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Burj Khalifa Construction Struggling from hardships to Leading Luxurious Lifestyle




No doubt, this building is the vanguard of architecture modernization. It was designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merill (SOM), an American architectural and engineering firm, supports urban projects. The building Burj Khalifa is not just a tower, it’s basically, space where habitants can find each sort of quality services in a restaurant, hotels, residential apartments, terraces, aquarium, shopping space, offices, luxurious lounges, and four swimming pools. During construction, it took twelve-thousand worker working services each day and twenty-two million working hours for its completion.

The Burj Khalifa construction took the time-span of six-years, started from January 2004, and completed in October 2009. It’s officially opened for the public in 2010 on January 4. At its launch time, almost ten-thousand fireworks were shot to celebrate the opening.

Burj Khalifa Construction challenges

During the construction of this great exploitive, what sort of challenges have been faced by the workers, engineers, and architectures? They had to face which kind of hardships? And by how they solved these problems?

Challenge no.1 – Undesigned Structure:

The very first challenge faced by the workers had to complete this building’s structure on time. The time given for its completion is of six years. But the engineers need three years to design the building’s structure and if it happens then within the next three years the building’s construction would become impossible for its completion. So, the engineering team decided to start work and developed the building’s design side by side. Finally, in February 2004, they started digging base grounds.

Challenge no.2 – Present soil is not appropriate for a skyscraper:

When the time came to place the building’s base another problem arises that for situating the most-tallest building the engineers need solid huge rocks placing below. So that the structure of the building is stood on any heavy-hard concrete mean. Whereas, the concerned area was having acute weak rocks and the soil present below is not appropriate to withstand a skyscraper building. To overcome this challenge, engineers applied science’s simple formula of friction. Hence, they decided to stand the building’s structure on 192 equally distributed solid-steel piles, dug fifty meters underground to maintain the building’s weight and base.

Challenge no.3 – buttress core structure:

For Burj Khalifa construction, the management team ‘Emaar’ handed over this project to the USA’s top construction company, located in Chicago. The company had already designed many other structures of various buildings very-well but this time they get indulged in some hardships. Their challenge is to make such a building that can stand weighing tons’ concrete and steel, which has 160 floors in it and natural light get passed in between. After the efforts of day and night, the firm finally found its solution in case of introducing ‘buttress structure’.

Challenge no.4 – Concrete suction system:

Till now they had made many floors but then instantly they had to face another problem and that is when the workers had to take the concrete mixture to the upper floors for construction purpose, the concrete gets dried due to summer heat. Then the team decided to display Concrete Suction System. For this purpose, they installed three thick powerful pipes from bottom to top which can place concrete mixture at any floor though having the weight more than of one-lac elephants. Through this system, the concrete mixture remains in liquid form and can easily be pumped-up. But this task has been done at night time by the workers when the tendency of heat was lesser.

Challenge no.5 – bold crane operators:

Now three years have been passed. The building’s 140 floors have been constructed and at this point, they made a new record of becoming the world’s tallest building. Here the team had to face a new challenge and that is the cranes used at the construction site were have the capacity to uplift the material to the 120th floor. Not only this, the crane operators who operate these machines were refuse to work above this height. To minimize this hack the HR department hired bold crane operators from all over the world. These crane operators have one thing in common and that is they were not afraid of working at height. These crane operators worked at a height of 700 meters, spending twelve-hours working per day. They even sleep in their crane cabins.

Challenge no.6 – installation of glass panels:

Now, only two years have been left in launching this building. Almost its complete structure is ready up till now. Here the need comes to place 24000 glass panels on it. when the situation comes at this point, these glass panels became unable to protect the inner side of the building from entering the sun-rays from outside. At this state, the measuring temperature inside was about 100 degree centigrade. To keep the building’s inside temperature cool, the firm needed to install many strong cooling applications that utilized 10 percent more electricity cost overall. To find out the solution eighteen months have been passed. At last, one day the great renowned architect ‘John Zarafa’ introduced the solution but it will cost very expensive. Well, their suggestion will be accepted as no other option is viewed by others. The brilliant architecture made a glass that can reflect the UV raises originated from the Sun so that raises won’t come inside the building. But the price of one glass panel costs 2000 US dollars and the team should have to install such twenty-four thousand panels.

The total estimated amount costs 3 Arab 40 crore, which leads to much expensive. So, the team decided to display a factory where these glass panels were designed and manufactured by the workers themselves. This needs four months period, to manufacture these aluminum glass panels.

