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Benefits of 30 Day Yoga Challenge




Practicing yoga has benefitted many people not only youngsters but adult at their thirty’s r even forties have taken much benefits from yoga practice. Yoga has been one of the oldest practices that has modified through time. It was originated from India and now world wide known and popular. Yoga not only benefits in losing weigh but it helps in balancing the body and maintaining harmony with life as it is also helpful to release stress and anxiety. What is the 30 day Yoga challenge? We must have heard about people doing gymnastic or body building but due to a mishap there has been a long-time delay. This is where a Yoga challenge comes for help. If you have been out of the track try doing yoga for 30 day and you will find a new self-discovered in short time. If you are beginner this will help you out with many hurdles coming to an end.

30 Day Yoga Challenge and Its Benefits

Usually starting a work out takes quite long. It might take 2 to 3 months to get you in shape. Benefits of 30 day Yoga challenge is a practice that justifies the way of healthy and balance life. it has many benefits that one cannot even imagine until and unless you don’t go for it. few prominent benefits are


We might be practicing yoga asanas on and off, sometimes giving break is a major mood killer. A challenge will motivate you to be consistent because you want results and adaptability of good life. building such bond with your routine and body will benefit you many ways. you body will be healthy and your mood will be positive due to the positive effects of 30 day yoga challenge.

Balance Life

We all are thriving to have a balance life style. But somewhere our laziness keeps snatching it away from us. devoting towards a challenge will open the horizon along with the urge of responsibility of life style change. To opt for a balanced life style, go for the yoga challenge.

Healthy Mind

Having a healthy mind set will over come all the hurdles in life. if your mind is healthy, your body automatically becomes healthier and responds positively. Yoga is a practice that improves your blood circulation making your nervous system strong and get you out of any bad mood or thoughts. You will have the command over your body.

Positive Vibes

Who doesn’t want positivity in their lives? Yoga is a ritual that brings all the positivity in your life. you must have encountered many inspiring stories how people have overcome most of their problems by adopting lifestyle that is inspired by yoga.

How can I ease in Yoga?

Its always challenging going for something new. If you are a beginner, 30 day yoga challenge is the right decision to make. You can look up for few yoga moves and practice them for 30 days or if you want a change, make it 15 to 15-day challenge by variations in the asanas you try. The flexibility will ease the tension in your muscles. You will be more flexible and stronger as well. You will also feel lean.But can we relate it to losing weight? Is it weight loss challenge? It is the combination of many benefits happening in 30 days challenge. If you are consistent and want better results. You will become strong and you will shed weight as well.

Yoga Challenge at Home

30-day yoga challenge has many variations. It can be continued following a yoga master online classes or you can do it at home by using apps for yoga challenge.  Both the ways will benefit you at the end all it needs is commitment and consistency.

Best 30 Day Yoga Challenge Asanas

There are many yoga asanas like plank pose, bow pose, standing twist pose, downward dog pose, all these poses are use to lose weight along with strengthens your body and muscles. It regulated the blood flu and improves digestion as well. Best yoga poses to include in 30-day yoga challenge are:

  • Tadasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  • Savasana
  • Sirsasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Trikonasana

Diet Plan for 30 Day Yoga Challenge

For best result its important to go for healthy diet plan. Intake of food is an important part of our lifestyle. Eating junk food for 3 times daily will definitely not give you any results but rather a 30-day yoga challenge with proper diet plan will go well. Eat your greens and drinks loads of water. it will benefit your skin as well.

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Why is 30 Day Yoga Challenge Important?

Keeping fit and healthy should be everyone’s goal of life. for getting started yoga challenge is the best plan for you. You can make your own choice of yoga or follow any yoga teacher or go for YouTube videos. The importance is the time management and your dedication. Set your pace and do it slowly and gradually, initial days should be steady and then increase the time accordingly.

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