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Beauty Educational Program from A to Z Terms You Need to Know





Eliner. Simply put, the familiar eyeliner. Can be used as a pencil, felt-tip pen, gel or liquid eyeliner.

Kayal. A pencil with which you can visually adjust the size of the eye. They bring the inner edge of the eyelid along the lash line. The tool is hypoallergenic, so there will be no side effects in contact with the mucous membrane of the eye.

Keller. These are eyelash curlers that allow you to make the hairs extremely voluminous and curled. The most famous tongs are Shu Uemura.


Liner. Lip liner before applying lipstick.

Plumper. A tool for girls who dream of having lips like Angelina Jolie. The plumper contains irritating natural substances that cause blood flow, thereby providing additional volume to the lips. True, the effect is short-lived – for a couple of hours.

Toning lip gel. Gel-based makeup product, which is used more often in daytime makeup. And for us, this is the usual lip gloss!


Antipelliculer. Remedy for dandruff.

Brilliantine. A styling product designed to give the hair a wet look.

Brushing. A special brush that gives volume to the hair. It has a round shape and comes in different diameters.

Glazing. Coloring only the ends of the hair.

Carving. Long-term styling, which is used on short hair.

Coloring. A method of dyeing hair using several tones.

Lamination. Hair treatment procedure. A special formula enriched with vitamins is applied to the hair, which forms a film and, in turn, nourishes and protects the hair.

General terms

Self-tanning, or, in another way, auto-bronzer. An agent that gives the skin a tan effect. It can be used both in salons and at home. Before applying, you need to cleanse the skin well (using a scrub, for example), apply a little moisturizing oil. And only then apply self-tanning. This will lay it flat and leave no streaks. Self-tanner contains substances that cause the formation of melanin; and the same tanning effect appears.

Atomizer. Atomizer for perfumes, eau de toilette and other perfumes.

Applicator. Special brush with soft tip. It is usually used for applying shadows.

Pigments. Dry cosmetics, the most saturated colors. Shadows, powder, blush – all this is usually used when creating evening or holiday makeup.

Peeling. Means for cleansing the skin of the face and exfoliating the upper keratinized layer of the skin.

Scrub. A tool similar to peeling, but more harsh on the skin. The fact is that it contains abrasive particles that cleanse the skin. Therefore, when using a scrub, you need to be extremely careful: do not rub it into the skin, but apply it with light massage movements.

Stick. These are dry deodorants familiar to us, concealers in the form of pencils, blush, etc. That is, everything that is produced in the form of a roller.

Fluid. So called all liquid means of decorative cosmetics. Foundations, creams, liquid lipstick, highlighter, etc.

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