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Agt Winner has been Announced!




After much of waiting, Americas got talent season 15 winner has been announced and it’s none other than Brandon Leake.

He is the first spoken word artist to win and also the first one to appear on AGT. He has indeed achieved a marvelous victory as the competitors were the top ones on Americas got talent 2020.

It wasn’t easy for a spoken word artist to beat singers with the best vocals and the dancers who would bend 180 degrees to perform on stage. Yes, we are talking about the strongest finalist’s pack of Alan Silva, Roberta Battaglia, Cristina Rae, Daneliya Tuleshova, BAD Salsa.

He is a golden buzzer winner from Howie Mendel, who couldn’t resist hitting the golden buzzer for him after he performed a spoken word poem for her sisters, he has lost years ago. AGT winner 2020 season 15 will be enjoying the winning prize of 1million$

From the first day of his audition, Brandon got the attention of all the judges and they couldn’t resist shedding their tears after his performance.


Why Brandon was more Deserving AGT winner?

Introducing new art is always over welcoming. Brandon did introduce a new art style on the biggest platform of America’s got talent 2020. no one ever had the guts to show up and perform something this new. He took the step, got appreciation, and the support of his audience, and now the title of AGT winner is Brandon Leake.
Although predictions were quite high that this time it’s going to be the little singers winning the AGT title. But due to the versatility, it got him to be the AGT winner of season 15 2020.


His last night performance


We have seen Brandon performing sharing his grief with the world. From his first performance, he told us about the sadness he had when he lost his little sister. His final performance was about joy! Here he got all the heads turned around because this was something different that he has been doing. Although Brandon did say that this was his first time being scared while performing due to the fear of critics that will they accept his performance of sharing joy?

His last performance was about her daughter, how immensely he is in love with her daughter, and blessed to have her. This was a turning point for Brandon. Winning the AGT tile for the performance of his love for his daughter makes him won for the big.

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