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Aprilia RS 125 vs Other Best Aprilia Motorbikes




A Little Background of Aprilia 125:

You must want to read about Aprilia rs 125, but a story isn’t complete without all its parts. Let’s start from the beginning. After the Second World War, a small-town boy from Naole named Cavalier Alberto Beggio founded a bicycle company called Aprilia. The factory was set up to manufacture bicycles only in its early years. But the product interest shifted from bicycles to motorbikes when Alberto asked his son Ivan Beggio to join the company in the year 1968. Youth gets rising trends.

That’s what Alberto must have thought to himself when he approved this idea, and the news company began to focus only on motorbikes. Like most sons, Ivan was set out on a path to prove himself, and so he asked his twelve assistants to make a bike that will make him daddy’s boy! It was a bike, alright. The first Aprilia motorbike was a decent gold and blue color model with a 50cc engine. Alberto was so proud of his son’s dedication that he went ahead and approved the two mopeds production. Motivated to make the best bikes, Ivan named these mopeds Colibri & Daniela. The public showed a very positive response to Colibri & Daniela.

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But what came after this was what really made Ivan famous and his daddy gratified. It was 1970, Scarabeo Cross Motorcycle was launched and made Aprilia an international brand with its success. The design was innovative, and various engine capacities were introduced, ranging from 50cc to 125cc.

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It wasn’t until 1974 that the father and son realized the significance of marketing when their RC 125 met the cutting-edge technical demands of the time but lacked proper promotion. The marketing in that time was not as broad as it is today, so Aprilia entered the world of racing tracks to get the recognition it deserved. They were right; the 1977 1st Italian Championship was where Italy really fell in love with Aprilia’s motorbikes. Thus, fame spread through Europe and across the sea. Aprilia started exporting to other countries, with the United States of America being the company’s greatest export market.

Today, the Motorsport giant is a worldwide brand with various bikes that have garnered immense popularity. Let’s see which are the most impressive motorbikes on this list. Both looks and performance are essential to the company as they continue to prove it with their designs.

Aprilia_125 _rs_2020

Aprilia RS 125 4 piston radial caliper:

Aren’t we all super interested in specifications? The bike is a four-stroke, aluminum frame racing giant with features and technical power that is much closer to RSV4. This is a special bike as it markets on the nostalgia of its older sister that won many titles. This bike is a powerhouse, and riders would love the sharp noise it makes as they’ll cruise through empty highways, accelerating their speeds. It comes in two colors, including silver & black. Aprilia RS 125 price is about $ 5,300.


Aprilia RS 660:

This model was released in the final quarter of 2019, and people fell in love with what it had to offer. This bike weighs 372 pounds with a 100 HP. Aprilia RS 660 was launched in the EICMA show that was held in Milan. It was emphasized that this bike had been their most important one in years. It is a four-stroke 660 cc bike that revitalizes the manufacturer’s original reputation as the leading name in balance and finesses along the difficult tracks. The 2020 Aprilia RS 660 gets even more advanced features and a full range of company’s electronic suite.


Aprilia RS 250:

Late to the 250 cc market of road bikes, the popular racing bike manufacturers had much to prove here.   The gorgeous RS 250 made its first appearance at GP of 1991 and won. For this particular model, Aprilia partnered with Suzuki for the RGV250 engines that were modified to become a part of the beautiful design. The bike is highly desirable as a two-stroke 250 race bike replica. You can find one in red, black, and silver colors.

Aprilia RS 150:

This 2018 model is a showcase of Aprilia’s class and sophistication. The model was used to study the Aprilia bikes philosophy in South Asian regions, and it was a very positive reaction. This is a performance bike with a fuel-injected and liquid-cooled engine that produces horsepower of 18HP at an RPM of 10,000 and 14 NM. It uses twin-channel ABS as a standard brake system, which is by far its best feature. This bike is also available in red, silver, and black colors.

Aprilia RS 50:

This bike is dedicated to younger riders. It is more handy in size compared to other models and reflects a dynamic character.  It is a single-cylinder bike with an aluminum frame. The RS 50 has a generous engine compared to the price point and overall size of the design. The colors available for RS 50 are black and silver.

Aprilia RSV4 RR 2020

The most recent Aprilia motorbike is the RSV4 RR that is fueled with a horsepower of 201HP and a weight of 397 pounds; it weighs heavy and performs heavier with its racing punch. It also has race ABS electronic controls. The bike seems highly promising with one of the greatest horsepowers we have seen in Aprilia bikes. The color we have seen so far is black and silver. The Aprilia 125 and its sister models are a great reflection to the legacy of Aprilia that keeps on continuing to innovate in the world of motorbike engineering.

2017 tuono factory dyno from r/Aprilia

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