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Deep tissue massage benefits, side effects, and precautions




Had a rough day? Does your job exhaust you? Do your muscles hurt? A deep tissue massage is all that you need. Don’t know a thing about deep massage? Don’t worry! we got you covered with all the information you need about Deep tissue massage.

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What is deep tissue massage exactly?

Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage therapy that involves firm pressure and steady slow strokes. This massage reaches the deeper layers of your muscles and associated connecting tissues.

How beneficial is the deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage has many benefits. It specifically focuses on a single problem in each session. Massage benefits include both physical and phycological one.

Deep Tissue Massage Physical Benefits

Following are the physical problems and conditions that can be treated using tissue massage.


  • helps to treat low back pain
  • relaxes stiff muscles and cures limited mobility
  • aids Recovery from injuries
  • is extremely beneficial in case of postural problems
  • helps to release muscle tensions
  • soothes osteoarthritis pain
  • also cures upper back or neck pain
  • is also beneficial in cases like Sciatica, Piriformis syndrome, Tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Deep Massage Psychological Benefits

As well as psychological benefits are concerned, the following is the list of psychological benefits of deep tissues massage.

Benefits are ….

  • helps to cure sleeplessness
  • It is found extremely beneficial to soothe depression
  • helps to ease anxiety
  • It is also beneficial to patients with high blood pressure

Deep muscle massage is a must for a sportsman. Deep massage helps to address all the sport related injuries and aids in muscle recovery.

How is deep tissue massage performed?

Deep tissue massage is to be performed by a professional therapist only. They are traditionally called a masseur (male) or a masseuse (Female). A certified and professional therapist may use fingertips, hands, elbows, forearms, and knuckles to perform massage. You may be naked or can be wearing underpants during the massage. It may start from soft rubbing that may lead to applying high pressure on specific areas. tissues massage lasts for 60-90 minutes.

Deep tissue massage oils

Depending upon the nature of problem you opt massage for, deep tissue massage oils vary.

Following are the general categories and the oil that are most commonly used.

Relieving pain

In case you are going to have a deep muscle massage for your muscular pain than the following oils are the most effective one in your case.

Ginger oil: Ginger oil has natural warming and soothing effect. It helps to release pain from your muscles.

Black pepper oil: Black pepper oil Is another warm oil. Black pepper oil relieves pains effectively.

Clove oil: Clove oil has similar effects to Ginger and Black pepper oils. Also, a good option to opt for in case of muscular pains.

Relieving tension

If you are suffering from muscle tension and are going for tissue massage to get relief from it then the following oils are best suited for you.

Clary sage oil: extremely beneficial to heal muscles tension and spasms, Clary sage oil is extremely relaxing.

Juniper oil: Another good option for muscle tensions and spasms.

Relieving swelling

If you are suffering from swellings, inflammation, or bruises then these following oils are best befitting for your tissues

Arnica oil: recommended for bruising, Arnica oil work magic on swellings too.

Lemongrass oil: Lemongrass is the best option to cure inflammation and swellings.

How does deep tissue massage feel like?

Deep massage is not a potent version of Swedish massage a many people think it is. At the start of deep massage, you will feel lighter pressure and your tissues warming up. After your body tissues get warm and soft, specific techniques are applied to cure a specific problem. After the massage, you will feel your muscles loosen up and relaxed. You should drink water after the massage to aid in cleaning up metabolic waste from massage.

Deep massage techniques

Stripping: using forearm, elbow, thumbs, and knuckles, deep pressure is applied gliding long the length of muscles fibres

Friction: to release adhesion and in order to realign tissue fibres, the grain of the muscles is the targeted pressure area.

What are the possible deep tissue massage side effects?

Deep tissue massage may not be a good option for those with blood clots. The blood clots may get dislodged and may cause complications. It may also cause several complications in pregnant women.

What precautions you must consider?

Following are the precaution you need to be aware of

If you have bruises, cuts, burnt or infected skin, do not opt for tissue massage. It may end up worsening the condition. Do communicate your medical records and treatment history with the massage therapist before having a massage. Especially if surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy was performed on you, consult your doctor first.

Deep tissue massage benefits, side effects, and precautions
Deep tissue massage benefits, side effects, and precautions
Had a rough day? Does your job exhaust you? Do your muscles hurt? A deep tissue massage is all that you need. Don’t know a thing about deep tissue massage? Don’t worry! we got you covered with all the information you need.
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