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Brain age switch a best way to Boost Memory with problem-Solving Skills




Brain age or Dr.Kawashima’s brain age is a highly addictive game, it is a series of games by Nintendo. The reason it is called Dr.Kawashima’s brain age is that it is based on the work of neuroscientist Dr.Ryuta Kawashima. Following ‘Brain age switch:  Trian your Brain in Minutes a Day’, ‘Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day’ in 2005, ‘Brain age Express’ in 2008, ‘Brain Age: Concentration Training’ in 2012, now ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch’ is the latest release in 2019.

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch is also simply called Brain training switch and brain age switch. The reason for its popularity is its ingenious, addictive, and fun way you can test your brain skills.

What brain age is about?

For starters, we are about to tell you what brain age is exactly about. As told previously, it is based on the groundbreaking work of a neuroscientist, Dr.Ryuta Kawashima. This game contains simple yet challenging exercises for your brain. Taking a brain age test every day for just 5 minutes has awesome outcomes.

Brain age test and what benefits it bears

If you play brain age switch for just 5 minutes a day, we are pretty sure that this game can help you with the following skills

  • To polish your memory skills for sure

  • It will elevate your IQ level

  • Can increase your problem-solving skills in a fun interactive way

  • If you play brain age switch for quite some time, you will pay more attention to details

  • You will get good with numbers and in mental calculations.

  • It helps to developa love for learning in school going kids as it turns education into a fun challenge.

How brain age switch is different from the previous ones

The brain age switch is almost the same as its previous versions. It has all of the modes that previous versions had, only updated. Those include

Number Problems

It involves mathematics, you need to solve math problems as soon as possible. This is an ingenious technique to boost your skill to quickly solve mathematical problems in mind.

Symbols and letters

You need to memorize symbols before they disappear and then produce them in the right order.


This tricky game helps a lot to boost brain memory and problem-solving.

The only difference is having is the new IR sensor. This is pretty awesome; you need to pint fingers instead of writing your answer down. You can even play rock paper scissors. As we know that the new Nintendo Switch is equipped with an IR sensor in the right Joy-Con. The latest brain age switch made ingenious use of it. brain age switch presents these two modes


In this mode, mini-games are available to be played at a pace according to the player’s own will. Each mini-game is unlocked daily. It no presents a new multiplayer feature. The players compete with each other with their brain age score, the higher your brain age score is, the more pro player you are.

Daily training

The daily draining mode is the regular mode, here your progress is saved and updated as you proceed in your daily pieces of training. Your training stats are built up and you can see where your graph is going.


This mode is the latest, fun, and amazing. In this mode, players are connected with the internet to compete with each other. This mode makes use of the Nintendo Switch Online. the championship is open every Saturday. Every player is provided with 2 attempts to solve the daily training puzzle as fast as they can. The fastest and swiftest attempts are chosen to be presented in the championship. Every player can instantly see where his score is ranked. Moreover, players can see the compiled leaderboard every Monday to see who secured the top rank and what was his best time. They have also added a cool feature of direct messages. You can send in-game text messages to other players, have conversations with them, and compare your scores with them. Another fun thing that happened this year was this mode was employed to hold a competition with the mind behind the game, yes people had the chance to compete with Dr. Ryuta Kawashima himself. This is expected to happen again soon.

Isn’t it a fun game? Go grab your own Nintendo switch and test your brain age.


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