the water supply dates after the free trial expires by creating a calendar. A few days before the actual shipping date, you will receive an automated reminder for setting out the empty bottles so the courier can exchange them with filled ones. By going onto your online account or calling their office, you may modify the number of bottles, add a product, or postpone the delivery. You may also pay your delivery costs online and keep track of your accommodations.

Last Words

The product you purchase, the location from where you order, and the frequency with which you order are the aspects that influence the cost of your services at most. Water delivery services frequently get marketed as premium or discounted options.

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