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A Detailed Overview Of Angry Birds Cast




The Angry Birds Cast 2 (or merely Angry Birds Film 2 or Angry Birds 2 Cast) is a 2019 CGI-animated action-comedy film based upon Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise, presented by Sony Photo Computer Animation and also Rovio Enjoyment, launched by Columbia Photo, and also distributed by Sony Photo Releasing. It is the follow-up to 2016’s The Angry Birds Movie. It was launched in U.S. movie theaters on August 13, 2019, on digital on October 29, 2019, and on DVD and Blu-ray on November 12, 2019.


The flightless birds live their lives in peace on Bird Island after the battle to rescue their eggs and repair their town. However, Leonard (King Mudbeard), after the damage to his city and castle in the war, places his retribution into practice with new assistants, causing another small war entailing the birds and pigs.

Nevertheless, a purple eagle bird named Zeta, fed up with residing on a cold island, starts to put the lives of both the birds as well as pigs in danger, making them place their distinctions aside and start a brand-new journey to end this plan and save their globes and lives.

Story Of Cast Of Angry Birds 2

The motion picture starts with Bird Island’s inhabitants using the slingshot transportation system to get to where they need to cross a broadened Bird Town. Some appreciate the coastline. Vincent, Zoe, and also Samantha are constructing a Sand Castle. Then, Red bulges of the sand. He requires Bomb and Chuck to take a look at their field glasses. Chuck sees a pie coming out of no place. Red then takes Chuck’s field glasses and browses them. They obtain scared and duck, but the pie hits a duck’s face. The birds say sorry.


Red looks through the binoculars and sees that it was Leonard with Courtney at Piggy Island and the pigs launching pies on them. He, as well as his buddies, get angry. They then launch a hot sauce bottle off the slingshot, which strikes a pig at a Taco Hog restaurant requesting hot sauce.

The birds are after that, kicking back at the coastline again. However, a sun rail begins to stand out everything inflatable, including the bouncy castle that the hatchlings remained in. After that, the hatchlings begin weeping. They saw that it was Leonard with a large magnifying glass. Red gets angry, so Red, Chuck, Bomb, as well as Terence load themselves on a plank and then jump into the sea, causing a tsunami to come to Piggy Island and shatter Pig City entirely, bathing a sloppy pig, Oliver, that did not intend to take a bath.

The birds are then unwinding at the beach again, but Leonard and his pigs come in piggy zeppelins and open bags filled with crabs, which infest the beach and spoil the birds’ enjoyment. The crabs also take Hal’s wallet, yet Red gives it to him. They defeat the crabs by Bomb rolling over them.

Back at the castle’s tower, Leonard begins looking at his telescope, which he notifications an Ice Round dropping. It comes under the sea, and he looks again, which is disclosed as a third island introducing it. Zeta, a purple eagle, is tired of all the ice and seals that mess up the fun, such as swiping her food. She demands one more Ice Ball be terminated, but her secretary, Debbie, a white and purple eagle, advises Zeta that the researcher she worked with, called Glenn, is being hurt by her.

Back at Bird Island, there are many blow-up Leonard pigs featuring truce letters. Red, Chuck, and Bomb start chatting. After that, they release themselves to the Speed Dating place.

The hatchlings, Zoe, Vincent, and Samantha, start to make believe to be Red and Pigs. Samantha is sad because the eggs are rocks, so Zoe is most likely to her house to get her mom’s and dad’s (Terence and also Matilda’s) 3 eggs. She places them on the wood nest, but the sea waves pull it.

In the Rate Dating location, Red, Chuck, and Bomb start speaking with women birds, such as Dahlia, Willow, and Ella, Silver is talking with Red, but he snaps as Silver is asking about personal concerns. He returns to his house, where he consumes popcorn and beverages butter. A person knocks on the door. He unlocks as well as it was Leonard. He gets scared.

He starts obstructing the places Leonard does not enter and puts him on the flooring connected by ropes. He asks what he was below for. Leonard claims that there’s a third island, and it might damage every one of the birds and pigs. Red is not convinced until Leonard dispatches screech Group 6, hiding throughout the house, to disclose the drone images to him.

They start hiring the birds once more. Bomb, Chuck, Silver, and Mighty Eagle make an assignment on Eagle Hill speaking about Zeta. Mighty Eagle obtains terrified. An ice round hits the mountain, and the team takes off on Mighty Eagle. However, he crashes right into a hill. However, the group successfully lands safety and security with the Eagle Island Map.

All the birds and Mighty Eagle get shocked about Eagle Hill’s destruction, but not Zeta, which demands Glenn to enhance the Ice Balls to Lava Ice Balls. After that, the Birds and Pigs group begins to walk to the Pig Submarine, which was thought to be tiny but later exposed to the substantial device full of devices and inventions made by Garry, who was a wise technology pig.

On the other hand, the three hatchlings are paddling, boating, and getting the eggs, yet a blue whale shows up and raises them by releasing a water jet from the blowhole, making the eggs fall on a cloud. After that, Zoe blows herself up and flies to get the eggs, yet she and her close friends are most likely in the area. However, the tied beak gets untied by hitting a spacecraft. The Piggy Submarine gets to Eagle Island and opens its snout, revealing the heroes with wintertime suits, yet they slide on the iron and fall on the snow. They discuss the plan and the claim regarding Zeta, which Mighty Eagle keeps in mind regarding the days of his connection with her and the desert of her on the marriage. Silver asks why he did it. He says that he is a coward and flies away.

