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Best Tekken Games – Detailed Overview Guide




Tekken is a Japanese media franchise centred on a collection of battling video and arcade video games. It was created by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the Best Tekken Game. Several incredibly involved franchises use these games, consisting of household names like Street Competitor, Soulcalibur, and Dead or Alive. But one specific series that enticed fighting-savvy gamers worldwide was Tekken games. They have stood for the 3D fighting motion for more than ten years. Moreover, it is the Best Tekken Game For PC. 

Evolution Of Best Tekken Game 


With the anticipated fighter coming close to, we intended to take a minute and think about the franchise’s roots. Below, we have constructed a checklist of a few of the greatest Tekken video games launched in the US. We decided not to consist of a few “smaller” installations, like Dark Resurrection or the action spin-off Fatality by Levels, since this does not mean a thorough analysis. Instead, let this feature remind you of just how far the series has come since its initial PlayStation starts.

However, more than twenty years have passed for Tekken 1. Unsurprisingly, the game introduced several new functions to keep it fresh and enticing for many years. A few of these changes were well received by the neighbourhood, and some not a lot. However, just how has Tekken altered until now? Allow us to look at what made fans of the Best Tekken Game Iron Fist passionate, along with perplexed throughout the years.

Tekken 1

Launch Date: November 1995

The Scoop: As the initial game was a 3D fighter, Tekken is divided from its 2D peers, giving it a special feeling. Adding to this distinct flavour was the reality that each switch stood for a different arm or leg of the fighter, rather than different strike types or stamina. In addition, Tekken put the competitors on a limitless playing field, so combat was completely unrestrained.

Tekken 2


Launch Day: August 1996

The Scoop: Tekken 2 was, admittedly, an extremely similar game to the original. However, there were a couple of enhancements worthy of note. One of the most substantial enhancements was the brand-new set of battle systems, like back throws, reversals, and chain throws. The game, of course, additionally had a healthy increase in the visuals department and several special relocations for equilibrium. It is not a significant advance for the franchise, yet a noteworthy one.

Tekken 3


Launch Date: April 1998

The Scoop: Tekken 3 was among the series’s first “huge improvements.” It looked great at the time and still looks commendable, also to today. The visuals were truly simply the icing on the cake. Nevertheless, Tekken 3 introduced more than loads of new characters to the lineup.

One of the largest gameplay adjustments in Tekken 3 was the ability for personalities to step in and out of history, opening the fight a lot more. The video game additionally modified leaping to make it a little bit a lot more practical. Moreover, it added a side-scrolling beat- ’em-up mode called Best Tekken Game Force.

Tekken Tag Tournament


Launch Date: October 2000

The Scoop: Tekken Tag Tournament was essentially an updated version of Tekken 3, though it flaunted a massive roster (virtually 40 characters). Also, it included a two-person tag group system where the game can change competitors at any moment. This system opened character-to-character chains, as you might tag in your various other competitor mid-combo and create some significant damages.

Besides the anticipated updates to graphics and small gameplay tweaks, Best Tekken Game Tag Tournament included Tekken Dish. It was a bowling mini-game. Oh, those insane programmers!

Tekken 4


Launch Day: September 2002

The Scoop: This was a large separation for the franchise. Also, it is a lot more carefully complied with the gameplay technicians of the Virtua Fighter Series. Boxers can engage with wall surfaces and environmental things, move up and down stairways, etc. A brand-new button reversal system kept players from getting caught behind the scenes, and also, one more edition of the Tekken Pressure beat- ’em-up made an appearance. Much more graphical updates were additionally existing.


Although it was a more varied video game than fans had anticipated, it was still an essential action for the franchise.

Tekken 5


Release Date: February 2005

The Scoop: A hardcore fan in the IGN office notes: “it rocks.” Tekken 5 felt more like Tekken 3 and Best Tekken Game Tag evolution than the previous installation, Tekken 4. Tekken 5 reintroduced players to the arrangement of the limitless phase and going back to level settings. A “crush system” was also included, which changes the efficiency of particular action types based on what your challenger is doing.

Tekken 5 additionally enabled players to tailor their personalities, including shade swaps, different attires, and even more. Besides boasting a Virtua Fighter-Esque ranking system, Tekken 5 used another Tekken Force mini-game labelled “The Adversary Within.”

Tekken 6

Release Day: October 2009

The Scoop: Hotly expected by Tekken fans, Tekken 6 asserts to be among the finest Tekken experiences to date, with not just an excellent character roster but several settings that ought to maintain gamers hectic for rather a long time. For example, another scrolling fighter campaign has gone back to provide gamers with a great distraction from the typical one-on-one battling. It provides hardcore players something to grind with and earn items.

As the first “proper” version of the collection to strike current-gen gaming consoles, Tekken 6 was a welcome addition to the many premium boxers that occupy the modern affordable gaming room.

Tekken 7


Launch Date: March 2015

This video game has improved the Tekken franchise business to the high standards of the modern-day gaming industry. In 2017, the designers used the power of the PS4, Xbox One, and gaming Computers effectively – fights look amazing, and the cutscenes in the tale setting are extremely stunning. Gamers have several boxers to choose from and also numerous modes to appreciate. It’s like the video game taken in all the best from its predecessors.

In addition, this video game as digital enjoyment has several advantages. Tekken 7 is also an ideal esports discipline, where players can discover the complete use of their affordable nature. Even if you don’t want to participate in EVO or Tekken Globe Scenic tour, you can fight for a Best Tekken Game Score with online challengers. Thanks to the power of the Net, the multiplayer settings of this game are just to the following degree.

Tekken 7 remains rather available to newcomers. However, some additional assistance at the beginning will help you learn how to play this battling video game even quicker.

Tekken 8


Launch Date: Expected Soon

Are you trying to find Tekken 8 Release Date? Something like this, there are many concerns regarding Tekken 8 that individuals are searching for. Do you want to be familiar with details about the following Tekken 8 game? Do you want to recognize what’s happening with the next part? Then, wait for its launch.

It was supposed to be the Best Tekken Game For Beginners because gamers worldwide have constantly enjoyed the Tekken video game series. They can’t wait to hear the bright side of Tekken 8 Release Day. The Tekken series ranks among the best fighting video games in decades. In this short article, we share every little thing you require to understand, from its release day to system needs, rumors, and much more.

As most of us understand, Tekken 7, among the most enjoyed fighting games, was launched in March 2015 by the programmers BANDAI NAMCO Home entertainment. However, it was seen by gamers worldwide in the year 2017. Since then, Best Tekken Players have been waiting for Tekken 8. Tekken 7 introduced several brand-new attributes, such as Rage Arts and Power Crush Technician. Several Tekken enthusiasts ask, “will there be a Tekken 8”.

The designer, Bandai Nanco, has not yet announced the Tekken 8 release day when creating this post. Nevertheless, we anticipate the developer to expose the launch day by 2022. However, till now, there’s no main confirmation on Tekken 8. It took six years for Best Tekken Game 7 to enter the marketplace. Using the same procedure, the video game designer and author (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment), you will hear Tekken 8 launch day by 2023. Many video game gamers or Tekken followers expect it to have many brand-new intriguing attributes.



Which Tekken video game has the very best graphics?

Lots of users think that the story in Tekken 5 is the best among all Tekken video games. It has decent visual looks (you can play it on the PlayStation 3 or PSP).

Is Tekken a Chinese game?

Tekken is a Japanese media franchise that is based on a series of battling video clips and games developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Japanese video game programmer Namco started the series in 1994, with the launch of the self-titled initial access.


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