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Aaron Levie’s Angel Investment of $80,000




The year 2020 that just passed clearly demonstrated, how important than ever it is for businesses to modernize their way of working and utilizing the cloud. We have observed this fact after experiencing it. But Aaron Levie has stated this fact and working to improve the business storage plan since 2005. Aaron Levie has the title of Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, and Chairman at Box. Aaron Levie Box’s product and platform strategy is rewarded as the best secure content collaboration to provide an intuitive user experience. Aaron’s determination and hard work for sure resulted to transform the way people work today. Moreover, Levie is also found speaking at high-level industry events. Besides, Aaron Levie, written contributions can be read on top sites such Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and many more. But how did a young boy can worth so high in no time? How much does Aaron Levie earn and how does he earn so much? What is Box and for what it is used? You’ll get to find the answers to all your questions in the article below. At times, you’ll be surprised to hear unbelievable facts also.

Aaron Levie Personal Life: Age, Wife, and Education.

A Jewish family got blessed with a boy who was born in a small suburb of Seattle, Mercer Island, Washington. This little intelligent boy was named Aaron Winsor Levie. The parents named Ben and Karyn Levie made Aaron attend the University of Southern California. Soon after university in 2005, Aaron Levie started a cloud storage company – Box. Aaron Levie’s age is 35 years old as he was born on December 27, 1985. It is said that Aaron Levie grew up surrounded by Microsoft. Every time, when Levie was asked to work with Microsoft, he answered: “NO”. Aaron was interested in running an internet company from his early life itself. Can you imagine how many companies a simple teenager can launch? Aaron Levie launched about 15 companies in this teenage. This included Zizap, which Levie himself jokingly described as ‘the fastest search engine on the internet excluding Google. Working with middle school friend Dylan Smith, Aaron Levie successfully found The Company Box geared up its start from a small garage. Levie was just 20 years when he founded Box. To run a successful business he dropped out of college, however, discouraged others to drop out. He stated:

“College is critically important.”

Original Angel Investment of $80,000:

Aaron Levie revealed the secret behind the benefits of investing in Box he enjoyed. He says that he invested $80,000 angel round about 10 years to and some more benefits are mentioned in Aaron Levie Twitter posts.

Levie also marked the billionaire Mark Cuban as the ‘Angel Investor’. Levie states that just on sending a cold email asking him to invest, he wrote them a check without ever meeting them. The amount Mark Cuban invested for Box was about $350,000. There were so many eyes to buy Box. In 2011, when Levie successfully raised over $158 million from venture investors, Citrix wanted to purchase it. Citrix offered $600 million to buy Box, but Levie refused to accept the offer. All the investors demanded to return their full money back with this sale. However, his decision proved good for him. Today, Levie’s company – Box is a public company with a market cap of $1.5 billion.

Aaron Levie is also a magician. There are several videos where he was seen performing some card tricks. Moreover, Aaron Levie is hilarious, constantly crack jokes regardless of where is he. Once he posted an April Fool joke stating that he’s merging all the payments processor Square to result in a new company called ‘Polyhedron’. Get to know more about Aaron Levie from one of his interviews containing Rapid-Fire Answers.

If looking for Aaron Levie’s wife, then acknowledge that he’s yet single. However, there is no information about his past relationships or any previous engagements. Although, there are many rumors about Aaron Levie and Joelle Emerson. She’s the founder and CEO at Paradigm.

Aaron Levie Net Worth today:

Aaron Levie has made 39 investments so far. One of the most latest Aaron Levie investment is at Venture Round – X1 Card on January 14, 2021. He made an investment of $12M in X1 Card. Some of the top companies he has invested in are Remote, Moment House, Doppler, Cleo, Digits, Buy Me a Coffee, Turvo, and The Happy Home Company. Aaron Levie’s first job was at Miramax and then at Paramount Pictures both at the title of an Intern. Today, Levie is the CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder of Box. By the end of the year 2020, Aaron Levie’s net worth is estimated at about $49.8 Million.

Aaron Levie – 3 Keys to Thrive in Disruptive Environment:

Levie has observed that everyone is facing lots of different issues while working remotely in the pandemic of COVID-19. Due to these issues, a highly stressful and disruptive environment is being faced. So, he advises a few things to increase your output despite facing a hard time. Here are 3 ways by Aaron Levie to thrive.

  • Make Decisions Quickly.
  • Use technology to support your culture.
  • Keep your focus on the main thing.

Aaron Levie’s Angel Investment of $80,000
Aaron Levie’s Angel Investment of $80,000
Aaron Levie has the title of Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, and Chairman at Box. Aaron Levie Box's product and platform strategy is rewarded as the best secure content collaboration to provide an intuitive user experience.
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