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Game Among Us Tips and Tricks being Imposters V/S Crewmates




Today’s hot topic is based on the gaming zone and most likely become a mode of attraction for the public nowadays. Oh yes, we are talking about the game ‘Among Us’ tips and tricks. Among us is the game introduced to the world in the year 2018 but reaches the level of fame during the COVID-19 pandemic scenario. At that stage suddenly the game took a place of the trend among the billions of people. The game ‘Among us’ got viral day by day and is downloaded by almost more than 90 million individuals.

Description of the game ‘Among us’:

In general, it is a game having multi-players like 4 to 10 players who can play in this game at a time. These players get stuck into an alien aircraft, sky headquarters, or planet surroundings. Here every player has to take part in the game by becoming either an imposter or a crewmate. The Among us Crewmate is considered as human beings that will work for good purposes and the imposters depict killing these crewmates and the Among us Imposters in the game looks the same by everyone and can conquer the mission. The game can be played online or by using local WiFi as well with your selected loved ones. The present availability of the game ‘Among us’ is on Android, iOS, and PCs. The Android and iOS have free of cost availability and for the PCs, you can find it on the Steam store by paying some amount.

‘Among us’ tips and tricks:

Now, let us talk about how to play this game? What are the tips and tricks for the Among us game and what are the game hacks among imposters and crewmates?

Among Us playing mode strategy:

The game ‘Among us’ is genuinely a mind-playing game where the player if playing as an imposter, has to kill all the crewmates and keep trying to doge them so that they cannot complete their designated tasks and lose the game, and if the player is playing a game by supposing itself as a crewmate then he/she has to keep saving his/her life from the imposter and to win the game must have to complete all the given tasks. Another role of the crewmate is to keep exploring all of the other imposter members. Well, playing as an imposter, gives you more entertainment as you need to kill your friends and make sure no crewmate will be getting out of from their concerning locations to win the game. If you are playing a game along with many members you are also able to opt for multiple Imposters. No crewmates can have a conversation while completing tasks but when once death is reported the players as the crewmates can vote and eradicate the imposter member. So, we are well-guiding you with the ‘Among us’ tips and tricks.


Among us winning hacks for imposter players:

  • Stay away from kill zones:

Be aware of not going places mentioned on the map, such as the electrical and security areas considered as ‘popular’ kill zones. If the imposters don’t keep them far away from these places they may lead to death because the electrical area has many machines placed in the dark and so could unable to see crewmate over there easily.

  • Have check and balance on your cooldown time bar:

Keep an eye over your cooldown kill time. If the time passes for 10 to 15 seconds then you need to become more alert that may be someone roaming around to catch you.

  • Destroy Reactor and O2 filter:

Keep destroying some of the products among the game’s infrastructure such as reactor, O2 filter, lights, and closing doors will lead you to survive more in the game.

  • Don’t stay alone in any situation:

After the destruction of these products, crewmates more likely to approach those locations where these were getting repaired. So as previous crewmates stay single in a room you as an imposter have more chance to grab that alone staying crewmember.

  • Don’t miss the chance to join the emergency meeting:

If you have a call from sabotaged location then be on time and try not to get late to move over there because if you don’t reach there or do not become a part of their conference, some of the crewmates may notice this and you get suspicious among them.

  • Perform un-visible tasks to place others in confusion:

As playing an imposter-members try to perform un-visible tasks that must be fake to place other players in confusion as these tasks are only performed by the crewmates.

  • An accurate time-period using for sabotage: 

A time span, from killing one crewmate to another one, utilizes it for sabotaging. So that other crewmembers try to fix these and you get more chances to kill them.

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  • Keep speaking in your defense:

While having a conversation with other game members proved yourself as a righteous one so that chances of your catch-up reduces. Like simply if you said you are in that particular room where in actual you are not and someone caught you by announcing that I am in the same room but you are not present there. In that case, you should say something in your defense and must always be ready for such sort of situations.

  • Pretending your false identity:

To pretending yourself a good one, do report a kill, performed by you before others could find it. this keeps your personality away from doubt among others.

  • Dodge your members with a coloring scheme:

Dodge your game players by `informing your character with the fake color. As you are in red costume while performing but inform them that you are of orange color. This will lead them in a confusion throughout the whole game.

 Among us winning hacks for Crewmate players:

  • Move within-group mates:

As a crewmate player moves within groups or try to remain beside your group mates. This reduces the chances of your death. The more the group members are the more you are safer, unless you are enough unfortunate as moving besides imposter persons mistakenly.

  • Have a strict check on the completion of tasks:

Have a strict look after the completion of tasks by others. Don’t get trap by thinking as the mate who is completing the task is your friend or member fellow. Maybe that player is just deceiving you. So have a strong check and balance on the actions of the player who is performing the task.

  • Significance of emergency meeting:

Call an emergency meeting after keeping proper check and balance. The purpose of having a meeting is to find out the exact killer? But while placing an emergency meeting, nobody knows that either any imposter is also present here or not? So, the announcement or plans that were made by a group in accordance to explore the killer can be revealed in front of their enemy as well. Now, at this point game needs strong strategies to be implemented by the crewmates to stand in place of winning position.

  • Have a strict check on common tasks:

Another way to find the imposter is to keep looking at the common tasks. If everyone is performing the same task as you are doing, then this will be fine but if you will see any mate who is performing something unique or irrelevant from the common task then this will surely be an imposter player.

  • Performing visual tasks by dodgers:

As you all know, visual tasks are only performed by a crewmate in the game. This means that the player who is completing this task is the crewmate in real. So, no need to get afraid of him but the problem arises when you are performing a visual task alone staying in the room. This increases the chance to get caught by an imposter. Thereby, try hard to stay at the locations filled with more members.

  • Fixing sabotage:

Try to fix more and more sabotage but by staying in a group.

  • Voting is not a good option every time:

Though everyone is voting for the same particular player whereas if you once find that player as a little bit faulty or suspicious, don’t vote for him. Wasting the vote is a good option rather than getting died.

  • Try to share authentic observations:

While chatting try to avoid stating the same questions again and again. This makes you spam. As everyone is asking where? Who? Vote for whom? And many more like these, you are unable to stop them but you have control over you by not joining them. In that case, help them out by sharing any noticeable observation.


The Inner Sloth announced regarding the game ‘Among us 2’. They decided to make a sequel of this game during the last year but then suddenly changed their mind and continuing focus on upgrading and improving the genuine version of the game. Further, the developers will work on starting new servers, color-blind support, mate account system, advance stage, and many more. The reason behind this is the over-gaining fame of the present game among players and the public. So, they banned launching the sequel of this game for the time being.

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Well, either the new version releases or the previous one stays an entertainment factor for the players, they need to use same ‘Among us’ tips and tricks to win.

Game Among Us Tips and Tricks being Imposters V/S Crewmates
Game Among Us Tips and Tricks being Imposters V/S Crewmates
New version releases or the previous one stays an entertainment factor for the players, they need to use same ‘Among us’ tips and tricks to win. 
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