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Can’t wait to live on Moon, Artemis Squad make Civilians Lunar Residents




The dream to live and survive on the moon is going to become reality within the coming next years. NASA took the crucial initiative to make this happened. They declared that the astronaut’s team having eighteen members will start preparations to approach life on the moon from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Another distinctive fact about this mission is that NASA announced, the first person to land on the moon will be surely a woman-this promotes gender equality among the universe. If this will happen then it maintains a unique cultural benchmark for the rest of life as up till now, no women even set foot on the lunar surroundings. In general, it is assumed that within the previous fifty years it will be the first-ever human mission to make life-survival possible for longer-period on the moon.

In Orlando, from adherent posting WMFE, the lady of NASA, ‘Kayla Barron’ stated that-she always find herself busy gazing at the sky and stars at night time, continue imagining that how she feels when she will present on the moon surface and from there keeps on looking back at the earth surface. The lady is also a member of concerning NASA’s mission of human life on the moon.

Further another NASA’ lady member, ‘Byrne’ revealed some other secret facts related to this mission. She has been opted by NASA’s Artemis cadre, a squad of eighteen astronaut members comprised of 9 females and 9 males is being prepared for the moon mission. This moon mission is termed as ‘Artemis’ by NASA. This is Greek mythology means ‘the twin sister of Apollo’. In other words, we can say that Artemis will take a start of this mission from where Apollo genuinely left all the matter- conducting vital experimentations on the moon ostensible. Now, when Artemis spacecraft will visit the moon it continues the trip leading next to Apollo 13 in space.

Overview of Artemis Program:

Artemis’ crucial focus is to discover new technologies for life on the lunar South pole in longer context-obtaining informative sources from previous exiting samples of scientific experiments, explored by Apollo.

The Artemis team plotted very significant plans to approach this mission. Now, it’s time to see how will it be implemented and to which extent the mission will become possible in achieving decided goals. They will plan to move NASA’s Orion spacecraft from earth to moon and then backward. The launched spacecraft ‘mega-rocket SLS’ will complete this mission within three rounds. The first round from earth to the moon and backward will contain Artemis 1 squad for experimentation purpose and try to make human survival possible for a longer time, then round 2 also carries Artemis 2, astronaut squad from the moon to earth and backward to make possible better technical innovations and in last round the Artemis 3 squad carries humans for the first time from earth to the moon and backward and so on.

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Well, current imagination seems as much exciting is as much harder to make it real. Lunar missions will never be easy to implement as we are visualizing. In Apollo 1, NASA reported three astronaut deaths.

Artemis Spacecraft features:

The Artemis program is following the path of Presidents’ Space Policy Directive-1. They are leading a sustainable program based on innovative explorations to approach human expansion by commercial and international partners in the fields of space and the lunar surface. The team is almost ready to launch a human landing system-transport component in the shape of ascent and descent means that will be used to carry astronauts and common people from projecting orbiting lunar outpost or ‘Lunar Gateway’ and vice versa. For developing this landing gadget, they have been working on it for the past several years. The Artemis astrologist spent much of the time in space to explore environmental control and life-support systems. They tried with optimum potential to improve the reliability of these landing- gears.

When will the human spacecraft trip happen?

The exact launching year of the first human spacecraft trip is not yet revealed as NASA’s SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft are facing suspensions. The hidden reason is that the cost declaring for the spacecraft is less for its production. The ex-president of the US, Trump’s government imposed, NASA to launch their spacecraft trip carrying astronauts and other common people in the year 2024. But the problem arises here, the current president is not making any legal implications so it’s an unclear little bit, how much time is needed by NASA to complete their mission-to stay there for a longer time. But the estimated launching year will be viewed as the 2024 year. Whereas NASA’s ladies Christiana Koch and Jessica Meir started their Artemis training and preparing themselves to become a part of spacewalk trips.

What will be like ‘life on Moon’:

Many researchers and astrologists explored that life will be very distinctive on the moon when compared to earth. The moon’s surface lacks atmosphere, water, ocean, and weather projections whereas the portion of the moon’s south pole will be selected to make life-survival possible over there because the portion is comprised of enormous icy water and the atmosphere over there is somehow stable. Last time three astronauts from the Apollo mission stayed at the moon surface for three days but had to face many risks as due to lack of gravity level they fall or stumble on the surface. On the moon, the gravity is six times lesser than the earth.

How much you have to pay to make your dream real:

The almost estimated amount calculated by the astronauts to make human life survive with the provision of fundamentals costs almost 3 trillion and 600 billion US dollars for the whole year. The charged amount covers the expense of the landing-system, the cost of staying at the lunar surface, and the expense of greenhouses for food access.


Hopefully, the first flight by Artemis spacecraft will be reached at the destination of the lunar surface in 2024-carrying lucky humans.

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