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A Tribute to Kobe Bryant 24




Kobe Bryant Death

Kobe Bryant 24, a legend in basketball, died at 41 years of age in a helicopter crash this year in January. The many fans were left shocked and devastated when they heard the news on television.  The weight of this pain was elevated when it was announced that he didn’t die alone; Kobe Bryant daughter Gianna and six other people on-board were dead too. Soon after Kobe Bryant death, people started pilgrimages to the site of the crash in the Calabasas Hills, California.  A huge temporary memorial took place at Staples Center, the same place where Kobe Bryant had played for the LAL (Los Angeles Lakers). Many artists in the Philippines transformed the floor of Tenement Court into a painting consisting of a moment where Bryant is holding his daughter Gianna in his arms. The black and white painting looks surreal. Many murals also popped up at different sites around Boston and Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant 24 in the title is a node to his old team shirt number 24.

Gianna Bryant was 13 years old, and she was the second of four daughters Kobe Bryant had with wife, Vanessa.  The father and daughter were traveling from Orange County to Thousand Oaks when the unfortunate event occurred. Gianna was a star in the making herself with her interest in basketball. In fact, they were traveling for a game she had scheduled for that afternoon. Kobe Bryant net worth was $600 million before he met a tragic end.

His Career

Bryan had won five championships while he was playing for the Lakers, and he made 81 points in one game. Bryant became the next big thing the moment he made his debut as a 17-year old. He was the 13th  in the overall pick of the 1996 NBA draft. Drafted by Charles Hornets, Kobe Bryant never hid the ambition to surpass Michael Jordan’s legendary career achievements. Bryant was exchanged for Vlade Divac, the veteran center to Los Angeles.

Kobe Bryant height was 6’6, and he has earned All-Star selections 18 times over 20 seasons. He was also the winner of the MVP award 2008 and won two MVP awards at NBA finals along with his two Olympic Gold medals and five championship rings. He left high school to become a professional in basketball, and he succeeded. He single-handedly restored Lakers’ glory with his passion for rivaling Michael Jordan’s performance statistics.

He left NBA in April 2016 after his most memorable 60-point game against opponent Utah Jazz. It was a great farewell game. His journey was truly unmatched, and it made the Lakers retire his jersey numbers 8 and 24 making him Kobe Bryant 24 and Kobe Bryant 8 as we remember him today.


There were many critics against Bryant, though. Some major criticisms against him would often target his typical American born male athlete, slightly arrogant and bull-headed. But it was his personality traits to be a fierce competitor, intelligent and driven. He believed in the idea of achieving greatness, and he knew that it doesn’t always mean the same as being noble.

It also brings us to the sexual assault case to which he apologized but never pleaded guilty. It happened in 2006 and made him lose many fans and sponsors. But his strong performance on the basketball court kept impressing people regardless.


Mamba Mentality

The rape case was a turning point in Bryant’s life because this was when he started calling himself the nickname ‘Black Mamba.’ He saw that incident as a wakeup call to separate the lesser traits from his obsessive, driven, and maddening passion towards his NBA legacy. He called this the Mamba Mentality and founded his academy with the name Mamba Sports Academy.


Kobe Bryant wanted to promote the ethos of confidence and competitiveness in young athletes. He emphasized on using anger to instill inspiration and turning weakness into masterfulness. Bryant will be remembered forever for his amazing talent and memorable performances that turned him into a legend of our times.

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