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American Housewife Routine Life Nowadays




Gone are the days when people had a negative connotation about an American housewife. As life is getting modernize and advanced, the definition of the housewife has also changed. It is defined as a woman stays at home, look after their children, and do household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Whereas, her husband is employed at an industry-based job for forty or more hours a week. Today no one will object if a wife goes out from the home for any kind of job. In the era of the 1990s, women were frowned on by people if they did prefer their family and home more than anything else. However, a married woman or a mother surely have some of the responsibilities of task on their shoulders.

Some activities are framed by in laws for a lady to do after marriage. American housewives can get most of their tasks of cleaning end all done by servants appointed. But one thing that most American housewives do themselves is cooing food for the meal.

American Housewife must activities to do:

You might have been imagining that how the activities of modern American housewives differ from those who lived in past. However, there are some basic duties of housewife such as cooking and cleaning, looking after children and some more are those that can never be changed. Housewife homemaker or stay-at-home mom, both have the duty of taking care of house and children at foremost priority.

The way of doing household tasks merely depends on a woman’s habits. Every lady differs from others so, their working style, way, and time vary. Furthermore, technology advancement has launched many new types of equipment to make your household tasks easy and quick. Also, if you can afford you can appoint made or caretakers for children also.

Cleaning the house:

A person stays fit and healthy only in a clean and tidy environment. When a lady’s husband is working on a full-time job in the office. She is also working full-time in her home. Several household tasks are either done daily or weekly by some women. It includes doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping the floors, doing the dishes, and organize other accessories in the home.

It is reported by a recent study, that the average American women spend 17 hours a week doing their house works. Whereas, a married woman with at least three children works for 28 hours a week. More family members mean more laundry, dishes, and messes. So, this states that workload and time spent to do household tasks vary from home to home. In the past women had more work and spent more time as they mostly had more than three children. Technology has provided housewives with a robot vacuum, dishwashers, and high capacity washing machines. This saves time and effort as well.

Looking after kids:

As Dad of the kids is at work the whole day, so the stay-at-home mother must care for the kids at the home. When men are in search of their ideal wife, looking after kids is their priority. Mothers have to give a bath, feed, brush teeth and hairs, dress them all they long. A good American woman who can do the essential tasks as well organize various activities and play schedule with their children. However, today American parenting has changed. Now, housewives have a conservation with their husbands and not be alone in parenting.

American housewife spends one on one time with their husband:

Interactions between husband and wife are very important in this modern life. It is also a part of the daily routine of the American housewife. A housewife always understands her husband and does not pile her problems on him. It is a fact that ladies are can take more good decisions when it comes to the future of family responsibilities. Today, those couples who can easily exchange their problems and issues with each other lead a successful family. Thus, with this practice, American couples respect each other and realize the efforts both are putting in. Having one-to-one time spend at the end of the day helps to conclude what both of them have done the whole day.

American housewife Cooking Specialties:

If you have servants in your home to do domestic tasks, they will not be doing the cooking. Cooking is such a task is preferred to be done by the housewife only. You can even appoint a cook to do make a meal for you. But different situations come when a woman has to do it herself. For instance, making breakfast for her husband before he goes off to the office. Whereas, when they have children prepare breakfast for them as well as pack lunch also for them. American housewives prefer preparing meals in their homes. As they best know what their husband and children like.

Moreover, housewives can hold the necessary hygiene and cleanliness factors while cooking. They use healthy and organic material to prepare every meal whether that is lunch, dinner, snack, or breakfast. We can be sure that American housewife cooking specialties. Because she cares greatly about her family like no one else would.

American housewife along with working activities:

As we told this era has changed a lot. Today you will find ladies that even work in offices as well as do their households too. There is a great mutual understanding between husband and wife. So, American women are mostly graduating. To help become a helping hand of husbands. You will get to find many married women too of working in offices. These ladies first prepare breakfast for themselves and their husbands. And then pack lunch for both. Sets off to the office. At the end of the day, they get home and prepared the meal dinner as well.

