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Replace Traditional Makeup with Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Brand




No one can let down either of the makeup application; Airbrush Makeup kit or Traditional makeup kit. It all depends on the application method as both can create eve, flawless finishing. However, huge people demand lightweight coverage on their faces. Thus, the wonderful lightweight coverage of Airbrush technology cannot be beaten. When you are in the mode of using a traditional makeup kit application, then you would be conventional products. In traditional makeup, applications would include your typical concealer, foundation, and setting powder. While you switch to Airbrush makeup foundation application requires a number of tools. The major elements included in the airbrush makeup kit are the airbrush gun and an air compressor. All these are used in tandem with a special kind of airbrush foundation. Thus, the best thing about an airbrush foundation kit is that foundation is applied with a gun covering just a thin layer of pigment on the skin. The result of the airbrush foundation creates a natural-looking complexion.

Whereas, there is a drawback of airbrush makeup foundation also that it’s not good for dry skins or the people having acne and wrinkles. So, let’s have a look at the components of the Airbrush Makeup kit and get guidance about how to use them. After getting a complete guide on components in the kit, you’ll get to read the best 12 airbrush makeup kit brands available to shop online.

Airbrush Makeup Kit Components:

There are several components such as airbrushes, compressors, foundation shades, and many more things. All the components with their functions and usage guide are described below:

An Airbrush:

The functioning of the airbrush makeup starts, when pigment from it comes in contact with the air. There is a needle-like gun inside the airbrush that pushes the air and pigment through the nozzle. There are two kinds of airbrush nozzles; Single-action and Dual action. Single action airbrush nozzle is like making use of hairspray, it simply presses the nozzle down to release the steady stream of pigment. Dual Action airbrush nozzle presses down the air and pulls back for the makeup. This type of airbrush nozzle is widely used by the cosmetic industry because it gives greater control over pigment intensity.

Another factor to consider while choosing an airbrush kit is the feed. The role of the feed is to control the paint moving through the airbrush. The most common type of feed used widely by professional makeup artists is ‘Gravity Feed’ as it requires the least pressure and providing artists greater control over spray. On the other than Siphon Feed is also used in the airbrush makeup kit. It requires more pressure and is used for spray tan application, however, not much popular.

Airbrush Compressor:

When you are choosing an airbrush compressor kit it is important to consider the factor of pressure. You check the pressure of an airbrush compressor kit by reading the PSI or pounds per squire inch.  For detailed makeup application, it’s recommended to have small PSIs. There are several standards for makeup application such as for face airbrush compressor PSI should be between 30 to 40. Whereas; if you look for a body makeup application then select PSI of 70 is standard. Whenever you go buy an airbrush keep in mind that to choose that makeup kit that allows you to alter the PSI.

The Airbrush makeup foundation:

There are basically three types of airbrush foundations. To different between them and consider which one is best for you it’s necessary for you to understand the difference. So, the following are the three professional airbrush makeup foundation kits.

Alcohol-based airbrush Makeup:

It is known as the best airbrush makeup foundation for its impressive staying powder. The most wonderful fact about it is that this type of airbrush makeup would last for up to five days. No matter how long it stays on the skin, it’s well known for staying true to color. However, it primarily consists of alcohol so it’s not suitable for daily wear.

Silicone-based airbrush makeup:

Another best airbrush makeup foundation is it. This type of airbrush makeup blends in impeccably with the skin as well as stays for a long period of time. Besides, the natural reaction of the skin to cosmetics, silicone in this airbrush makeup foundation makes skin incapable to break down makeup. The best thing about this airbrush makeup kit is that it does not make the skin darken after the application. So when you want a lighter shade than your actual skin tone, a Silicone-based airbrush makeup foundation is the best option.

Water-based Foundation:

When you need the matte finishing to be ready for the camera screen, then airbrush foundation type water-based is the best option. All the well-known personalities are seen on the screen use this foundation as it does not react to moisture produced by the skin, such as oil and sweat. However, this type of airbrush foundation makeup always tends to become darker. Thus, people who are going to wear are advised to try different shades to find the most suitable. Moreover, when you want to ensure correct coverage, remember never to pull all the way back on the trigger while applying.