Then, the eggs fall under a tiny island with a hand tree. Zoe and her close friends find a mom Boa Constrictor with the eggs and beat it. Taking her skin and teeth as clothing, they then construct a boat with a palm tree fallen leave (not shown) and afterward get to a beach, which they assumed was Bird Island. However, it was revealed to be Piggy Island. They find three pigs and call them to ride a big zeppelin.


The participants of the goal begin to continue reviewing their strategy. Red asks just how Leonard and the various other participants (Other than Silver) would get to the cannon. They then reveal Harvey, an eagle suit. However, Red isn’t delighted as the friends give way too many good qualities to it. He also starts picturing him being alone with Harvey and his close friends overlooking him. After that, he asks what is happening with him; however, he claims that he is good, and also Red begins to go alone to conserve both of the victim’s islands. Silver wishes to rebuild Red’s connection by connecting with him.

Nonetheless, Red intends to pass himself. They start splashing up. Red and also Silver go up. Red attempts to keep struggling through he keeps missing out on things. Leonard and the others, disguised as Harvey, went to the entryway of Zeta’s facility. However, Carl and Jerry were securing the door.

When Harvey approaches the entry, he speaks with the guards, but Carl gets dubious regarding him, and Jerry directs his ice spear to them. Carl starts to seize the outfit, believes it’s true, and regulates Jerry to open the door. Jerry opens the door, and also Harvey begins to dance inside the space, shocking Axel. However, the costume heads towards the Ice Sphere room.

Red and Silver continue their track. They delve into the volcano with ropes linked to them and get into the base. Red cuts the cable with a scissor, believing it is the cannon’s cable. But it shows that it was the cable of Carl’s microwave with his lunch. He gets angry as it quit working as well as cooled down it.

Meanwhile, Harvey runs into barrels and finds a code pad. He attempts to unlock it, yet he does not recognize the code. Leonard has the suggestion of taking Brad Eagleberger’s keycard and also begins strolling towards him to obtain his keycard. They get into the bathroom, where Brad Eagleberger is urinating. Harvey then begins to disturb him, which he is compelled to leave. Chuck grabs the keycard, but it winds up completely hurting Brad. Harvey, after that, leaves.

When Harvey goes into the area, Chuck tries to see what was there and mistakenly makes Harvey dance. Axel sees it and drops his spear, which Chuck and Leonard think he is most likely to combat; however, he starts to dance while he’s impressed by his dancing steps. Axel then claims to Harvey to do his turn. Harvey dancings and also launches Courtney off its rear. Axel gets stunned, approves of the difficulty, and all the eagles, together with him, begin to dance.

Chuck notifications Hank with Red and Silver and attempts to save them. He pedals Harvey, yet its legs get too quick that it rips the hair and breaks. The group obtains exposure; however, all the eagle guards are still dancing, so the group goes behind to make a better plan. Zeta begins to torment Red and Silver in her hotel, in which their limbs are frozen on withdrawing rubber cushions.

Mighty Eagle flies to his cavern and starts to consume Bird Seed after noticing photos of Zeta kissing him. Zeta starts to reveal her evil strategy and demands Glenn discharge the ice spheres. The Ice Balls are discharged, and it ruins the Piggy Blimp, Pig City, and a part of Bird Village. Red gets surprised and starts to keep in mind when he claims that the birds shouldn’t leave. Zeta then leaves the hotel and claims to the eagles that they aren’t most likely to live anymore on an Ice Island.

Bomb takes off as well as Red as well as a Silver getaway. Silver has the strategy to enter into an Ice Sphere and blow up the Super Weapon, while Bomb and Chuck will certainly distract the guards, and the pigs will certainly draw the bar on the Ice Cannon. Nearly every plan prospers, yet not Red and Silver’s, making them fall near Zeta, and also, the Ice Sphere deal no damage.

Mighty Eagle enters the space and attempts to convince Zeta to wed him again. While he was chatting, Silver demanded Chuck to link the Ice Balls with superstring, and also he did it. Zeta claims that Debbie was Ethan (Mighty Eagle)’s little girl, as well as gets angry as he didn’t live with her and starts to discharge a battery of Ice Balls, but they all get loaded with the Super String. The string begins to damage, yet the Hatchlings and Piglets stop it, and the Ice Balls come under the Ice Cannon, exploding the whole Eagle Island. The group and also the eagles begin to run. Infant gets introduced to the explosion and unfreezes, making the Seal happy and attempting to hug him, but he comes under the chilly sea, freezing him again.

The Team and Zeta retreat safely. However, Zeta sees Debbie’s shoe listed below the debris. She grieves; however, she sees that Mighty Eagle conserved her. He starts to reveal to Zeta his tattoos revealing him with her, and Zeta obtains encouragement. Both marry as well as begin to kiss. While the pigs, eagles, and birds go into a marital relationship, they all start to eat and dance together in celebration. At the same time, Red and Silver begin a romantic connection under the eye of a safety Chuck. This is all about the Angry Birds Movie Cast.


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