However, having a job along with children is incredibly difficult to do. Still, you will get to find some mothers who are also working in offices.

American Women pre-plan chores in their free time:

It is possible to have some free time when you are a housewife. Mothers try their best to get some free to have some fun chit chat with their kids. Whereas, mostly housewives plan the chores to be done in the future. Or they start making a list of things to do later. This helps a lady to work in an organized way and take out some free time too.

Whereas, some housewives plan meal menu for the next maximum days. And get prepare the grocery list to be purchased on weekends. Grocery shopping has changed in the year 2020 due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. Now, to protect yourself and others, you can do all your groceries just on a click on a mobile phone. All your favorite grocery stores have introduced their online stores. Now, save your time and money as well as efforts too. However, making effective use of these technology advancements help you do your chores quickly and easily.

American Housewife rights according to US law:

When a woman gets married it both brings financial and legal benefits as well as duties. However, in some rare cases, these rights continue after death or divorce also. Here are the rights of an American housewife according to US law:

  • Housewife has full right to join bank accounts.
  • Have the right to file joint federal and state tax returns.
  • Can receive marriage or family rate on health, car, and liability insurance.
  • Get inherit spouse’s property upon death.
  • Right to charge on the wrongful death of spouse or loss of consortium.
  • Ability to consume a spouse’s social security, pension, worker’s compensation, or disability benefits.

Daily Working Schedule of American Housewife with kids:

The day in the life of American women beings at early 6 o’clock. She takes minimum time to get fresh or take shower. Then she wakes up her husband and kids to ask them to get ready for their office and school respectively. In the meantime, they wake up and get ready she prepares breakfast for them. After serving them breakfast, the housewife gets back to the kitchen to pack lunch for them. At this time, she is a fast machine who is doing multiple tasks at the same time. She tries her best to give every essential thing before they set off from home.

As soon as, husband and children are set off their respective places. Housewife now has another phase of cleaning and dusting the home. Daily cleaning includes a certain task as mentioned above. When she is done with domestic cleaning tasks. She gets ready to pick up her kids from their schools or colleges.

Children getting back from school are helped by their mother to be fresh. By the time, it is evening so they are going to have some snacks with tea or coffee. Along, with having snacks together, the mother tries to have a chit chat with their children. She asks them about the activities they have done at the school and what Homeworks they had to get to do. Before, the dinner preps she helps out her children do their homework and prepare themselves for the next day.

Besides, at the same time, she gets to prepare dinner. By the time, the husband is back from his work. They gather around the dining to have dinner together. Dining together brings some daily laughter and happy times of the day. The day is about to end, still have a couple of minutes that can be spent together. They prefer to either read in bed or watch any short film before sleeping.

Thus, the American housewife daily routine. Moreover, if she is a working lady, then she will set off from the home with her husband and kids. Still, she will be at home before her children. So, they don’t feel lonely or leftover from their parents.

American Housewife on Occasions and weekends:

A good housewife understands how important it is to have some recreational activities to keep life going. So, without disturbing the budget of the home she plans something to have fun on weekends. It can in the form of visiting any park or recreational playland. Or a family and friends get together can also be planned. Also, all of them may go to a movie in the cinema or at home itself. It is depended on the family members what they like the most.

Furthermore, occasions are the time that increases the burden on housewives. As she has to do special cleaning of their homes. Prepare special dinners for occasion nights. However, she makes it done in a creative and fun way. She involves children doing little tasks along with her. In addition, do decorations of the house in unique ways.

Thus, it is very likely to say that an American housewife is an all rounder. She can do anything related to home to make her family happy. She keeps smiling in every circumstance to keep her family tension free. It is not that a woman does not get tired. She is too a human being and an overload of work can make her sick. Therefore, we have to realize how many hardships she goes through for us. Respect and love your mother or wife because it the spirit that is going to keep her going through.


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