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DMCA Policy


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy appeals to the website and any of its information and details. And basics how this website operator addresses copyright violates any of the values, you can submit us a copyright violation complaint. Despite this, we are confident that all our content and services are our own creations and free violating anyone’s copyright.

Security and protection of others’ property is foremost heed to us. So, we request our users and their authorized representatives to do alike. Therefore, with great responsibility put efforts to clear all the chargers of alleged copyright violations as that of the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

Facts to consider before submitting a Copywrite complaint: You are requested to take note that if you are not sure about the content you are reporting a violation, then contact the attorney before taking any action. So, when you are reporting any copyright violation complaint be sure and confident about your charge. AS your complaint forwarded after viewing it for accuracy, validity, and completeness. The action against will be that whether subjected material will be removed or restricted for access to allegedly violating material.

When the subjected material is removed or restricted. The information about the affected user will also proceed ahead. As soon as, the action is taken on the subjected material, a notification to the user will be sent. So, to make sure that the material is removed or restricted take time to watch your notification. However, we would change or update the terms and policies of this act at any time. To make you aware of the new changes or updates, we would send you an email to notify the users.

Report Copywrite Violation:

Thus, if you want to notify us about the copyright violation material or activity on our website, you can send us an email to