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Biggest Hospital in the US



The US has got the list of some popularly biggest hospitals in the US every state. A list of the biggest hospitals in the US can be concluded by providing the accommodation and how huge the faculty is running the hospital but with top quality assurances dig in!

List of Biggest Hospital in the US

  1. Los Angeles County+USC Medical Centre

LAC and USC medical center is one of the most notable medical institutes in Southern California. The institute is among the most prominent public hospitals in the country with 600-beds. LAC USC is also affiliated with medical schools like Keck School of Medicine and the LA County College of Allied Health and Nursing. For those who don’t know, this medical center is a leading health professionals’ training institute, and is considered a premier academy for medical teaching.

Thousands of aspiring medical students join the institute every year to benefit from the quality teaching and advanced departments. The one hundred and fifty-year-old medical center has a rich history of local heritage and essential services. Their current building was opened in 2008 because the original hospital building was unfortunately damaged in 1994 due to the Northridge Earthquake. Though the new building doesn’t have a similar historical background, it excels in its cutting-edge facilities.

LAC USC general hospital provides services like acute inpatient, crisis stabilisation, crisis support, mental health services, and psychological testing services. It is open 24 hours for all kinds of medical and emergency needs. LAC USC emergency room is the centerpiece the technologically advanced hospital.

The academic and autonomous clinical department includes 120 monitored beds. It has the resources to manage about 500 patients in the early triage and evaluation. The department also has a spectrum of pediatrics’s and adult surgical and medical conditions. Inside the emergency department, 28 percent of total trauma cases in the entire Los Angeles County are treated. Over 600 residency program students have successfully graduated from here and are being appointed for LAC USC jobs after completion.

LAC USC urgent care is also involved with the Paramedic Base Station, the Center of Life Support Training & Research, the Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber on Catalina Island, the Emergency Evaluation Area of LA County Jail Service, and an observation unit.

LAC USC wellness center is situated in the Historic General hospital, and it was opened back in 2014. This place is designed to empower individuals with knowledge and awareness of better health via education and health & advocacy services. The LAC USC wellness center encourages individuals of all ages to make positive changes in their lifestyles. One of the founding members of is called East Los Angeles Women Center or ELAWC.

It works with other partner agencies and on-site health associates like nurses, doctors, and social workers to address various issues linked to issues impacting communities, families, and individuals.

The LAC USC, also called the LAC USC clinic tower, has the highest quality of customer service, and its business framework is highly centred towards emergencies. LAC USC is not only active in the local community, but it also has a substantial social media presence. It produces YouTube videos on health-related themes.

Through these videos, the staff and management try to educate people on how a day goes by in their residents’ lives, tips for tackling medical emergency situations, and even their own staff to be more polite with the patients. This institute has developed a fantastic community of passionate health workers. It makes LAC USC one of the top medical institutes in the US.

It is one of the largest hospitals in the states located in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles, Boyle heights. The reason it is in the list of biggest hospitals due to its accommodation that sums up to 1000 medical graduate trainees. It has covered up for all the emergencies, inpatient, and outpatient sources. More than 30,000 patients got discharged making it the busiest hospital ever. Emergency patients visits per year are estimated to be more than 150,000

  1. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen- Taxes

Since 2000, Allen hospital has been serving its local community as the first robotic technology service. Their experts are providing health care specialities in orthopaedics, back, and spine, cardiology. They have even expanded their building to a three-story building.


Since 2000, Texas Health Allen, the first and only hospital in Allen, has been an integral part of this emerging community. Over the years, this hospital has grown, its technology has been advanced, and clinical services have been expanded to meet the needs of thousands of patients in the community. One thing that has remained the same in this institute is their unwavering commitment to excellence in providing care and comfort to each and every patient. As a faith-based health care provider, its guiding philosophy is to take care of the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. There are skilled physicians within the hospital walls with an inviting healing environment, caring and trained staff members & innovative technology. Patients can experience personalised services that humanise healthcare. Among its many services, it offers advanced women’s care for all ages, from having a baby in its family birthplace to breast care and gynaecologic surgery.

They are also the first hospital in Texas to be designated as a baby-friendly hospital by the World Health Organization. It is actively addressing mothers’ and newborns’ needs by providing services that help protect, promote, and support breastfeeding. Texas health Allen also boasts a robust, searchable program including advanced orthopedic surgeries for hips, knees, and backs. It was also the oldest hospital in the Dallas Fort Worth area to utilise advanced robotic technology to facilitate partial knee replacement surgeries. Texas Health Allen believes that nothing is more important after surgery than a quick recovery. That is why surgeons on its medical staff use the Da Vinci SI surgical system, a robotic-assisted technology for gynecology and ear, nose, and throat procedures.

