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Dollywood – Where You Keep Coming Back For More




Are you tired of going to the same restaurants in your neighborhood and are looking for something new? Did you know some theme parks offer the best food you could ever eat? Yes, that indeed stands true, especially if you live close to Pigeon Forge in the US. When planning a trip with friends or family, we usually exhaust ourselves thinking of restaurants with fine dining and good food. However, these trips are more enjoyable if we plan a fun activity besides enjoying the food. One such place that comes to mind is Dollywood, where you can now purchase a ticket and tick quite a few things off of your bucket list.


If you are looking for an exact answer to where Dollywood theme park is, you will probably have to look for it on Google Maps. However, a rough idea of its location is that it lies 35 miles southeast of Knoxville, Tennessee, next to the scenic views of Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and if you live in the US, you must know that this is one of the most frequently visited places there.

Is the park open the whole year round? 

Dollywood park remains open for the entire year, starting Mid-March to January of the coming year. Summer and winter break from offices, colleges, or schools might be the best time to visit. Timings are from 10 am to 8 pm, and one should try to go in summer to avail all the rides. Weekdays are the most ideal since you have to wait for less to get onto your most preferred rides.

How to Enter the Park

Now that we have established Dollywood falls under your list of theme parks near me, let us now consider what it has to offer. The place comes with several other sections besides the theme park, such as the water and Multi-park.

Price ranges of the tickets defer depending on what package you purchase

  • For those between ages 10-61 years, a day at the theme park costs $79.
  • For ages 10-61 years, a day at the water park along with the meal ticket is for $49.95,
  • Adults between ages 10-61 years who like to spend a day at the park and purchase two park tickets have to give $89.

A lot of the time, people wish to make the best use of their leisure time and stay at the park for more than one day. In such a case, prices for the tickets purchased per person will also increase accordingly.

Elderly who have crossed the age of 62 and adolescents between the ages 4-9, along with retired or disabled military officers, get discounts on their tickets.

Things to Do Once Inside Dollywood

If you are only looking to visit the park because a friend of yours recommended you to try its cuisine, you should head to the extensive chain of restaurants that Dollywood has in store for its people. However, if you feel tempted to try one of the rides and enjoy a bit of the thrill before satisfying your hunger pangs, that would be the best idea.

Dollywood Attractions 

The theme park comes with a fair share of rides that will leave you with goosebumps, either because of the thrill or the breathtaking views you get to see during each one.

  • Barnstormer 

It consists of two pendulum arms that can easily accommodate 32 rides in rows. The ride progressively gets more exhilarating as the swings start getting higher, reaching a speed of 42 miles per hour and an 81 feet height!

  • Daredevil Falls 

If you feel daring enough for a logging camp on a boat, you are at the best place because this one drops you down at a 60-foot tall waterfall!

  • Dragonflier

The Dragonflier is a peculiar ride with an excitement of its own. Named after the dragonfly itself, it rushes through a tunnel with unpredictable jolts and turns to keep your adrenaline on the high.

  • Fire Tower falls 

If this one stands out as the scariest one yet, you probably are right because it is one of the fastest and highest rides of all. It goes to about 280-feet along with a 140-foot long tank at the end to spray the rides with water. Be prepared to come out of it soaked!

Dollywood Restaurants 

Are you now done with the rides and are looking for a place to rest? Head over to the Dollywood restaurants section to satisfy all your cravings!

Aunt Granny’s Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the top 10 theme park restaurants in the US. It is the best place for those who like exploring all cuisines and also have a big appetite. Aunt Granny’s offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, especially during lunch hours. Lunch menus range from friend to baked chicken and fish for meat lovers. There are also potatoes, cornbread, biscuits as well as green beans on the menu for vegans. And salad bars for the diet-conscious, dessert bars for those who do not mind a once-in-a-while sugar rush. However, because of the pandemic, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant now serves food at the table directly so that families can safely enjoy their time out together.

Blue Ribbon Cones 

Do you want to grab a bite while still staying in the vicinity of the fair? Then help yourself to soft-serve ice cream at Blue Ribbon Cones! Bing back your memories from the old county fair and relive those moments now at Dollywood. This place also features drinks and other goodies.

Cinnamon Bread at the Grist Mill

One of the best cinnamon bread places in town, this place is far from disappointing. Have you ever wondered how your favorite bakery bakes your snacks? Now is the chance to get all those questions answered because The Grist Mill offers you a chance to see their bread and cookies get made right in front of you! Other treats like Dollywood’s canned jellies and marmalades are available, too. You can also find other items here, like Dollywood canned jelly and jams.

Hickory House Barbeque 

For meat lovers, this is the place to come. Barbeque is most famous in the South, and this particular restaurant is the best place for pork barbeque. Those who do not like pork can have other things on the menu, like chicken tenders, fries, and smoked turkey.

The Hickory House is temporarily closed, but it will hopefully open up again soon and blow away its customers with top-notch quality food.

Grandstand Cafe

This cafe is the perfect pit-stop during your trip to the fair. It reminds you of the stands back at the local fair and serves food that exceeds all expectations. Their menu consists of saucy fries, nachos, hot dogs, and chicken tenders, along with several grab-and-go snacks that will always keep you coming back.

Last Thoughts

There is so much to explore at the park that it is integral to devise a plan before visiting. A rough sketch or draft of the areas you would like to see and the food you would prefer to eat is advisable to ensure an experience of a lifetime.

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