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Different industrial sewing machines to Perform diverse Functions




Sewing machines come in many different styles and versions. Different industrial sewing machines works for a different purpose. Different types of industrial sewing machines and their uses vary, but are usually used for mass garment production. They are power-driven and run at very high speeds. If you are interested in purchasing one for your business or even for home use, it’s important to understand the machine before you buy it. In order to better understand the purposes of each version, we’ve highlighted multiple industrial sewing machines and their uses.


  1. Overlock Sewing Machine:

This type of machine works great for projects with a lot of stitches. They can accommodate three different types of thread. They’re also easy to operate with proper preparation!

Uses: This machine is used for garment panels, overedge stitches and knitted garment sewing. For example, the side seam stitch of t-shirts or clothing. This is a very practical machine.

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine:

The single needle lock stitch machine does exactly what it sounds like- lock stitches. This machine is one of the most versatile, so it can be used for many different things. Maybe you aren’t sure if you are ready for an industrial sized machine, but if you’re on the fence, this machine would be a great place to start. If you’re looking for computerized programs, this machine is for you!

Uses: To best use this machine, it should be used to join two or more pieces of fabric together. The fabrics can be light, medium or heavyweight making it very practical for a variety of sewing projects.

  1. Feed Off The Arm Machine:

This machine is primarily used in the tool industry rather than household use. It is unique in the fact that two needles form the chain stitch for heavy duty projects.

Uses: It is used for making flat and felt seams. It can sew side seams while flattening at the same time and is used for clothing such as jeans.

  1. Buttonhole Machine:

Buttonhole machines are used to punch holes in garments. It is one of the most common Different industrial sewing machines for that reason. Most sewing machines don’t have that capability making this machine very purposeful.

Uses: Sewing buttonholes using different stitch densities. 

  1. Bartack Machine:

This machine uses a bartack machine to reinforce the seam and garment. For example, it can join belt loops on pants. This machine is very task specific.

Uses: Reinforce seams and garment components, which can be done to perfection with this machine. Like the buttonhole machine, this is one of the only machines that can perform this task.

  1. Flatlock Sewing Machine:

This machine is also very versatile and can complete many different sewing projects. Sometimes it is referred to as a cover-stitch Different types of industrial sewing machines. It comes with two or three needles and comes in two main types- flatbed and cylinder.

Uses: Hemming sleeves and the bottoms of knit projects. It can add decorative portions to sewing projects as well adding to its versatility.

  1. Button Attaching Machine:

Button attaching machines are used to attach buttons to fabric. It is also single task oriented and can’t be used for regular sewing purposes. Button size doesn’t matter much as this machine can handle many different sizes.

Uses: This machine is used to sew buttons on fabric.

  1. Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Machine:

With this machine, multiple needles work at the same time to press into the fabric. This machine takes some practice to operate, but can cut down on the time spent on projects.

Uses: This machine is best to use when smocking and pin-tucking.

  1. Double Needle Lock Stitch Machine:

The double needle lock stitch machine is used to sew two stitch lines at the same time on your projects. The point of this machine is to reduce time spent on projects when they need two stitch lines simultaneously.

Uses: This machine stitches two stitches at the same time using two needles. Benefits of this include stability and strength on your stitches.

  1. Zigzag Sewing Machine:

This machine creates zigzag patterned stitches. Many projects require this kind of stitch to add unique elements in design.

Uses: Mostly used for special projects like bras and jackets. It is a very versatile machine due to the fact that many sewing projects require zigzag stitches.

The purpose of this article was to help inform you of the different types of industrial sewing machines and their best uses. Industrial sewing machines aren’t commonly used in household projects, but rather in sewing industries that require mass production of items. However, experienced home sewers can easily use these machines with a little practice. They come in handy when you have multiple of the same items to complete such as in a small business or gift giving. Thanks for reading, we hope you were able to find the information you were looking for!

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