When the hospital was opened in December 2000, the city of Allen was 43,000 residents. Flash forward to today, the city of Allen has over 100,000 people that were privileged to serve in this community. At that time, the hospital has invested heavily in the service line, technology, and people, to allow the Texas community to get their care close to home. Whether it be robotic surgery access, advanced comprehensive orthopedic care, or our luxurious labor and delivery suites, Texas South Allen has made the commitment to do what the community needs. It is essential for people to realize that Texas  Health Allen is taking care of people’s healthcare needs 24-hours a day.

Although Allen has grown to a population of around a 100,000 people, it still has a close-knit, small-town feel. One of the reasons is the availability of only one high school. The community feels like one team, and Texas Health Allen is a part of that. It is just comfortable to know people of this neighborhood have health care right at their back door. The health care facility is so dedicated to their work that in an interview, a senior employee still recalls the first patient of this hospital. According to the staff, to keep up with the expansion and the growth in the Texas community, Texas health Allen has added services. They clearly provide the healthcare facilities that I would want for my family.

  1. Advent Health – Florida

Making it way to the US number 1 best hospitals, Advent Health has huge capacity inside. The best is made by its large occupied area. It has got immense popularity in diabetic, gastroenterology, and gynecology. It’s not the first tie its being ranked on umber 1 but has glued the position for many years. It has maintained its technology and has ranked best in the IT department.

  1. Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital–Indiana

It is the biggest healing centre within the state of Indiana and one of as it were three territorial Level I Injury Centers within the state. It has almost 600 staffed beds and is one of the biggest educating healing centers within the zone.The healing centre is additionally considered a neurosurgery center of fabulousness, as well as a master in organ transplantation, urology, neurology, orthopedics, and pediatrics.

  1. NYU Langone Hospitals -New York

NY is positioned No. 9 on the Leading Clinics Honor Roll.To assist patients, choose where to get care, U.S. News creates clinic rankings by accessing the information on about 5,000 healing centres in 16 grown-up restorative specialities, 10 grown-up methods

  1. Dignity Health-St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center-Arizona

This hospital estimated bed count can be a 577-bed, not-for-profit healing center that gives a wide extend of health, social and back administrations. St. Joseph’s could be a broadly recognized center for restorative instruction and research methodology.

  1. University of Washington Medical Center-Washington

The already huge university of Washington has now added another Huge building with almost eight-story building started in 2012. Increasing the beds up to 570. With expanding space, they have started new departments few of them are oncology, transplant, and ICU. It has been ranked in 10th position among America’s best hospitals.

  1. Morristown Medical Center -New jersey

New Jersey has the title of number 1 hospital position in best health center rankings 2019-2020, the Morristown Medical Centre Atlantic health system. Best hospital for Cardiology & Heart Surgery and ranked number 34 in Orthopaedics.

  1. Hackensack University Medical Center- New jersey

Research and teaching hospital with accommodation of more than 700 beds is a nonprofit hospital located in Hackensack, its admission history can be recorded as to be the fourth largest hospital in northern new jersey providing its best services with the best faculty system.

  1. Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital-Michigan

This hospital marks back the time in 1875 when it was first founded as marks home and health center. Now it is affiliating students with Michigan State University College Human Medicine. It is keeping all the emergencies casualties without standing trauma center

  1. Providence Alaska Medical Center -Alaska

The largest hospital that has built up the biggest staff that includes 1190 nurses and 850 physicians. This enormous faculty looks after more than 401-bed patients. Moreover, it is the second-largest health center in Alaska with private employees.

  1. Massachusetts General Hospital- Massachusetts

It is one of the oldest hospitals founded in 1811 with the largest capacity of 999 beds becoming the biggest health provider in Massachusetts. Best hospitals among us on Number 6.

  1. Brigham and Women’s Hospital- Massachusetts

Boston has the largest hospital in the state that is Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The current CEO of the hospital is Elizabeth Nabel who is an American cardiologist with many other reputable positions. It has carried many successful operations that no other hospitals have served like successful heart valve operation. %

  1. Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus-Ohio

This one is not just limited to Ohio but it has made its name throughout the nation and states being the best of all the best hospitals with outstanding quality assurance. It’s also a teaching hospital where graduates complete their medical studies that have the largest occupied beds up to 1059.

  1. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital-Pennsylvania

A hospital that serves the teaching for Thomas Jefferson University. It is a multi-system health center. Located in the center city of Philadelphia with more than 900 beds. It has an outstanding emergency department with all the essential needs.


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