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Education Ranking in the US by States for Making a Lucrative Decision




Having half of the top 50 universities of the world. US is ranked in the second position just below the UK. It owns some of the famous universities such as Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Michigan State University, Northeastern University and Washington State University. All these universities have a wide range of opportunities for the students. They focus a lot to bring produce some reputable personalities of the world. The US is famous for educating many foreign students as well. Institutions play a vital role in developing a successful career of the students. Moreover, students also consider many other factors while choosing the organization. Some of the factors such as delivery methods, degree options, cost, flexibility etc. Therefore, it can also be said that Education ranking in the US by States provides you with all the possible options available. Thus, you will surely get to find the most suitable structure.

Here in this article, you will get to read about the Education ranking 2020. This, in turn, will help you find the right step in your city. Or if you are planning to fly to the US for education, then which state would be appropriate in the prospectus of education.

Top 15 States Education Ranking 2020 in the US:

As per the US comprises of 50 states as a whole. All the states have their educational structure. Are you curious about whether your state is one of the best for education or not? Let’s have a view at the top 15 states that are following:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. Florida
  4. Washington
  5. New Hamisphere
  6. Nebraska.
  7. Virginia
  8. Vermont
  9. Iowa
  10. Utah
  11. Colorado
  12. Connecticut
  13. Maryland
  14. Wisconsin
  15. Kansas.

Among these states, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah and New Hamisphere are 50% those with the highest median incomes. Having major metropolitan areas make these states attract world-class universities. And upgrade their education ranking.

Top 10 States of US Spending more than Average on their Students:

If we have a look at the average that is spent on the US public elementary school student is $13,962. However, there are some states that spend 50-100% of the average cost on their education system. They are as following with the amount they are spending:

  1. New York: Spending the highest amount of $25,985.
  2. Connecticut: about $21,647
  3. New Jersey: nearly the amount $21,153.
  4. Wyoming: not being in the list of top 15 states but still spend $20,508.
  5. Delaware: another best effort with $20,035.
  6. Vermont: spends $19,702.
  7. Massachusetts: the best state for education; $19,101.
  8. Alaska: very famous state $18,897.
  9. Pennsylvania; spends $18,149.
  10. Rhode Island: $18,020.

However, it also gives a lesson the spending does not alter the score of quality or ranking.

States and their Famous Institutes in the World:


 Harvard University allows the state to be in the first position. It is also known as the second-best university in the world. It was founded in 1636. However, Harvard University owns the largest academic library in the world. Moreover, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is another worth mentioning piece. That holds a place on fourth-best universities of US.

New Jersey: 

The group member of Ivy League group member- Princeton University. This oldest and prestigious university produces excellent academic output. Princeton University was found in 1746. Whereas, the university has a good score of individual subjects too. Another famous university is Rutgers University-New Brunswick.


Two high-level score universities are there in Florida: the University of Florida and the University of Miami. The University of Florida holds the first position of being best in-state Florida whereas, the other on the second. They are famous for producing a high level of research output.


Don’t mess up Washington D.C with the University of Washington. It holds a rank on 24th place in the top universities of US. However, the educate several international students too. Another Washington State University is rank between 111-120 universities of the world this year.

New Hamisphere: 

Dartmouth College is the ninth oldest college of US. it was found in 1796. It is the best university in the state. This institution holds 37th place in the US. The appreciable quality is having outstanding faculty members. Runner up of New Hampshire is the University of New Hamisphere that is placed between 121-130 rank of US.


The doesn’t own university above the line 100 ranks. But still is has the University of Nebraska Lincoln has excellent ability to produce highest quality research. Besides, it is remarked as the second-best in its facility of hospitality and leisure course management courses. And the university is ranked Creighton University is ranked between 191-200 in the US.


 Thomas Jefferson found the University of Virginia in 1819. It is ranked on 50 positions in the US and falls between top 100 universities in the world for its best nursing courses. College of William & Mary is also famous from the state and it is on 80th rank in the US.


The University of Vermont is known as its ranking on121-130 position in the US. As it was found in 1791, it quite the oldest university in the US.


The top-ranked university for dentistry in the world, the University of Iowa is in the state. Also, Iowa State of University is situated that is ranked between 131-140 in the US


The University of Utah holding the position of 32th in the world for subjects of mineral and mining engineering. They provide the best research and academic outcomes. Brigham Young University is also situated in Utah.


This state has two universities on the rank above the line of 100. The University of Colorado at Boulder at 62nd rank in the US. And the University of Denver on 78th rank in the US.


Yale- the part of Ivy League Group has the top 10 ranked universities in the US. Yale University owns a good position in the line. The second famous university of Connecticut is the University of Connecticut is on 82nd place.


Johns Hopkins University, you all will be quite familiar with this name. It is one of the top 15 universities in the US. Moreover, this institution is quite popular over the world for offering the best academic as well as other facilities. Maryland state has one more university from the top 50 of US. That is the University of Maryland.


The state’s best University of Wisconsin- Madison is holding 52nd place. However, it is well reputed for good employability and producing goo alumni outcomes. The runner up from the Wisconsin state is Marquette University.


The University of Kansas is one the institute ranked in the world’s best university for pharmacy and pharmacology courses. Whereas, it has one more good piece severing the students- Kansas State University.

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This is the Education Ranking in the US by states especially meant for students to make an appropriate career decision. The above mentioned information helps you get to know about the different states. And their educational system with the specialities. It is very essential for a country to have higher education ranks in 2020. So, that is can improve its position in other charts as well.

Education Ranking in the US by States

StateOverall Rank Higher EducationK-12
New Jersey2302
New Hampshire5373
South Dakota181023
North Dakota20535
New York221525
North Carolina251228
Rhode Island414836
South Carolina434641
West Virginia444542
New Mexico492950


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