Challenge no.7 – placement of the Telescopic Spire:

In the last year of construction of Burj Khalifa, it’s almost ready to launch. Gas, electricity, and sanitation installation has been done but still, something is missing and that is ‘Burj Khalifa’s top floor’s construction is un-completed. A solid steel pipe needs to be installed at the top having 136 meters long, and 350 tons heavy. The problem displayed here, as there is no crane present in the world that can uplift this much weight and accessible to reach that height. At last, the team decided to install this steel Telescopic spire by keep lifting it into parts turn by turn from inside the building towards the upper position. When the parts of the spire reached the top, workers there assembled the parts, and in this way, the steel spire gets situated in their concerned position.

Challenge no.8 – polishing of glass panels manually:

At this point, Burj Khalifa is almost ready to be launched but due to work of construction, the building’s all-glass panels get tidy. So, there is a need to clean and polish them. This enhances the building’s beauty more appropriately. This task has been done by the workers themselves. They hanged themselves with the rope and did polishing with their hands. Still, this tough-risky task is performed by the workers.

Burj Khalifa construction cost:

On the construction of this tallest building, almost 1.5 billion US dollars have been invested. Not only this the steel spire installation costs 1 million US dollars additional. This building symbolizes a unique mark in the field of architecture’s history.

Burj Khalifa construction facts

  • Burj Khalifa’s height is almost three times longer in length when it’s compared with Eiffel Tower.
  • Burj Khalifa’s 24000 glass panels weight is almost equal to thirty-five A380 aircrafts weight.
  • The world’s top spotted hotel is situated in Burj Khalifa.
  • The elevators installed in the Burj Khalifa is the fastest one throughout the world. These elevators are specially designed to protect from evacuation during emergencies. It is the single-longest running lift covering 140 floors at a time. The building is having fifty-seven elevators and eight escalators.
  • Building’s top floors terraces are automatically get closed during heavy wind storms because the pressure of wind measured on the top floors is almost equal to category 1’s hurricane which is not suitable for humans to stay there in this weather condition.
  • Burj Khalifa’s peak can be seen by a person standing away at the 100km spot from concerning the building.
  • The place where Burj Khalifa’s building standing today, previously building of military headquarters was situated.
  • Burj Khalifa is the only place from where viewers can enjoy the sun-set two times. First time from upper floors and secondly from lower floors of the building.
  • Four workers died while constructing this tallest building.

Burj Khalifa constructed height

Burj Khalifa is considered the first tallest building in the world, having a height of 2716 feet (828 meters). From the top floors, you can even see clouds revolving around your building’s windows.

Burj Khalifa constructed floors

The Burj Khalifa construction maintains world records for its unique structures and services. It keeps a record of tallest-standing building’, highest engaged floor’, ‘highest no. of floors’, ‘elevator having fastest running capacity’ at a time.

  • The building is comprised of more than 160 floors and being connected with staircases and elevators.
  • The building keeps 163 floors above the ground and only 1 floor is located below the ground.
  • The building is having the world’s second-highest swimming pool, marked on the 76th floor.
  • The rooms and hotels situated above the 160th floor considered to be the highest human habituated floors throughout the world.
  • The building is having top-class hotel services offers on floor 122. Visitors can entertain themselves with luxurious services having various continental main courses and skyline walk from the height of 441 meters.
  • The building is having the world’s highest nightclub situated on the 144th floor.
  • After each thirty-minutes, the Dubai fountain dance starts, which is situated exactly in front of the building’s ground floor. The visitors can enjoy this fun-activity at sharp 6 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. It maintains another record of having the world’s largest dancing fountain system.

Burj Khalifa constructed top-ranking hotels and restaurants:

  • The hotels and restaurants spotted within the building offer the guests lavish services. The café’s chefs seem to be specialized in various cuisines. Each restaurant and hotel are well-known for having its unique specialties. The top-floor situated restaurant ‘At.mosphere’ is the best dining place. Then comes ‘Armani Hotels’ Armani Amal (Indian banquet hall), Armani Restorante (Quintessential Italian café), Armani Mediterraneo, Armani Lounge, Armani Hashi (Japenese cuisine café), Armani Deli (a classic eatery), and many more.

Burj Khalifa construction Awards:

The building has been nominated for many awards and wins the award of ‘best tallest building in Middle-East and Africa’. In 2010, on the platform of Middle East architect awards, the building won the award of ‘Best project of the year’.

Talking about the Burj Khalifa construction ‘God Gill Architecture’ mentioned, the present building can modify the landscape and made everything possible in the field of architecture. The building became a recognition mark before its completion within the world. He titled this building ‘Burj Khalifa as a building of a Century.

burj-khalifa-constructed-floors burj-khalifa-construction-facts burj-khalifa-construction-cost burj-khalifa-construction

Burj Khalifa Construction Struggling from hardships to Leading Luxurious Lifestyle
Burj Khalifa Construction Struggling from hardships to Leading Luxurious Lifestyle
The Burj Khalifa construction took the time-span of six-years, started from January 2004, and completed in October 2009.
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