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Amazing Smart Mirror features that would surprise you!




Want to enjoy news headlines briefing while brushing your teeth? Thinking about some magic mirror? Or got the spot of Evil Queen’s magic mirror in Snow White? Well, not exactly that magic mirror some fairy tales, but technology has introduced smart mirrors featuring digital display. No doubt these magical smart mirrors can answer all your answers and give you all the information. So, if you want the lightest smart makeup mirror, no matter how but technology will manage to get you one. You actually enjoy a voice assistant behind your mirror to ask tough questions and control automation. Today, you can enjoy something like calendar, weather, news, and lost more out from a sci-fi movie. Moreover, there is no big magic behind building smart mirrors at home. As Smart Mirrors Raspberry Pi explained how can you build your own smart mirror with simple tools and hardware.

What are Smart Mirrors or Virtual Mirrors?

A smart mirror or virtual mirror is just a mobile application feature. It allows the user to modify hairstyle, makeup, and other accessories. Moreover, this technology is today widely used in online as well as in-store shopping. As it helps the people to check how an item of clothing, makeup, or accessory will look on them. Basically, you can call it as major retailers using the technology to provide virtual dressing rooms to customers. Smart mirrors features are utilizing the technologies of computer vision, face detection, and face tracking. Smart mirrors features include displaying information like date and time, daily news updates, weather forecast, and traffic reports. Mostly smart mirror LED-light powered to allow you to adjust the color and warmth to enhance light optimization according to your need. Whereas, some advanced smart mirrors can play music via Bluetooth ability. Besides, advanced smart mirrors also let you make calls and access mobile apps also.


Smart mirrors technology is widely used in the beauty and fitness industries. However, small-sized smart mirrors are quite common in homes as well. Smart Makeup mirrors are well known for providing personalized information about skincare and makeup. On the other hand fitness specialized smart mirror devices, provide proper guidance about the workout.

How much do smart mirrors cost?

Until and unless smart mirrors get common to be available in every supermarket, they are incredibly expensive. If you want to purchase a smart mirror for the bathroom or anywhere else having a deep pocket is necessary. Well, smart mirror price verily depends upon the size and features of the gadget. Fortunately, you can build your own smart mirror with customized features. Building a smart mirror yourself can save a lot of money by not paying for unnecessary features. When your own building smart mirror, the cost verily depends upon the material used, features you want, and overall size of the magic mirror.

Generally, a small-sized smart mirror costs less than $100. Whereas a medium-sized smart mirror costs about $150-$300 and the minimum cost of a large mirror is $400. The larger the smart mirror you want, the cost of the mirror also increases proportionally.

Alexa Smart Mirror – hot sale item:

The latest smart mirrors come with a Magic Mirror app facility allowing you to add modules for extra features such as Alexa voice control. You can install Google Assistant, to get a complete tutorial about how to install on Alexa on smart mirror Raspberry Pi. However, depending upon the smart mirror module, the steps to install Alexa may vary. Though, setting up Alexa demands more configuration than adding snowflakes. Furthermore, you need to install some other additional software before downloading Alexa to your smart mirror. Your personal smart mirrors require to have specific features and parts to install Alexa successfully.

  • Complete Developed Smart Mirror
  • Speaker
  • Microphone

Basic Smart Mirror Features:

Smart mirror components are based on three basic elements; two-way mirror, display, and a computer processing device.

Two- Way Mirror:

A normal mirror with a film behind to the glass to reflect 100% incoming light is used in smart mirrors. Two-way mirrors are mostly used in police interrogation rooms. These types of mirrors are used in smart mirrors to allow light to pass through the display.

Display of Smart Mirror:

Behind the two-way mirror used in smart mirror manufacturing, there is a monitor screen or tablet. This screen actually displays the information or modules on the smart mirror. However, the display screen size can vary with the size of the smart mirror. At times there is a small screen behind the actual size of the smart mirror or maybe the same size of the mirror.

Computer Processing Machine:

Computer to process whole data at the backend is very necessary to ensure proper functioning. Thus, a small computer in smart mirrors Raspberry Pi is used enough to power the whole smart mirror. However, the type of smart mirror computer depends upon the user’s requirements.


Some of the other smart mirror features are as follows:

  • Touch Screen for easy interaction with your smart mirror.
  • LED Lighting for wonderful lighting feature for your room.
  • Motion Sensor that turns on the smart mirror as soon as you enter the room.
  • Voice Control lets you ask a question to your mirror or give commands.
  • Facial Recognition lets the mirror detect who is in the room and customize the content accordingly.

Advantages of Smart Mirrors in your home:

Just as the benefits of smartphones are uncountable, similarly this wonder addition by technology also has unlimited benefits. Here are some of the highlighted advantages of smart mirror one enjoys:

  • The major advantage of the smart mirror is that you can view all the information without needing to open any app or do anything. Your simple glance at the mirror displays all the information.
  • You can keep a check and balance of everything around. Waking up in the morning and smart bathroom mirror displays the list of To-dos of the day. You can quickly revise the whole and no chance to miss out on anything.
  • With advanced smart mirror features, you can also manage your incoming and outgoing calls with a magic mirror anywhere in your home.
  • You can attach your mobile with smart mirror functionality to control or get the whole data on your mirror.
  • You can customize your mirror view according to your personal need.

Amazing Smart Mirror features that would surprise you!
Amazing Smart Mirror features that would surprise you!
Smart mirrors features include displaying information like date and time, daily news updates, weather forecast, and traffic reports.
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