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Are Self-Balancing Motorbikes Reality, Then Where Are They?




Our advanced technology is aiming to manufacture the electricity aid autonomy to take away human intervention. You might be similar to the technology of cars that can drive on their own. If we go for modification in this intervention, it is wondering about a self-balancing motorbike. It was more than impossible to imagine a two-wheeler vehicle balance on its own. Keeping the case of three-wheeled examples like Niken, it’s now no more impossible to balance a two-wheeled vehicle on its own. As per the convention of designing new technology, three big names are always ahead in launching. They are Honda, Yamaha, and BMW who got successful in making the self-balancing motorbike. So, it is quite interesting to read deeper about how this technology works.

From these three achievers, Honda and Yamaha’s self-balancing motorbike can balance itself without the rider. However, the BMW self-balancing motorbike cannot balance itself without the rider, also requires a side stand to be deployed when there is no moment. Here in this article, you will get to read more about the comparison between these inventions, their prices, and their working principles.

Self-balancing Motorbike Working Principle:

Yamaha’s Motoroid: 

It has a dual-lens camera that senses the presence, gestures, and movements of the user. This camera is connected with the AI program that collectively controls the machine. Once the rider is settled on the bike, it wraps itself around the rider and gives the best experience of riding to the inexperienced riders. This motorbike is unique from the others in the way that it can stand up, move at slow speed, and set down without any assistance. It is believed this wonderful technology of MOTOROID, will be beneficial for reducing accidents and increasing the fun.

Honda’s Riding Assist: 

This bike by Honda does not make use of a gyroscope in its bike for self-balancing. It is based on the variable rake angle of the front wheel. Plus it has a handlebar with a motor to balance itself. At faster speed, the wheelbase extends to achieve a positive rake angle. Whereas, when it moves at slow speed the negative angle tightens the wheelbase. This negative tightening is also implemented to tackle sharp turns.

BMW Motorrad: 

When the motorbike is subjected to positive trail length, then it would take a turn in the direction that the front wheel is pointed. This action is for high-speed adventure. Whereas, negative trail length is completely opposite. Thus, in this process it the bike leans in the backward direction for low-speed stability. However, to stand in a still position when no one is riding it requires a side stand.

Self-balancing Motorbikes Structures:

Yamaha’s Motoroid: 

This is the bike with the concept of recognizing its rider itself. It’s physically in length, width, and height of 2,060mm, 600 mm, and 1090mm respectively. Supported with the rear-wheel hub motor of the motor type. The source of the fuel supply system is lithium-ion. And the whole self-balancing motorbike is of the vehicle has a net weight of 213kg.

Honda’s Riding Assist: 

Honda’s self-balancing motorbike uses minute steering movements to balance the motorbike. As yet, Honda has not disclosed the model completely. So having at the view of pictures and YouTube videos, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The dashboard indicates that there will be 4 different assist or riding modes.
  • The dashboard also explains the degree of lean angle.
  • Bridgestone Tires.
  • Throttle-by- wire.
  • Nissin brakes etc.

However, all these are just drawn conclusions from the pictures or videos. Observations and making statements about the motorbike are very dependent on one’s personal skills. So, if you have yet not viewed one of the latest trendings of Honda’s Riding Assist, here is the view of a charming self-balancing motorbike.

BMW Motorrad:

Incredibly beautiful two-wheeler in jet-black triangular frame flourishing with the blue and with BMW logo. The element such as frame cover and the front-wheel cover of motorbike’s body is made of carbon material. Tyres of the motorbike are adapted from terrain with damping function. Also, it optimizes the aerodynamics and the motorbike’s weather protection during the ride. The area exudes are aided with polished aluminum of high-quality vibe.

Self-Balancing Motorbikes are for Sale or Not?

Yamaha’s Motoroid: 

However, keeping aside the futuristic revelation of the wonderful technology. We cannot predict this as the future of motorbikes. So, this technology is definitely nothing more than a concept. For sure, it’s not for the purpose of sale yet!

The same is the mention for both Honda Riding Assist and BMW Motorrad are launched in 2017. However, they are not seen with the common people on the road. You would just find them on the internet network or in showcasing auditoriums.

Self-Balancing Motorbikes Prices:

Self-Balancing bikes don’t have prices as they are not for sale purposes to common people. They have their net worth because of the efforts severed in inventing the incredible technology and the rare material used in the manufacturing. However, the net worth of the latest technology also cannot be estimated as they haven’t taken their physical appearance yet. Moreover, BMW Vision Next 100 has been showcased in an auditorium on BMW’s 100 anniversary. But as these self-balancing motorbikes are the technology of the future and will take reality expectedly in 2023. Thus, no price or the net worth of the concept is declared by anyone the brand.

Therefore, you can be ready to ride self-balancing motorbikes in the future. You can also expect the motorbike brands to work more on this and be able to produce some other wonderful technological advancement. The basic aim is to put so many efforts into the concept is to reduce the chances of accidents and provide the best riding experience to the non-experienced riders. Just with the assistance of a few gestures and movements, you will be able to perform different actions on the bike. Above was the comparison of a self-balancing motorbike by different three top companies of automated inventions. These are updated from the information provided till today’s date.


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