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Should Alexsandra Annello be Re-elected for City Council?




The choice of City Representative in El-Paso has become a crucial subject to locals following the rise in crime and unemployment. In 2017, Alexsandra Annello was appointed as the District 2 City Council Representative beating Jim Tolbert, who previously held the position.

Re-Elect Alexsandra Annello

alexsandra annello el paso was a breath of fresh air with her rich background in policy research and budget maintenance. She went to The University of Texas, El Paso, for higher education and developed and bond with the place.


According to her interview with El Paso Times, it was the best four years of education in her life. She is proud to be a graduate of The University of Texas. Her bachelor’s degree consisted of Communications and Graphic Designing.

This Arts background aided her in the film industry business as she later became in charge of maintaining the state of art products and overseeing large production budgets. This is not where she learned her political wits, though; the government journey started in Massachusetts House of Representatives, where she would conduct policy research for state elected officials.

Considering her experience and profile in public work, education, budgeting, and arts, the people of El Paso were looking forward to her selection as City Representative. But unfortunately, it was not as pleasant as the residents had expected. During her appointment, El Paso has seen prevailing crime rates and the terrible mass shooting in August 2019.

The mass shooting in Walmart is considered to be the deadliest attack on Latinos in the history of modern America. The violent crime rate is 3.79 in El Paso, whereas the national median is 4 as cited at

The unemployment rate is also higher when compared to the rest of the United States. The sales taxes in El Paso are some of the highest that currently stands at 8.3%, whereas for the US as a whole, the rate is 6.2%. So the big question is, should we re-elect Alexsandra Annello after reviewing these statistics.

Well, we need to look at the bigger picture to make the decision. To do this, we need to acknowledge the goods on an equal measure. Alexsandra Annello is a people’s person. She has been very regular about her bi-monthly community meetings and even special meetings to keep the constituents updated on all community businesses.

She is also the first City Representative to form CIT (Crisis Intervention Team). It is a dedicated police department that responds to emergency situations involving people with a mental emergency. This pairs up the mental health professionals and police officers to respond to relevant calls.

She has also funded the police department to strengthen the security situation in El Paso. Her efforts include funding of the latest equipment and facilities and the purchase of 300 new police vehicles for the next 10 years. To increase the number of officers on the street, an additional class of recruits will be added to the El Paso police academy each year.

These are the accomplishments representative alexsandra annello uses to market her new campaign for another run. But one must note that she had the same ambitions when she first took the official post, but we saw a terrible incident like Walmart mass shooting regardless. This goes on to show that her ambitions did not work quite well the first time.

Or on the flip side, one cannot argue that she is headed towards the right direction and may finally find her footing if we give her another chance. Her work with the police force is praise-worthy, and she also acknowledges that policing needs to be improved in America. In an interview, she told El Paso Times that she is working on an Independent Oversight Committee to make sure that police stay in check.

Although the statistics don’t speak loudly for Alexsandra Annello when it comes to bringing significant changes in El Paso, her campaign is based on transparency. Transparency and building relationships with the people of a representative community is her ideology.

She has proven that she is open to hearing from locals as she conducts all the public meetings with a cool head. She is also vigilant of environmental threats. In fact, she has plans to utilize the hazards for community empowerment, like addressing storm water to use it for irrigation and increasing green spaces to combat the heat. One of her long-term plans also includes an underground irrigation system.

Unfortunately, city management did not respond very well to Covid-19 in terms of ensuring that public health standards are enforced properly. So, it is another living example of the limitations of Alexsandra Annello’s implementation policies.

The last significant move from her is not to support the 380, which means she will not support tax breaks or incentives to companies that are looking to invest in El Paso unless they strongly focus on the living wages of local hard workers. Empowering the employees of the El Paso community is her priority.

While Alexsandra Annello seems to be a suitable choice for another run, her implementations have fallen short in the first period in many regards. This makes it a bit complicated because her ambitions say that we should give her more time to make better implementations on her community, empowering ideas. Thus, voting for msnbc alexsandra annello is a leap of faith one should take based on trump visit her genuine struggles to connect to the public of El Paso.

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