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Big Deal Microsoft Games acquire Bethesda in $7.5 billion




The biggest deal of the Microsoft Games history. You all have certainly heard about a very famous game Bethesda. It has an excellent record with regard to commercial success. The parent company of Bethesda ZeniMax Media is now owned by the largest network Microsoft. It has been 34 years for to Bethesda working in the market. It is believed that collaboration with a network larger than will make you grow. Microsoft is top of the entire list with the most expensive and incredible resources. So, the decision of Bethesda to join Microsoft is a step forward to advancement and betterment. Along with Microsoft, the gaming standards of Bethesda would move to the next level. Thus, you can hope to get more passionate and innovative games from the Microsoft Games.

What is the relationship between ZeniMax and Bethesda Softworks?

There is great confusion about the relationship between ZeniMax media and Fallout Studio Bethesda Softworks. The ZeniMax media is the parent company of two games i.e. Doom and Fallout Studio Bethesda Softworks. And on 22nd September 2020 Microsoft, the biggest network working through have acquired the ZeniMax Media. So, thus the studios under ZeniMax media are now owned by Microsoft Games. Bethesda Softworks was established in 2001 and was a brand published by ZeniMax Media.

Did Microsoft Games surely buy Bethesda?

No, confusion at all now. Bethesda Softworks have announced on their website about the joining with Microsoft. Microsoft Games acquire Zenimax Media the parent organization of Bethesda for $7.5 Billion in cash. This deal is the biggest revival in the history of Microsoft Games. Taking the last deal of Microsoft games with Minecraft developer Mojang was acquired for $2.5 billion. The famous titles of Bethesda: Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo on exclusives times is going to debut on PlayStation 5. However, we expect big rivals from the Microsoft games in the coming days.

Moreover, Microsoft says the leadership structure of ZeniMax Media will not be changed. There are 2300 employees currently employed. The CEO of ZeniMax also stated in one of his statements that they have enjoyed the partnership with Microsoft for decades. And this deal is considered the natural progression of those years working together.

Is Bethesda Game Studios publicly traded?

Bethesda and the parent organization of it; ZeniMax Media are privately owned. There is a question on many people’s mouths that Is Bethesda Game Studios publicly traded?  The answer to this no! Bethesda does not have their stock on brokers’ sites. As they are not publicly traded companies. Therefore, the only big organization could only purchase. As Microsoft Games Network has acquired it.

Is Bethesda a publisher or developer?

First of all, you have to get the difference between the developer and publisher of Video games.

  • The developers are those who are responsible for creating and manufacturing the game.
  • Whereas, publishers are those who undertake the job marketing, sales, and PR of that video game.

When publishers are impressed with a game, then they fund on promoting and advertising it. Bethesda Softwork is a publisher of video games. In the beginning fifteen years of its work, Bethesda was a developer too. Then they own their publisher titles. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of the video developed in the ZeniMax studios.

Which are games that Bethesda has published?

The most recent game that Bethesda has published is” Prey “ in the year 2017. Furthermore, you have heard two popular names “Ghostwire” and “Deathloop”. These two incredible games are going to publish in the coming year 2021 along with the collaboration of Microsoft Games.

However, there are many famous and amazing that Bethesda has previously published. And they can be said the reason or the helping hand behind the success and fame of Bethesda. Some of them are The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonored, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, etc.

Why is so shocking that Microsoft acquired Bethesda?

The news on Monday 21, 2020 shocked the whole industry. After Microsoft acquires Bethesda, the software has become one of the industry’s biggest publishers. Moreover, it becomes the owners of some most successful gaming series. However, this game has embossed great pressure on the Xbox brand.

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The basic video game publisher and division of Microsoft is Xbox Games Studios. There is a wide range of paid and free games on the Xbox Studio. Bethesda Softworks is expected to prove beneficial for Microsoft. As well as for the video game studio also.


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