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Beware! Never Put These Food in the Fridge




We have all been blessed with the invention of the refrigerator. But never put these hot foods in the fridge for the love of Pizza!

What is love, if not for food? What is life if you don’t like to eat? Are you a foodie too? Yes? Then this article is going to be your cup of tea (pun intended). Our ancestors started with raw meat and farmed vegetables. Since they always pretty much had their food fresh & ‘bloody’ uh, I mean ‘juicy,’ they didn’t need a refrigerator to store things they would want to eat. It was just like a Subway sandwich, except the waiting line, your awkward Sandwich Artist, and yeah, no payments, just a friendly one on one between you and the mammoth. So, I am trying to imply that things were much easier (not) for our grand, grand, grand (x infinity) fathers back then.

As time passed by, humans thought about stepping up their game (because we get bored after a while hehe). Hence, we started STORING food. It happened once, it happened twice, then again, then again. You know how these tales go, one thing led to another, and we invented ‘The Fridge.’ Mr. Fridge came and knocked our food storage problems out of the park with that efficient cooling and spacious compartments (insert ancestor’s face).

Today, everybody uses a fridge without understanding How to Store Food in the Fridge?. I mean, why not? It is such a COOL invention. If someone still isn’t using a refrigerator, they must be in the wrong timeline (I DON’T CARE, TIME TRAVEL DOES EXIST!). Considering the popularity of this machine and the fact that you are still reading this, let me make this article a bit more useful for you. Though you must think you already know everything about refrigerating food, I will still beat you over the head with my knowledge on the subject. But seriously, these are going to be some useful tips to properly store your food and realize that not everything goes in the fridge. So, stay with me and be enlightened readers.

Never Put These Food in the Fridge

  1. Refrigerate Eggs or not

The simple answer is NOT. It isn’t really your fault; many refrigerators literally come with egg holders making it look normal. But don’t put your eggs into refrigerators because eggs lose their nutritional value when stored at low temperatures. I’m not one saying it, the Journal of Storing Food in the Fridge Protection published this information. It’s all in the science folks. Low temperatures tear down the active enzymes and essential minerals, causing the overall nutritional quality to deteriorate.

How to store hard-boiled eggs, though? They can go to the fridge but cover them with a damp cloth and put them in a closed container.

  1. Onions

They are tricky to slice; they make you cry and don’t even get me started on the smell of onion breathe. Ladies & gentlemen, this is a relationship of love and hate. They give us tears, yet we all want to know if storing onions in the fridge is a good idea. The thing about onions is that they contain starch; when you store starch-based food at a cold temperature, it goes damp and watery. If the onion is half cut, the best way is to keep them in a sealed can in the fridge.

  1. How to store tomatoes?

Storing tomatoes in the fridge for a crunchy and cold taste in the salad? Yeah, well, stop doing that. Tomatoes lose their texture and inner membrane when stored at low temperatures. The volatile compounds in tomatoes are also adversely affected if left in the refrigerator. The best way to retain the taste of a tomato is to keep it in the natural environment.

  1. Honey

Personally, I have asked this question many times, does honey go bad if not refrigerated? It seems like a question Winnie the Pooh would ask, but I’m not the classic yellow bear in the red t-shirt (or am I?). Well, be assured that honey never goes bad. You can even refrigerate it, but it is not advisable as the low temperature will crystallize honey. But it doesn’t get spoiled and is the only food that never goes bad. It can get clouded over long periods, which is a problem you can easily solve by placing the jar in mildly warm water.

  1. Garlic

I know it is very convenient to cut a garlic slice to use in food and leave the remaining part in the fridge. Guess what internet people? That is not good! Storing garlic in the fridge would make it moist. Moist garlic spoils at a much faster pace than any other thing. Keep it in a dry room with good air circulation instead, and it will last you a couple more cooking sessions.

With garlic, our article has concluded, folks. The modern world has many problems, but taking care of your food shouldn’t be one. It is why I (not Winnie the Pooh) recommend you never to put these foods in the fridge. Enjoy eating!

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