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Climate Change, a Bigger Threat Then COVID-19?




  • Climate change started decades ago, though we are still unable to get control over it
  • Youngsters have been coming out as climate change activists, it’s now a global movement
  • This is more threatening than COVID-19, it might have slow effects but it is a threat globally
  • Climate change will have a severe effect on warmer weather in the USA, North America.

We have been listening to these things like climate change, climate change movement for more than years that cannot be even counted. But as spoken before, the words slip out of the tongues and our minds immediately erase them. Why? Here is why!

Covid-19 has been the biggest issue not only in USA news today but it has shaken all the news channels worldwide. But how can a virus be so affecting that world is mourning over it? it is because of the rapid effects and the spread of the virus. It’s been more than a decade that climate change has begun but still, we see very little effort. Because we are not encountering death cases daily, our minds are designed to get the stimulus that gives immediate response.
Climate change is not a one-year process but it a matter of decades and an issue for many generations to come. We usually see news about whether today in the USA but rarely about climate change news.

But what is climate change? &

What caused climate change?

The molecules that mostly affect the environment are CO2 which is carbon dioxide, which is present in at low concentration in the atmosphere. This atom emitted in the USA will have the same effect in china or any other country. The emphasis here is that climate change is not limited to a specific country but it will affect the whole planet earth and is still affecting it.

What can be the biggest challenge for climate change? Are global warming and climate change the similar thing?

Global warming or climate change?

Global warming and climate change can be referred to as the same but global warming is one of the effects that climate change is facing. Effects of Global warming is a factor contributing to the causes of climate change effects. Air pollution, water pollution, and environmental changes are the biggest threat to climate change. Where air pollution is causing much of a stir and is more rapidly spread in the environment and is threatening to climate change at a big level.

All the above factors combined causes the effect of climate, and the answer to what caused climate change, which is indicating that climate change is no a singular thing but a bunch of worse things happening at the same time, affecting the environment for years and years.

Air pollution has increased enormously in the USA and most of the cities in America have been ranked among the most air-polluted cities in 2020.

Climate 2019, was recorded to be the highest global climate accelerated from 2015 to 2019 according to the World Health Organization. This also showed the increase in carbon dioxide concentration instigating global warming to be at highest during these years.

Now after almost a year, what is the effects of climate-changing in 2020? More wildfires in California which are now indicating to head their ways to Europe, continuous flooding in the US, arctic ice has already started melting, the forest has been burned down, wildlife ecosystem has been disturbed. Does it still seem to be a one man’s job? Or one country’s moto?

It’s an alarming change in the whole world.

Solutions to Climate Change

We live in our houses and take good care of it. from the kitchen to dining we make it look top-notch and make sure it looks breathtaking. What about the environment we breathe in? are we taking it seriously as much as we are taking care of our lives and homes? Hardships are known and are initiated for the sake of future generations by gifting them with what we have suffered for.

What is the major issue that we see in our daily life affecting climate? Cutting down trees making more and more industries, throwing garbage in water disturbing marine life, excessive use of pollution emitting vehicles, burning down forests unnecessarily, noise pollution from factories, honking horns, what can be the solution to limit all these causes?

Grow Trees

The effects of global warming are alarming for climate change and what is the major atom causing global warming to increase is carbon dioxide. Trees absorb CO2 which helps in limiting the access of carbon dioxide effect. This is the highlighted help of mother nature but it has got a lot to do with other factors like.

Increasing the number of trees is ultimately increasing and balancing our wildlife. it gives shelter to animals and may be the source of food for them

  • Trees are beneficial during flooding
  • Trees-emit oxygen that we need in our environment in a huge amount
  • The Trees are home for birds and nesting season
  • It also helps in soil erosion

Repair Vehicles

The commute is the basic need in the USA. People opt for their commute to avoid any disturbance but are you taking good care of your vehicle.
Vehicles are the top air pollution and noise producing things that need to be limited. How to limit the use of vehicles? Use local commutes like trains or busses. A single pollution emitting vehicle carrying more than hundreds would be less alarming then 100 of cars driving around

Less usage of Electricity

Electricity is a daily need. We need it in our homes, offices, restaurants everywhere, but what can be replaced by it? solar systems the best way to avoid electricity usage which is an all-natural process.

Avoid Accelerating Fires in the Forest

We have encounter residents accelerating fires in the nearby forest. It can be their garbage disposal or any other wastage they want to eliminate. This usually results in horrible wildfires.

Dumping should be done where there is no living species or any factors involved that can blow the fire to increase.
Recycling systems should be encouraged for disposal.

Protect Wildlife

We as humans can get alarmed by a dangerous situation whereas animals are not designed in such a way. They might not beware of the climate change effects. To protect them as wildlife is the ecosystem of our environment stabilizing species, that also has a role in food chain processes, we should shelter and protect them from climate change effects.

Stabilize Ecosystem

The ecosystem comprises all the living things including human beings, animals, marine life and plants, and the environment they are using for life, weather, and landscape.

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All this system should be stabilized to get balanced at living. Animals and plants are elements of mother nature but we as humans are more responsible toward ourselves and their responsibility remains on us as well.


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