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Blow Your Mind With 10 Interesting Human Mind Fun Facts




 The human mind is the most fascinated part of the body that is the organ of the central nervous system which helps to receive signals and response with the help of brain signals. Although it weighs only 2% on average of the total weight of the body it is the master of all organs.  The human body runs by the commands given by our brain. They can be emotions related to anger or what our body is feeding our brain in response to get healthier. We have listed some interesting facts that will blow your mind upside down.

  1. Variety of cells

Our body contains the same cells in most of the muscles like the liver but our brain has more than one type of cells. One of these cells is called neurons.

  1. Shrinking in size

This may sound bizarre but it has been researched by the paleo anthropological that by the time our brain has become smaller than our ancestral brains. This could also be related to our body size. Automatically our bodies will also be smaller in size due to the placement of brains in the head. This is scary but after all, evolution does exist. works vice versa the larger the brain the larger needs to be the nervous system and ultimately the body has to be huge to support the weight.

  1. Voluntary brain response

Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia the medical term used to describe the situation of your brain freeze. Your brain helps you to respond quickly and save you from dying were with a sudden action your blood pressure increases, this is the point your brain is telling you o calm down its ok!

  1. Save you from the starving condition

Even been in a situation where your body sugar level drops low and feels drowsy in seconds. In conditions where your body can get severely collapsed, your brain needs only two ingredients to start-up normal in no time, oxygen, and glucose. Yes, only these two can save you from big.

  1. Mood frequency

Our way of doing things usually describes our mood situation.  This situation is controlled by the brain. It signals the kind of mood our body is going through and act accordingly. Music can be of great help with mood functioning. Like in a sad mood we would probably want to hear slow music. It’s a psychological fact that listening to hard rock music can increase the intensity. Notice while you are walking briskly listening to fast music.

  1. Daily thoughts

The thought process is very usual for every human being. These thoughts are estimated to be 50,000 to 70,000 in 24 hours. Our brain is mostly effected y our thoughts. The healthier the thoughts, the better would be our brain performing functions.

  1. Decision making

Surprisingly it has been found the human decisions are made unconsciously. It has been researched that before even knowing about the decision our brain has decided and functioned it in human minds just a few seconds before.

  1. It’s Painless

It’s amazing to know that the organ of the body that sends signals of pain to our mind to feel the sensation is itself painless. Yes! The brain itself can not feel the pain and this is the reason surgeons carry our operation without numbing the brain.

  1. Cognitive reserve

The brain is itself the most powerful organ of the body has a way of preventing itself from damage. This damage is controlled by the process of cognitive reserve. This is a resistance force of the brain to protect from damage.

Early time responsiveness

The brain starts to respond at the time when the human baby isn’t born yet. It starts to respond in the fourth week of pregnancy.






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