It is strictly discouraging to make mixed formulas for airbrush foundation makeup as it results in a streaky mess rather than evencomplexion.

Other components of Airbrush Makeup Kit:

Airbrush, compressor, and airbrush makeup foundation are the main component of the airbrush makeup kit. There are some other items too that enhance your best airbrush makeup kit experience. The augment that adds more details to finishing of airbrush makeup complexion are airbrush highlighter, blush, bronzer, and shimmer. All these small items are also lightweight yet add incredible dimensions to the face. Furthermore, the best airbrush makeup for wrinkles can be anyone but the only step to do before using a makeup kit is to use an anti-aging primer.

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit 2020:

If you are looking for a cheap airbrush makeup kit or the best breakout of the year, then you on the right place. Here are the 12 best airbrush makeup kits for 2020 for all types of skins and personalities.

Art of Air ( Reviews) – Complete Airbrush Makeup system:

Here comes the top choice of professionals makeup artists and celebrities’ makeup systems. Art of Air Makeup comes with a mini airbrush compressor designed in the most unique way. Art of Air reviews explains that they can very easily adjust the airflow control. Along with these wonderful unique structures, you also get an airbrush holder and hose with the Art of Air makeup kit.

Explaining the art of air makeup refills, six bottles of foundation comes in the whole package. You will also the famous art of air blush to bright up your cheeks, bronzer to add radiance, and a highlighter to give a perfect shimmer effect. In this complete airbrush makeup kit, there is an airbrush makeup cleaner also. You would get all these components packed in a deluxe carrying bag. Therefore, when you are looking for a cheap airbrush makeup kit, then Art of Air fits all your requirements. To book your order for this makeup kit visit the official site of Amazon or just simply check how cheap it is.


Belloccio Professional Airbrush Makeup Kit:

If you haven’t ever used airbrush makeup technology ever before, then Belloccio airbrush makeup tutorials can help you out. Belloccio reviews by its users explain that Belloccio airbrush parts are well easy to use for beginners. Belloccion foundation makeup is a water-based type of airbrush foundation. It gives your skin a healthy, natural, and glowing look. Let’s discuss the Belloccio makeup components which consist of three airflow control settings and a gravity feed airbrush that maintains the accuracy. Belloccio foundation comes in four shades along with a moisturizing primer that can be used before or after application. You also get some extraordinary bonus in this package of three products. These three extra products are concealer, sponge, and a finishing spray to provide perfection to your makeup set.

Here is the path to purchase your Belloccio airbrush makeup kit from Amazon.


Airbrush Makeup Kit Sephora Perfection Mist:

The most easiest and simple airbrush makeup kit that anyone using a traditional makeup brush can utilize is Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. A single Airbrush Makeup creates the same coverage and long-lasting finish. Sephora is different as it’s not powered by any airbrush makeup machine. Whereas, if you want more details and perfect finishing then you can use a brush also. While using a brush would just spray it on a brush by holding it six to eight inches away from your face and spray in a circular motion.

As this airbrush foundation, makeup is by a well-reputed makeup brand, so it’s only available on their official site.

Thus, the popular brands who are known as the best airbrush makeup kit 2020 are Art of Air, Sephora Perfection Mist, Tickled Pink, Iwata, TEMPTU, Belloccio Makeup System, Luminess Airbrush makeup system, Deluxe Airbrush Foundation Set, Sally Hasen Airbrush Legs, and lots. There are many makeup brands coming ahead in the competition to launch their editions of Airbrush Makeup Kits. However, you should always trust top brands who are in the market for a long time.

Replace Traditional Makeup with Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Brand
Replace Traditional Makeup with Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Brand
While you switch to Airbrush makeup foundation application requires a number of tools. The major elements included in the airbrush makeup kit are the airbrush gun and an air compressor.
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