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Clackamas County Faces Evacuation Due to the Wildfire




  • wildfires spreading rapidly, evacuation of thousands of homes ordered by the authorities
  • Many areas have been burned down an estimated 2.3 acres this year by the ravaging wildfire
  • More then 4 active wildfires have been spread already
  • Firefighters are battling to overcome the situation

Wildfire is not stopping at all. It has been advised by the authorities to immediately evacuate their homes and get to a safer place. People are leaving behind all their belongings as the fire has already destroyed and hits 3 people in Oregon.

To protect the citizens from the mishap, the authorities have requested them to leave their houses. The fire has been caught in nearby areas which are expected to spread along with their territories. Although levels 1,2, and 3 are under order the level 1 is under confirm the order of evacuation. But in a short period, all the levels were under the order to leave their homes. ASAP!

Not only the county territory but the urban area is also under the threat. Explained by the disaster management Nancy bush director.

The other active fires that were spread already are in Dowdy, Unger, and Wilhoite.

The fire got more active due to the wind that caused it to swirl in other areas activating the fire rage.

the step has to be taken as the dying rate has almost reached 6 on the west side. Which is an alarming situation?

California, Oregon, and now Colorado are facing the disaster which is also expected to happen in other areas as the weather reports due to the wind and it’s affecting the fire is increasing it rapidly

30,000 houses are under orders to evacuate immediately. People could hear the trees exploding in the west. The citizens were scared and some packed they belonging and left soon after the orders were given.

More than 200 structures were burned down due to fire and any more are expected to be destroyed.

So far, no dying rate have been reported from Clackamas County but the firefighters are fighting and might have got a little injury.

The whole scene is captured in a devastating mode. Where people are stocking up in Clackamas County Fairgrounds but the room there is still very less and they might have any space left.

Rv’s are of great help while staying there at a safe point distant from the wildfire could be of great help.

The locals are helping out each other where collages that were once shut down due to COVID are now filled with citizens to stay safe. The hotels have been fully packed and there is no room left.

The firefighters are still at no rest because the fire is expected t pop out on smaller areas fanned by the wind.

The devastating can not be less when people are bound to leave some of their animals behind. While others are seen carrying their horses and sheep to the safer place out of the reach of wildfire.

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