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Apple Expected to Launch 3 More Phones with iPhone-12 In The same Year




With kicking mid start of 2020, Apple Expected to Launch 3 More Phones in 2020 including iPhone SE, and winding up the tremendous year of 2020, Apple has now come up with the release of ios 12, with three other models at the same time most expectedly, iPhone max, iPhone Pro, and iPhone max pro. But almost a year after the release of the IOS 11, the 12th generation would be launched. Which is more jaw-dropping than ever.


Though the iPhone 12 isn’t in hand yet it has attracted major attention. The most talked-about attention is the comparison between the iPhone series. All the facts are based on assumptions but with strong sources that never fails us in case of iPhone assumptions. Apple will come up with an upgrade because it’s the latest addition we are talking about the iPhone 12 which has taken over the iPhone 11 in many aspects already.

Multiple models release

iPhone 12 takes over the number by 4. With remarkable display better than iPhone 11 models along with a good price. iPhone 12 should be 5.4 inches display. The models include a 6.1-inch display that is better than the iPhone 11. iPhone 12 pro max displays 6.7 inches where iPhone 11 max and pro max are 5.7 and 6.7 inches. Which is quite a disappointing comparison where iPhone 12 takes over.

Prices review

Nothing has been revealed this year but the starting price of the iPhone leaked has made us judge the other prices. Surprisingly the starting price for 5.4 inches is $649with a 5 g connectivity. Although the 11 pros as higher in price but with no 5g connectivity.

In Pakistan, the price of iPhone 12 is expected to be 164,999 and the release date cannot be predicted yet.

Design comparison

Expectations are to see a makeover for the iPhone 12 models. iPhone 11 had rounded edges; iPhone 12 would be replacing it by the flatter sides. And adding cheery on the top iPhone 12 is expected to be 10 % slimmer than iPhone 11. Who wouldn’t go for the slim?

There is a new addition of color. The deep blue hue. A multicolor range of hues are also expected.

Wining over the display

Again iPhone 12 in winning the display game as the iPhone 11 has an LED display but now the iPhone 12 will be giving OLED displays. Improving the colors and wide-angle display with strong black colors.

Camera review

iPhone 12 models will have three cameras and a LiDAR scanner. which will be offered in iPhone 12 pro max. although iPhone 11 had proved to be the outstanding camera phones with the advance feature in iphone12 pro max will enablemore visibility in the photos making them much appealing and lively.

YouTube review

YouTubers can never run behind the race of giving reviews about the Apple device. Many videos have been uploading predicting the next generation Apple mobile phones. Bloggers are giving quite healthy reviews and boosting people to go for it. It benefits them to increase their followers and people have shown great interest in the flagship. They are somehow educating people with visual content regarding iPhone 12. It a good way of branding.


As the release date is around the corner so are the rumors pointing out every possible sleek. Rumors are that this time apple might not be coming up with the charger accessory along with no hands-free jack.

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