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What Magnificent Change Highlighting and Contouring Makeup Results?




The contouring makeup trend has come from the fact of contouring in the survey. The process of determining the elevation of various points on a surface and fixing those points at the same position is known as Contouring in Survey. Now, let us discuss the most famous ongoing trend in the beauty industry is contouring makeup. The question that arises here is that what is the difference in makeup before and after contouring as well as highlighting that is increasing the demand rapidly. If we have a look at traditional makeup components that end from a face powder, mascara, blush, and lipstick are no more now. You cannot imagine how changes shocking before and after makeup are seen. Soon after replacing your traditional makeup foundation with an airbrush makeup kit, it’s time to replace your simple blush makeup with contouring makeup. You might be definitely confused at the point why is the contouring of the face being considered so important and urging. There are some surprising changes that contouring brings your face look and adds up infinite finishing detail to your look.

Why is Highlighting and Contouring Makeup so important?

Contouring is a sort of technique for sculpting and adding dimension to a person’s face with the help of makeup. The contouring palette contains slightly darker or lighter shades than the actual skin color. Contouring makeup is something quite different from the regular foundation and concealer, that typically match your skin complexion exactly. When you switch to highlighting and contouring makeup it adds effects of shadow and light to your face look. However, to create this magnificent, stunning professional look you need any special expensive contour kit. Yes, you can also use two shades of concealer or foundation, bronzer or highlighter to it. Making it simpler you can even use eye shadow or brow powder to create a contoured look.

Thus, the only thing you have to consider while using makeup products that always use the same texture along with appropriate make brushes in hand.

How to contour with powder; Step by Step contouring with pictures:

No doubt, contouring makeup enhances the natural beauty of your face shape. Yet contouring guidance is necessary for everyone as everyone has a different face structure and shape. Following is a step by step contouring with picture guidance for beginners and others to build a professional look.

  1. Prepare your face: Everyone’s first and foremost priority before makeup should be skincare. Before starting your makeup, wash your face and then apply some moisturizer. Moisturizer would avoid any dry skin and harsh lines. After this apply Primer which would act like skincare and last longer product.
  2. Shadow: After applying foundation and concealer it’s time to create shadows underneath your cheekbones. The best way to create the shadow of cheekbones by sucking in your cheeks and tracing the contouring brush along the hollows of your cheeks. In the same way, follow to create the natural shape of your jawline and temple. When creating shadows with a contouring brush and kit, it totally depends upon your face shape and unique facial features. It can be divided into three places along the sides of your nose. This would in the shape of ‘3’, from your hairline, under cheekbone, and jawline. You create an upside down triangle shape on your cheeks. After creating the main structure of the natural face, you have to use a good contouring brush to blend those lines until and unless you find your perfect makeup look.
  3. Highlighting: This lighter shade should be applied to those areas of the face that naturally reflect light such as the forehead, top of your cheekbones, the bridge and tip of your nose, cupids of the bow, and around your eyes and brow bone. If you don’t have any branded highlighter palette then you can use concealer of slighter lighter tone or a shimmery illuminator or eyeshadow.
  4. Blush: It is not a necessary part of your contouring makeup, but it will provide a more natural look. When you apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, it verily acts as a bridge between your shadow and highlight areas.
  5. Proper Blending: Since contouring makeup is a technique of using shades that don’t match exactly to your skin. Therefore, blending is quite important in this makeup step. Besides, contouring brushes you can also use a big, fluffy makeup sponge to blend the shadows with highlighter into your skin or the foundation layer above it. You would keep blending until and unless your lines create a natural look to your face.
  6. Apply Setting Product:  Now your face base is done. You can apply setting powder or spray to give a flawless finish and move to your eye makeup and lips stick.

Best Contouring Palette 2020 creates Shocking Before and After Makeup Look:

If you are looking to purchase only one overall best contouring palette then it’s impossible to find that one unique thing. As different Contouring Makeup brands are famous for various qualities of their contouring stick, palette, cream contouring palette, budget, etc. So, find what changes are shocking before and after makeup look using different products.

  • Best Contouring Kit for Oily Skin:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit costs around $40.


  • Best Contour Stick Kit:

A bit of expensive stick; Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Trio but comes in a pack of three sticks. The pack includes highlight, conceal, and contour.


  • Cheap Cream Contour Palette:

The most reasonable Contour palette available at the price of $8.00 is the E.L.F Cream contour palette.


  • Best Contour Kit for Beginners:

If you don’t which shade where to apply, then Nars Contour Blush is the best contour kit for you. As well as not much expensive as in $42.00 only.


  • Best Cream Contour Palette: 

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Face Palette is considered the best one in the cream contouring category. If you have extra dry skin, then get this palette for $45.00 now.


  • Best Contouring Kit for Professionals:

If you want to look for the professional preferred product then that is Lorac Cosmetics Pro Conceal/Contour Palette & Brush.


  • Best Contour Fair Skin Complexion:

If you have a very fair and bright skin tone, then you have to spend a good amount to purchase luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo. Its price is about $68.00.


What Magnificent Change Highlighting and Contouring Makeup Results?
What Magnificent Change Highlighting and Contouring Makeup Results?
Contouring makeup is something quite different from the regular foundation and concealer, that typically match your skin complexion exactly.
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