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AWS Educate Cloud Computing and Learning Platform Shaping our Education System




Amazon web services educate or simply AWS educate is the need of the hour. As COVID-19 19 struck a vicious blow to this world, the educational system collapsed and millions of students and teachers around the world suffered. Amazon came with an ingenious idea to cope with it. they have launched an interactive initiative for cloud-based learning. How amazon AWS educate works? What AWS education starter is? and how to make AWS free accounts for students? Today we are going to provide answers to all these questions along with additional information you must know.

Amazon AWS Educate Insight

AWS educate is an initiative led by amazon which is spreading like wildfire across the globe. This free cloud-based platform is providing abundant resources for the students to develop skills and grow their educational career while staying safe at home. Also is provides abundant jobs for the mentors along with cloud career pathways for U.S. Veterans.

AWS Benefits and Future

AWS Future

Speaking of AWS Future, it is an undeniable fact that AWS is the best-suited platform for the need of the hour. With the pandemic crisis all over the world, this cloud learning platform is the savior of our education system. 33% increased revenues were observed in just the first half of the year 2020. AWS’s popularity is skyrocketing and millions are benefitting from this platform. This platform will outshine other online learning platforms in a matter of time due to its high functionality and comprehensive resources and features it has to offer. Following the future trends, AWS may become the key learning platform in the years of come and may change the way our educational systems function.

AWS Benefits

AWS benefits its users in multiple ways. this online cloud-based platform is equipped with jaw-dropping comprehensive features, tools, and resources. Following are the benefits enlisted for our readers.

Easy to Comprehend

AWS platform is easy to understand or comprehend, as you sign up on AWS, you are entertained by AWS Management Console. Through this user-friendlyconsole, you gain access to a huge number of services and applications.

Diverse Resources, Tools, and Features

Initially made for cloud storage and computing only, to cope with the changing world being shaped by the coronavirus, AWS expanded into more than 70 services. Eventually, it became a one-stop-shop for cloud computing and information technology services.

Limitless Server Capacity

Its limitless server capacity provides a secure place for all your important files. leave the worry of failing hard drives behind. Relied upon by thousands of business owners and millions of other users, this cloud platform never fails to offer safe storage.

Secure, Encrypted, and Reliable Services

AWS cloud storage never compromises on security. As it is relied upon by thousands of business owners, it provides a safe and secure service. Files and data stored are encrypted making it impossible to be leaked or stolen.

AWS Educate for Students

AWS Free Account for Students

AWS educate platform provides ample opportunities for students to learn and grow their educational careers. AWS provides the following resources to students.

AWS Cloud Career Pathways

This feature provides key skills to learn cloud computing. There are different pathways to follow. Each pathway is carefully designed and is self-paced. Each pathway is linked to in-demand job roles. These pathways include

  • Cloud computing 101
  • Application Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning

AWS Educate Badges

As a student proceeds, he/ she can earn a learning badge. With each badge, your cloud skillset expands. Following are the badges that can be earned

AWS DeepLens

This badge provides a fully programmable video camera.


This badge helps you to learn how to develop and built a game environment or how to design a role-play character etc.

AWS DeepRacer

This badge enables reinforced learning on the 1/18-inch scale.


This American Heart Association Badge enables you to explore cloud-based solutions. These solutions helpto streamline datasets made for AHA or American Heart Association.

AWS Consoles and Credits

AWS Free sign up for students also provides $ 100 as promotional credit for students. they can use this credit to work on the AWS console. All the AWS services are free to be explored by the students.

AWS Educate Job Board

This feature is exclusively for students. it provides thousands of cloud-based jobs and internship opportunities for students. these internships and jobs can be from amazon itself or other well-reputed companies. This provides and heads start for students to pursue their desired careers.

AWS Educate Interview Accelerator

Those who have completed AWS educate cloud career pathways can benefit from this feature. This platform serves as the bridge connecting job seekers and employers. It enables employers to browse through the student profiles which meet their job requirements. It sharply increases your chances of getting hired.

Contests and Promotions

Regional, country-specific, or global contests are eventually conducted on this AWS Educate platform. These contests can help members to polish and evaluate their skills by competing with other members. This is the best way to self-assess your skill and lacking. Those determined to polish their skills at their bests can highly benefit from AWS contests and promotions.

AWS for Educators

This feature provides professional and up to date resources for educators to enhance their teaching quality. If you qualify for an AWS educator role then you can enjoy access to multiple AWS services that like being able to launch AWS virtual classrooms, gain access to advanced tools to speed up your students’ learning about the cloud.

AWS Professional Development

Educators can expand their teaching skills by completing AWS Educator Courses and AWS teacher pieces of training. Educators can also benefit from instructional tutorial videos.

AWS Cloud Ambassador Program

Top tiered educators are selected as cloud ambassadors, they share their knowledge and learning to those seeking knowledge. They get exclusive benefits and privileges along with utmost respect and prestige. To be chosen, they must fulfill the following criteria

  • Must have significant experience inAWS Cloud. Experience can be academic or commercial.
  • Must have notable experience in educating AWS cloud computing concepts to students.
  • Must be willing to share their knowledge with the world.
  • Must be passionate and determined about the AWS cloud ambassador program.

AWS Certification

For each learning path you follow to completion, you can earn AWS Digital certification. This certificate marks that you have mastered a certain skill. This certification is well known as well as recognized all over the world.


AWS Educate Cloud Computing and Learning Platform Shaping our Education System
AWS Educate Cloud Computing and Learning Platform Shaping our Education System
How amazon AWS educate works? What AWS education starter is? and how to make AWS free accounts for students?
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