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Can You Be The Next Renee Young?



Renee Young, the bright name of WWE hosting has decided to quit the show. But what it takes to be the next Renee young? How did she make it through so far? Can you be the next Renee Young? Let’s dig from scratch.

WWE has given a lot to the entertainment industry. But now it has lost its best commentator Reene young this year. She has worked with the company for 8 years and has finally said goodbyes to the WWE entertainment. She broke the news while doing her show SummerSlack. She addresses the fans and told them that there would be no other panel like Thunderdome. It was heartbreaking to watch her breaking the news on the show.

She has given tremendous performance in her career, she has done backstage interviews commentaries and being one of the loved people by the huge number of fans. She is the first women commentator on the entire raw episode making history in 2018.

Renee wrote to her fans on Instagram and make an announcement and a heartfelt goodbye post. She has also given hints about her future goals that she will keep on pushing herself for bigger challenges that means she is up to something bigger,

During her journey in WWE, she met the love of her life Jon Moxley and they got married soon. They both worked in WWE but soon her husband jumped to AEW. Fans have been wondering what it would be like for the couple to compete for the promotions. But young have said it in most of her interviews that people are just t curious about us but all we do when we get back home sitting on a sofa talking about wrestling all the time.

Why Did She Quit?

The news has brought many controversies about Renee leaving WWE. When Renee got COVID she talked openly about it on social media. Before the news, WWE also called off to the WWE backstage on fox sports 1. Renee was supposed to do the hosting with other famous names of the industries. But unfortunately and most probably due to her health the show got canceled.

Keene revealed an indirect glimpse of the reaction she had when she openly talked about her COVID 19 positive result. They didn’t tell her directly but somehow she had the gut feeling they were offended by not discussing it with the faculty and announcing it bluntly to the world. For which Renee never felt guilty about as she always wants to share a genuine bond with her fans.

It was also expected from Renee to leave WWE as her husband went to AEW. Fans were prediction this would happen any soon as she would probably want to continue with her husband.

Her 8 years of a journey made it quite clear that she will be missed as many of her costars wised her a farewell goodbye. Bayley, Kevin, Big E the famous known stars bid her goodbye from WWE. She started her journey and soon made it to the top her personality was for hosting the big shows.

Who will be the next Renee?

While losing the biggest name in WWE hosting, fans are expecting a lot from the company to come up with something that can be as edgy as the work of Renee Young, although rumors have it that they are planning to replace the talent with Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods. This what exactly WWE needs right now to fill the hype that will be lost with the departure of Renee Young.


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