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Wolff insists heed to escalating COVID-19 cases in Formula 1




Torger Christian Wolff- the Austrian investor and the ex-racing driver takes strict notice of COVID-19 cases in Formula 1. He puts great emphasis on the authority of Formula 1 champion 2020, to be active from the side of pandemic embossing. As the calendar of Formula 1- the season of 2020 already has faced delay from getting started in July. However, it got the permit to be held by avoiding trips to Asia and America. Thus, specifically, return the arena to get back the love of its fan and lovers. 

Total COVID-19 Cases in Formula 1 reported yet: 

Wolff is the team principal of the focused element of F1 race, Mercedes said the increase of COVID -19 cases in Formula 1 “can’t ignore”. Besides, he also negotiates the desire to aid the final four races to go smoothly without any disruptions. No counterparts, that all the safety measures were held on foremost heed, yet have to highest-profile personalities appraised positively in the COVID test. Furthermore, there are two affected casualties in the team of Mercedes itself. Consequently, there was a replacement for the Eifel Grand Prix. 

Prior to this, there very eight COVID-19 tests in Formula 1 prominent through the examination period from October 30th to November 5th ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix.

The prominent rise in the COVID-19 globally including England, which comprises seven elements of Formula 1 is undertaken second part of national lockdown. Thus, it can be expected to have a response as many nations closing their doors at the end of the season. 

Secrets breakout from F1 commission Meeting: 

The boss of Mercedes said these words: “It has been discussed in the [F1 commission] meeting because things are getting more complicated,”. 

Moreover, they are quite confident that they have completed the almost completed the journey very safely. There are COVID-19 cases in Formula 1 journey, although a very few in number. So, they are not putting anyone in the danger, as they are packed in little micro-cosmos. 

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Wolff said, No change for yet:

Although the Austrians are quite well prepared, to have a big margin in their sport to overcome the widespread outbreak. In addition, he is uncertain about the coming week and the number of COVID-19 cases in Formula 1

So, should be any more specific about the coming week, as we were not for the months’ time yet. All just have the mindset to go with the flow…


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