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Don’t Miss Out On Best Animated Movies 2020




Animated movies always take one’s breath away no matter if you an adult or a child, animated movies are always entertaining. You would have watched cartoon network cartoons daily but waiting for the best animated movies is another wholesome feeling.

Animation companies like Pixar animated movies and animated movies Disney are the top production companies that have come along way and given best animated movies.

New animated movies are on their way. Some movies have been released in 2020.

Animated movies for kids are countless. Moreover, movies of Netflix are also available 24/7 to watch. if we get previous lists, we would lose the count of animated movies, from Moana to road to Eldorado. Lion king the legend of animated movies and snow-white that has every version of the story. The Animated version was its first appearance. But still, we have a bunch of movies in 2020 and some new cartoon movies are on their way of the release date.  Let’s find out New animated movies released in 2020

  1. The Sponge Bob 2020



This animate movie has always given us friendship goals as they have taken journeys that revolve around friendship and trust. It would be the best among new animated movies released. The movie story is about sponge bobs pet grey who gets kidnapped and now he and Patrick are all the way set to rescue their pet friend snail. It should be on the top list of new animated movies for kids.

  1. Trolls World Tour



New animated movies released in march 2020 which is all about music and the adventure on their troll land. The queen poppy, the main character, who saves her troll city from the enemy queen barb. Music has been portrayed beautifully to entertain the kids as there are different communities of music and hard rock music is queens barb favorite. So, she tries to destroy all other kinds of music so that hard rock music rules but the queen poppy saves the day.

  1. Soul



From the makers of inside out, one of the outstanding animated movies of all time, this time soul has something different in it. it’s about a teacher who is passionate about his interest in music and when he finally finds his gig, his soul escapes his body and gets into another world where he has to find his way back. The initial release of the movie will be in November 2020.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog



This animated movie is about the famous character from videogames hedgehog by Sony. Hedgehog has the characteristic of the fastest moving specie. He has somehow come to earth to find his new home and unfortunately, evil Dr.Robotnic tries to capture him to performs his evil experiment. This character’s voice over is done by none other than the famous Jim Carrey.

  1. Scoob



Scooby doo where are you? This is for sure the funniest line you must have heard most of your childhood times. As kids used to watch scooby doo on Cartoon network daily but this time Scoob is here as an animated movie 2020. Where Scoob is always adorable is now believed to unleash his new side. He is much more than just a dog. They are all set to solve the mystery once again

  1. The Croods a New Age



This would be the second part of Croods where they would be exploring the new era. This move gives a remarkable throwback to our stone age era. Now is the time where they will come out of the stone age. However, this story will not be serious like the category of stone age but they would give the idea of a new world. Ancient adventures will be seen by the family pack. Grug, eep, ugga all the other characters will be entertaining us.

  1. Onward



Animated movies never fail to mesmerize the fans. This movie is all about exploring things from the past. Two brothers who eagerly wants to get in the past by magic and meet their father. Their belief is to prove magic still exists. The journey would be filled with thrilling ups and downs.

  1. The Willoughbys



Children of willoughbys have decided to raise themselves on their own. For this, they need to send their parents away on vacation which they do send them. After that, they have planned a high fly adventure to find the true meaning of family.

  1. 100% Wolf



It’s about the heir of the werewolf family. Freddy lupin is all set to asset all the qualities from his family but unfortunately, he ends up as a poodle. He is now on an adventure to get back his identity.

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  1. Phineas and Ferb The Movie



Its about brothers who are all set to rescue their sister from aliens. Phineas and Ferb’s came to know that there is an agent among them that is perry.

These are all the Best Animated Movies in 2020

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