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6 Best Videogames of All Time You Can Play with Friends




Plenty of games capitalize on making players feel as uncomfortable as possible, producing some of the best videogames of all time moments. Aside from the clear games that do it very transparently, like Arachnophobia, many still capitalize on playing with ideas that we maybe never knew we found unsettling. Even normal genre games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, GTA5 and its torture scene like to test if they can make you sick and turn your stomach for one brief moment.

While some are entrenched into most of us, everyone is a little bit frightened of the piano in Mario 64, after all. Plenty are less universal experiences for those who like to play best videogames ever. Sometimes, unusual or unsettling areas can freak you out even more than outright terrifying ones, as you can’t quite put your finger on what has you feeling so tense. With that said, sometimes you are just straight-up scared because you just saw a creature half aristocrat and half mosquito.

These are the 6 best videogames areas that have scarred you for life.

  1. The Doll Room (IB)

As a game that was developed in RPG maker, many have underestimated the spook potential of IB. This is possibly what IB wants you to do as if you go through it without expecting some genuinely creepy moments; you are going to leave with some new phobias at best. The doll room is the best example of it. As you rip apart the little dolls searching for the key to the locked door, the giant red-eyed doll slowly creeps out of the painting to chase you.

  1. Bravil Wizard’s Grotto (Oblivion)

You go into some games knowing that if you have a fear of deep waters, you are in for a bad time. Subnautica is a veritable horror game for some, simply because many of us are apparently genetically wired to fear what lurks in the dark ocean depths. A place you wouldn’t expect to have to come to terms with the fear of waters, though, is Oblivion. It makes Bravil Wizard’s Grotto is all the worse. That is because there is a secret lurking in the deep water-filled pit in the Grotto.

  1. The Tripery (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs)

Upon reading this title, you might find yourself asking, “What is a tripery?” The simplest answer is, it is a spot where tripe is made & sold. Tripe is the stomach of cattle, sheep, or pig made edible. Now add this to the fact that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs has humans transformed into man pigs; you will understand why Tripery is so disgusting.

  1. The School (Outlast 2)

While the first Outlast is considered a more scary game among the two by many, it is also a little bit cliché in its setting and lore. Scary Asylum, with sinister experiments on people with a mental health condition, has been seen time and time again, so fans expected the same from the sequel. They were sure to be in for a surprise; although there are a few criticisms levelled at the game, there is one thing that can’t be said for sure. It knows how to be scary but in a different way from its predecessor. The section of the game like next generation console where you are chased around the school by the demon priest is genuinely harrowing to say the least. Making an Asylum/Experiment facility creepy takes less than no effort, but a school I supposed to be a fairly innocuous location. As you spend more time in it, though, it starts to turn more and more hostile until it feels like the location is as actively against you as Lautermilch. Especially when a tongue appears from the phone, you are trying to call for help and almost chokes you out.

  1. The Guest

    Area (Little Nightmares)

It is worth stating from the offset that just about every area in Little Nightmares is suitably one of the best videogames of the decade nightmarish setting. When you are not being chased by a man whose arms resemble spooky creature catching slinkies, you are dodging chefs that want to turn your tiny raincoat clad self into a tray. While you might assume things will get better after you escape the kitchen, they actually get more unsettling. Because while all the guests staying in this cannibal cruise liner are slow and sluggish, they will also jump at the chance to try and catch you when you run by like a little living Slim Jim. Though their slow, clumsy movements make them easier to avoid, it also makes them all the creepier as it seems like the only thing that motivates them to move around is the greed to eat.

  1. Oswald Asylum

    (Fran Bow)

Among the assortment of children we see go through untold hells in video games, poor ten-year-old Fran Bow definitely has its roughest. All her family is dead but her. She is haunted by a demonic force named Remor, who is either a nightmarish figure of her imagination or an actual demon, specifically targeting a traumatized child for kicks. Even worse, the place where Fran should have found her escape from her sinister past; the Oswald Asylum, which she is committed to at the beginning of the game, is instead awful on several levels.

These are among some of the best videogames 2020 moments that have the potential to scar you for life.

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